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My Fantasy Come True

by Gromet

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Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; snake; costume; maid; striptease; video; naked; prepare; bond; rope; gag; gel; tease; swallowed; eaten; mast; climax; stuck; soft; cons; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

Story continued from part one

Part Two 2
Snake swallowing female

I had been surprised by the gift my husband had given me for my birthday, not something you’d expect as a gift, but I had revealed one of my deepest hidden fantasies to him one day after sex, Jerry had since that time planned the whole thing to surprise me for my birthday. What was the gift you ask? A Snake, you see my fantasy was to be eaten, swallowed whole and devoured by a snake, I have had this fantasy for a long while, and whilst I knew that it would never be possible in real life, I would die if I tried, in my fantasy I would enjoy the swallowing until the final part of me disappeared, then my orgasm would crash over me.

Now that you know my secret, I will get back and tell you what happened after the surprise gift. In the basement Jerry had constructed a glass enclosure, this contained the snake and was its home, it had a very large crate in one corner in which the snake had been delivered and was now its bed, so to speak, it was where it took itself off to after feeding, to sleep off the meal it had just swallowed, which was me.

It was scary at first being swallowed by the snake, it all looked so real and final, with me tightly bound, at my request, naked and covered in the feeding gel for the snake to eat. If I wasn’t tied up I think I may have jumped up and run away, but in the end I found I was content to lay there and let the snake swallow me, my fears drifted off and I felt that I was happy to be the snakes food. It felt wonderful as my body was slowly swallowed inside of the snake, the tightness of the internal muscles moving my body down towards the snake’s stomach brought out a couple of excellent climaxes in me.

Jerry had stood there watching his wife being eaten by the snake, his hand on his own snake bringing himself off just as the last part of me disappeared inside the creature. The video he made of me being eaten was enjoyed several times that evening by him, and unknown to me at the time, several like-minded people on the internet, they all enjoyed watching me being devoured by the beast.

What Jerry hadn’t told me when he explained the whole genetically modified/engineered snake thing was, just how long I would be inside of the snake? The gel food that covered my body was the actual food that would feed the snake, not my own body thankfully, though I did seem to be disappointed to Jerry that this wasn’t a real snake, and that I wouldn’t be totally consumed by the snake, he even offered to buy a real one, but I told him that I wanted to live a long time to come yet.

Just how long did it take for the snake to absorb the gel inside its stomach? I had no clue, Jerry hadn’t told me that part, but I figured I would eventually find out. And after another wonderful orgasm inside of the snake I drifted back off to sleep again. The snake had felt me playing with myself inside its tummy; and it had tightened its grip with its internal muscles, thinking that its food was trying to escape. But the tightening walls brought out more in my orgasm, my body spasming with the overwhelming climax that ran through my body.

Many hours later I was awoken as I felt the snake move, it had slivered out of the crate that was its home and moved over to the corner nearest the door. Here it started to regurgitate the left-over food that its body could not digest – me. This was what the snake was apparently engineered to do once it had absorbed the feeding gel, the rest was just waste to the snake, something to disposed of. I awoke to find that I was now travelling in the direction I had come from, back up to the snakes mouth, the internal muscles of the snake moving me closer to the opening that had swallowed me in the first place.

Soon I saw the light change, the opening of the snake’s mouth was close now, it didn’t take long for the snake to regurgitate me, quicker I guess than the whole swallowing I had experienced before. My head was shortly followed by my body and then lastly my legs emerged and my feet popped out and fell to the ground. It was like being reborn again. I was now out of the snake, still bound, gagged and naked, but feeling wonderful for the experience I had just been through, I was content to lay there in that spot until Jerry, my husband, would find me later. The snake meanwhile, now content with feeding went back to its crate and went back to sleep, it no longer had any interest in me.

Jerry found me still in that spot later when he came down to check on the snake and me, he picked me up and carried my still bound body over to a spot on the floor outside of the enclosure. He then unzipped his trousers and pulled his now hard penis out from its own enclosure, then he wasted no time in bending me over on my knees, my head and shoulders pressed onto the cold floor as he pushed himself deep into my hot, wet and wanting vagina. I was just a trussed up package to him, something to be used and enjoyed, which he did.

* * *

A couple of days later I entered the basement to check on the snake, as I did every morning, sometimes I would just sit there and stare at the creature, watching it as it moved or just as it laid still and watched me back, its eyes meeting mine. Except this morning the snake was more active, this I knew would mean that the snake was getting hungry and would need to be fed its next meal very soon. And my tummy was having a wonderful butterfly effect on the thought of me again as its food source.

Luckily I work from home, so I my plan was to work as quickly as I could on the more important stuff and leave the other non-urgent work until later. I would then have the afternoon free to feed the snake and enjoy some fun time for myself. Quickly devouring my own breakfast, I was soon busy working, though my mind was still thinking about what was going to happen this afternoon.

