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Mummified and Eaten 2.3

by Darkraptor1

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© Copyright 2005 - Darkraptor1 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Snakewoman/ff; mum; swallowed; vore; nc; XX

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Some ideas in this story come from Brett Wade, who e-mailed them to me, and are being used here. 
Be warned that this story contains vore (people being eaten alive), in a non-violent manner (no blood).  You’ve been warned!

Part 3

It took a long time for the effects of the gas to wear off. When it did, consciousness first returned to Alex. She lay still, still groggy from the wonderful gas that she had inhaled. But…where was she? 

She wasn’t in the tub anymore. She knew that because she was lying down flat. But much to her disappointment, she was still unable to move. By wiggling and squirming, Alex was able to tell that several straps of some kind were holding her down very tightly. 

At that moment, Ralph’s cheerful face appeared above her. “Hello.” He asked cheerfully. “Sleep well?” Alex wanted to give him a piece of her mind, but her mouth had been stuffed with bandages and then wrapped shut with more tight bandages, locking her protests away. 

“Oh well, no matter. It’s time to start dinner.” He walked away, and Alex felt herself being tipped forward. She started to slip, but the straps held her firmly and safely in place. Alex was tilted until she was straight up, and she saw where she was. 

She was in a very large room, almost cave like in depth. Pipes littered the ceiling above, a sure indication that she was in the house’s basement. Below her was a very large pit, almost twenty feet long, twenty feet wide, and fifteen feet deep, painted a bright white. There was a large double door set in one end of the pit. A set of dangling lights shone above the pit, giving it the air of an arena. 

But where was Samantha? With great difficulty, Alex managed to turn her head to the right. Her sister lay strapped to a table right next to her, fully wrapped and strapped down tightly. 

“Time to begin the main event!” Ralph said. “We’ll start with girl number two, who didn’t struggle as much as girl number one.” 

With that, Ralph went over to Samantha and tilted her table down. Working quickly, he undid the straps holding her down until all three dangled from the table. 

Picking up the still mummified woman, Ralph took hold of her wrists and lowered her into the pit. When he was stretched as far as he could go, he let go of Samantha, who fell into the pit. 

She landed hard on the floor and rolled onto her side. Though still wrapped from head to toe, Samantha groggily pushed herself up with her wrapped arms, which were not wrapped to her side as an observer would expect. 

From up above, Alex could only watch helplessly as her mummified sister tried to figure out what was going on. Alex had a horrible feeling that she knew all too well what was to happen next. 

As if triggered by her thought, the double doors slowly opened, being pushed from behind. The large, all too familiar shape of Sala Lamia appeared from behind the doors, her mouth filling with saliva at the thought of what was waiting for her. 

Samantha saw the horror that was coming through the door. The horror that was coming for her. Instinctively, she pushed herself backwards as fast as she could, trying to get away from the snake woman that was coming for her. 

Sala watched her struggles with great amusement. She loved this part of the game. The meal trying instinctively to get away, but with no place to go. Keeping the arms free just added to the fun of watching them struggle. 

Up above, Alex could do nothing but watch in horror as the creature advanced on Samantha, who was now backed up to the wall of the pit. 

Sala reached Samantha, who was frantically trying to stand. With her legs wrapped together, the task was impossible to pull off. 

Sala reached out with her scaly arms and took hold of Samantha. She let out a muffled scream and pounded on Sala’s arms with her wrapped fists. Sala only smiled at the human’s pointless attempt to fend her off. 

“It won’t hurt.” Sala said soothingly to her meal. “If you cooperate.” Samantha listened, but she had no intention of cooperating with this thing. Though she knew it was pointless, she still pounded on the creature’s chest with her wrapped fists. 

Sala shrugged. “Very well.” With that, she opened her mouth, stretching it to an impossibly huge width. Samantha saw the pink and shiny maw that was going to engulf her in a matter of seconds. 

Without waiting a second longer, Sala shoved Samantha up into her mouth. Samantha’s bandaged head vanished instantly into the snake woman’s mouth. 

Inside the mouth, Samantha could barely see. The only thing in front of her was a thin and narrow tunnel of flesh, wet with saliva, stretching into darkness. 

Samantha pounded Sala’s face with her bound fists, trying to hit her in the eye. Sala was well used to this trick, and kept her eyes closed. 

She kept shoving the young woman deeper into her mouth, feeling the soft bandages (which had a faint flavor of broth) touch the inside of her mouth. She moved her tongue around Samantha’s bound body. 

Shoving her in further, Samantha’s arms were forced to her side, where they wiggled uselessly as their owner was slowly swallowed whole. Samantha, however, was not going down withought a fight. She kicked her bound legs and thrashed as much as possible. 

But alas, all was in vain. With deep and powerful swallows, more and more of Samantha’s mummified body disappeared into Sala’s scaly body. 