After completing what I wanted to, I ate a quick lunch, I didn’t want to waste time as I knew that I wanted to experience the wonderful feeling that I had the first time I was eaten by the snake. But the problem was that Jerry was still at work, and I didn’t want to wait. I thought that if I timed it right, Jerry would find me in the basement just as my head was the last thing that the snake was going to devour. I quickly wrote him a note explaining that I was feeding the snake in the basement and left it for him in the entrance hall to our home. He’d know what that meant.

Now I was ready, I headed up to the bedroom; I planned to tease my husband first before allowing the snake to have me for its dinner. Showered and dried, I didn’t want the snake to eat me whilst I felt unclean, I headed to my part of the walk-in robe where I keep all of my sexy outfits, I decided when planning this that I would be a maid, so the maids costume was brought out along with the stockings and heels. Pulling the stockings up my smooth legs always turns me on and I had to resist the urge to play with myself, I had things to do so that enjoyment would have to wait.

Now the costume, adjusting the dress to fall in the right spots, the frilly apron was next and then the matching white frilly knickers, I have teased Jerry many times wearing these, bending over to pick things I dropped on the ground in front of him. He has even spanked me in this outfit, the delightful memory of him pulling me over his knees and pulling the knickers down to my knees before soundly spanking my exposed fleshy rear, bringing a warm ,wet feeling between my legs. Bringing my thoughts back to the project at hand, I slipped my feet into the heels and then placed the maids bonnet on top of my hair, I was now dressed as a sexy maid and admired what I saw in the mirror, this would tease Jerry no end I thought.

Walking downstairs and then down to the basement was difficult in the high heels but I made it without injury. The snake was moving inside its enclosure, seeing something moving outside, waiting for its next meal. I would soon be that next meal, but first I had some other plans. I went around and got things ready, I switched on all of the cameras, I wanted to record all of this for Jerry to watch later and for me to enjoy again and again, but more so to tease my husband, hence the outfit.

I walked over to the stairs again and knew that I was out of shot of the cameras, now it was time to play the French maid that Jerry loves so much. I walked back into the basement, the cameras recording my every move. I began tidying up various things, putting things away and muttering to myself in a vague French accent, more comical than real. Then I looked from the cameras to the rear where the glass snake enclosure was, and I began to clean the glass, stretching upwards to reveal the stocking tops and bending to expose my frilly covered rear for all to see.

In my acting the part of the maid I spotted the snake moving, it was watching me cleaning the glass, following my every move. I watched it back to and in my mind I said, “Soon my lover, I will be yours.”

I spoke out loud for the benefit of the cameras and my later audience of my husband, “Ma we! You look very hungry Mr. Snake, would you like me to feed you?” Turning back to the cameras I gave a smile. “It seems that the beast needs to be fed, what do I feed this hungry snake?”

By now the snakes face was against the glass, its tongue flicking out to sample the air, but I took this as a sign it wanted me as its food. “Mon due! You wish to eat me Mr. Snake?” I said in my poor mock French accent, my hand covering my mouth in pretend shock. “Oh my, it seems that I am destined to be the snake’s next meal!” I played up for the camera. “Oh well, Mr Snake if you want to eat this poor maid, who am I to argue.”

I then walked away from the glass and towards the camera, “Okay Mr Snake, let me get myself ready for you.” I then started to strip in full view of the cameras, I turned and bent over revealing my frilly knickers as I unbuckled the shoes, my rear nicely presented to the camera. Next I stood up and started to remove my maids’ apron, followed by the dress, leaving me just in the frilly panties and stockings. The striptease continued for the audience with me sitting down on a chair to slowly remove the stockings, each one flicked towards the camera to tease Jerry. Then standing again, I turned and bent over as I pulled my knickers down to my ankles, taking my time doing so and revealing the hidden inner treasure that was located between my thighs.

Now naked I walked over to the cabinet where we kept the pots of feeding gel for the snake, I reached in and grabbed the first one to hand, not aware of the significance of the color of the pots. I hadn’t taken much notice the first time to see that this pot was gold rather than silver, I would later learn the difference. I walked back holding the pot to the center of the basement and started to apply the gel to my naked body, it felt cold at first and it seemed thicker than I recalled from the first time, but put that down to being more interested in the snake the first time rather than the gel.

Now covered from head to toe in the feeding gel, I had even teased the cameras by bending over and exposing my sex to the lenses when applying the stuff to my legs. I also spent more time rubbing the gel into my breasts, all the time taking great pleasure in the feelings I was experiencing and also teasing the audience via the camera. Next I picked up the ropes that I would use to tie myself up with.

“Nearly zere, Mr. Snake, soon you vill be able to eat this poor maid.” I spoke in my maids’ accent.