Soon, only a wrapped together pair of bandaged legs were still sticking out from the relentlessly hungry mouth, kicking furiously. Inside, Samantha was trying to scream through her gag. She was on the very edge of the slimy tunnel that was Sala’s throat. Once she went in, there was no coming back. 

It was at that moment that Sala decided to end it. She reached up, planted a finger on Samantha’s bandaged feet, and pushed her in. Slowly, inch by inch, Samantha was pushed in more and more. 

Finally, only her toes were out. Sala paused, then reared up and gave a mighty and powerful swallow. Samantha’s mummified toes vanished into Sala’s mouth as she was swallowed alive. 

Sala looked at her own body, watching Samantha’s bulge move downwards. The blue scales stretched to accommodate the newcomer as she was placed inside the stomach. 

With a loud burp and a smacking of the lips, Sala laid down on the ground, resting after the effort of swallowing a young woman. She looked at Samantha’s bulge as she struggled inside her. 

Up above, Alex was torn between horrible loss and indescribable rage. Her beloved sister, the one person she had always been friends with, had been swallowed and was now inside the stomach of a giant snake, eaten alive. 

She sobbed into her bandages, the terrible emptiness and grief that tore through her. Worse though, was the fact that she soon would be eaten too, and there was nothing she could do about it. 

Slowly though, the feelings soon began to turn into a blinding rage, the desire to kill the thing that had eaten her sister. That fury flowed through her, giving her strength, the strength to fight against her bindings. She began to thrash and struggle against the bandages and the straps holding her. Her muscles bulged and fought against the bindings. 

But it was a waste of time. No matter how strong she was, Alex was unable to tear through her bindings. Though the rage was still there, the effort of struggling began to ebb at her strength. 

Ralph noticed this. He smiled as he watched the young woman struggle furiously against her wrappings and straps. His black gloved hand slowly began to move towards his rubber-encased groin. 

A loud belch interrupted him. He looked down and saw that Sala was looking up at him with a big smile. “Ready for the second course?” Ralph asked. Sala responded by burping. “All righty then.” 

Ralph went over to Alex and undid the straps holding her down. When he reached over to pick her up, Alex fought back, punching him with her wrapped hands and fists. 

“Now, now.” Ralph said. “Meals are not supposed to fight back.” Alex made a mental note that if she got out of this, this man would be the first she would go after. 

Ralph was not gentle with Alex. He grabbed her wrists, dragged her to the edge of the pit, and roughly lowered her down. Then he released her, and she fell with a thud onto the floor. 

Alex struggled to try and get as far away from Sala as possible. Her rage began to transform into fear as the large snake woman looked at her, a devilish smile on her face. 

“I’ve just been itching to eat you.” Sala said as she slowly slithered forwards, taking her time. “Such a feisty one. And it helps that you’re just the right build. Not too fat, not too skinny. Just right.” 

Her long tongue slithered out of her mouth and licked Alex’s face. Alex shut her eyes and groaned in disgust as the slimy tongue moved over her. “Hmm…” Sala murmured. “So tasty.” She looked Alex dead in the eyes. “Well then, let’s feast!” 

With well-practiced precision, Alex was placed on the floor, her feet facing Sala, who lowered herself onto the floor. Alex frantically twisted her head and saw with horror that Sala was opening her mouth to an impossibly huge size. The slimy, dark maw, the same maw that had taken Samantha, was now about to take her. 

Up above, Ralph watched with fascination as his wonderful wife grasped the young woman with her powerful arms to hold her in place. With a mighty shove, Sala pulled the mummified woman up to her mouth and began the slow process of swallowing her. 

Guided by instinct, Ralph’s hand moved towards his rubberized groin. 

Down below, Alex gave a muffled shrieked as she felt her mummified feet being taken into the snake woman’s mouth. Furious, she tried to kick, to hurt the creature. Sala grunted from the heavily padded hits, but otherwise kept swallowing Alex, slowly and steadily. 

In a minute, Alex had been swallowed up to her knees. Instinctively, she grabbed at the floor in front of her, trying to grab onto something. But with her hands wound up into balls of bandages, it was impossible to grab any object. 

As her upper legs were swallowed, Alex moaned in disgust as she felt the creature’s saliva dripping onto her swallowed feet and legs, soaking her restrictive bindings. 

Another tug and the soft, moist mouth began to curve over Alex’s smooth buttocks, which had been the envy of many other girlfriends. 

Alex looked up at that moment and saw what she considered to be the most insane thing yet. Ralph, dressed in his rubber body suit, was pleasuring himself. Here she was, being swallowed alive by a giant snake woman, and up above a man was pleasuring himself by watching her. The thought made Alex fume with anger. 

Her anger was replaced by a horrible fear as the snake woman took Alex’s buttocks into her mouth. Slowly and unstoppably, the large mouth began to claim more and more of Alex’s bound and immobilized body. 

As hope for escape dimmed and vanished, Alex’s fear turned into desperation. She pounded the snake woman on the face, going for the eyes. 

Sala smiled at this attempt. It always happened whenever the end was near, when the meal sensed that its doom was upon it. She kept her eyes closed though. Sometimes meals could get in a lucky hit. One such hit had kept her partially blind for a month. Sala had no desire to repeat the experience. 

With her options dwindling rapidly, Alex realized with a chill that she couldn’t think of any possible way to escape her horrible fate. She would be with her sister soon, the two joined together forever in this creature’s stomach. The thought brought tears to Alex’s eyes. 

Alex had been swallowed up to her neck. At her current rate of ingestion, she would be swallowed completely in less then a minute. Thinking with the furious speed of the condemned, she played her last card. 

Sticking her bandaged arms straight out, Alex brought them down and back, so they were placed side by side with Sala’s mouth, creating a barrier that would be difficult to get past, as long as Alex could keep her strength up. 

If she could have, Sala would have frowned. This was always an irritating trick that the smart food always tried. It was very effective, but inevitably the food would get tired and loose strength. “Oh well,” Sala thought. “Makes it more of a challenge for me.” 

The two players in this contest began to work against each other. The mummified woman who was trying to hold off the snake woman, who wanted to eat her. Alex kept her arms perfectly rigid, focusing all her strength on keeping them in place. Sala countered by moving her tongue over Alex, trying to find out if she was ticklish. 

She was. Not even an inch of bandages could protect Alex’s armpits from the incredibly ticklish touch of Sala’s black tongue. The gag pressed into Alex’s mouth could not keep out the laughter that was trying to escape. 

Though it was extremely difficult, Sala managed to smile. She had discovered this prey’s weak spot. Now to press the advantage. 

Sala’s tongue moved fast and furious as she ticked Alex. Alex was now laughing uncontrollably, her bound body buckling and shaking within Sala’s throat and mouth. Moving faster and faster, the black tongue stroked her armpits, digging into the bandages. 

Alex was hysterical with muffled laughter. It was pure torture, knowing that if she let go, she would have given up her last defense. If she hung on, this blasted tickling would continue until the snake woman grew tired. And Alex knew that it would probably be hours before that happened. 

Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore. Instinctively, she shoved her arms in front of her to tuck them into a protective position. But Sala was faster. 

With a quick clomp, Sala pressed her mouth down on Alex’s form, trapping her arms in front of her, where they dangled uselessly. Slowly reaching forward, Sala placed one of her fingers on Alex’s forehead. 

Very, very slowly, she pressed Alex into her maw, her head vanishing into the soft, warm flesh that was Sala’s mouth. 

Alex felt her head as it was pushed into the snake woman’s mouth. Her sobs of laughter turned into sobs of terror as she felt the darkness and powerful muscles close in on her. She was being pushed backwards into the throat, where her body was now being held firmly in place by powerful muscles. 

Up above, Ralph increased his tapping as he watched the young woman’s bandaged arms thrash. They were the only limbs that were still visible. And they were putting up a good fight, trying to grab onto his wife’s head, her face, anything to try and save themselves. 

Sala paused for a moment, gathering her strength for the final push that would put this young meal into her belly with the other one, who was still struggling inside her. The bandaged arms were thrashing and struggling. “Alas, all good things must come to an end.” Sala thought. “Best to end this.” 

With a massive gulp, Sala swallowed more of her meal. The arms were sucked into her mouth, until only the bandaged mitts were still showing. 

Inside Sala’s throat, Alex sobbed, knowing that the end was near. There was nothing more she could do to save herself. At that moment of utter despair, a thought came to her. Perhaps it was best to just give up and allow the inevitable to happen. Alex was tired. Tired of struggling, tired of the fear and the terror. 

With a calm composure, Alex gave up. She went limp, and allowed herself to be sucked down into the dark depths from which there was no escape. Up above, the light from outside slowly vanished…and was gone. 

Sala let out a loud belch as Alex’s form was pushed down her throat and deep into her body. Soon enough, her bulge joined the first one already in her stomach. 

With a loud sigh of contentment, Sala lay down on her scaly back, basking in the light of the soft bulbs above her. 

There was a small thud close by. Sala looked over and saw her husband walking towards him. His face was dreamy, distant, and relaxed. He smelled lovely, like when they made love together. 

Withought a word, Sala opened her arms invitingly. Ralph walked up to his wife and went into her arms. Sala closed them around him, and held her husband close. 

Fatigue set in, and soon the two were asleep on the floor, lying in each other’s arms. The struggling from Sala’s belly went on for an hour, then quietly stopped. 

It was quiet in the basement.

Judging from previous comments, vore and mummification mixed together is a popular combination.  Did this story work for you?  Let me know!  



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