I bent over and tied the rope around my ankles, again exposing myself and delighting in knowing I was doing so. More rope went around my knees and then I made the final piece to the bondage puzzle, the wrist rope. This was just a double loop with a cinch rope that I had used many times when tying myself up, pulling on the ropes would tighten them against my skin and hold my hands bound in front of me, well I wanted to ‘enjoy’ my time being swallowed, just like last time, I knew my fingers would be kept busy.

Fastening the gag around my neck, I was now ready for the snake to eat me. I hopped over to the glass enclosure and pulled open the door for the snake to exit and find me, and hopped back into the center where all of the cameras could watch me being eaten. Noting the time I would expect Jerry home in about an hour or so, I would only be so far inside of the snake judging by what happened last time, I was hoping for him to find just my head and he could watch as it too disappeared inside the snake. 

“Okay, Mr Snake, I am ready for you to eat, please be gentle with this poor maid.” I spoke again, mainly for the cameras, I didn’t know if the snake could understand me.

I reached for the gag and popped it into my mouth, adjusting the fit and closing the strap as tightly as I desired, the straps pulling into my cheeks, the flesh cut into by the tight straps. Now I placed my hands through the loops in the rope bondage and pulled them, the rope tightened perfectly, I could get out if I wanted to but once inside the snake this would be impossible, this was my last chance to change things. Content with what I had done so far I lay down on the floor and waited for the snake.

The snake meanwhile had caught the scent of the feeding gel, and its next meal – me. It began slithering its way to the now open door, soon it found its way onto the basement floor and worked its way over to where the delightful smell was coming from. I lay there watching the snake come out of the enclosure; I was fascinated by the way it moved, to me at that moment all there was in the basement was me and the snake, we were soon to become one.

The cameras kept recording as the snake found its way to where I lay, it explored the air for the scent that the gel was giving off, mixed in with my own body odour and arousal. My finger absent-mindedly playing with my little pleasure button as I stared transfixed by the snake. Soon its tongue sampled the taste of my toes, the gel covering them was to its liking and it began to prepare for eating the meal laid out for it to devour.

My fingers were bringing out wonderful sensations from between my legs, my arousal building from their ministrations and also the thought that I would soon be inside of the snake’s stomach, just another meal for it to digest. To it I was just food, it didn’t care about me or my life, my fantasies were not its concern, here laid out before it was its next meal, I was just prey and would soon be swallowed and on my way down deep inside of the snake. The snake would then carry my body inside of it back into its enclosure and then its lair, there it would slowly digest what it had eaten, content for the next few days and slumber whilst the food was dissolved in its belly.

Soon my feet were again inside of the snakes’ mouth, shortly followed by my lower legs and then my knees. The snake seemed to enjoy swallowing me; I was certainly enjoying it swallowing me and looked forward to all of me being inside of the snake again. My thighs followed my knees and then we again came to the widest part, my hips, the last time the snake had learnt to pick me up and use my own body weight to help my hips slip inside the snake’s mouth. It did the same this time too, I felt the snake lift my body off of the floor, my head at first bumping on the cold surface but eventually the snake managed to hold me up long enough for my hips to slide inside its open mouth.

Again my fingers had done their work and I climaxed as the snake swallowed both my hips and my bound hands inside its mouth, the shuddering as I came gave the snake concern to stop swallowing and laid there waiting for its meal to stop moving, patiently waiting for me to have my sexual high. Coming down from the wonderful orgasm I looked down to the snake to see why it had stopped. “Sorry Mr Snake, please continue to eat me.” I said.

The snake again started swallowing and my tummy was soon inside along with the rest of my lower body. As the snake approached my breasts I looked up to check the time and hoped that Jerry would be here soon. The snake again used my body weight to devour my soft round breasts, these now pressed tightly against the inner walls of the snakes’ esophagus. Now all that was left was my shoulders and head.

The feel of the tightness against my breast brought out another climax in me, my fingers still working my little nub between my thighs and again the shuddering brought the snake to a halt in eating me. Either that or it was resting after swallowing the major obstacles it found in my body, anyway we both lay there, with most of my body now inside of the snake, with just my head visible to the cameras recording the event. I again looked at the clock and thought that Jerry should be here by now, but unknown to me was held up by traffic on the way home from the office. 

Now the snake was happy that it had rested and the prey had stopped moving so much, it began again to start swallowing me. It didn’t take long for my shoulders and then my head to disappear inside of the snake, the last view I had was of the empty basement and then the inside of the snakes mouth as my head was pulled into the waiting maw of the hungry beast. I was now totally inside of the snake and on my way down to the final destination of its empty tummy. Once I was swallowed whole, the snake just laid there as I was moved further inside the creature by the internal muscles down into its stomach.

That’s where Jerry found the snake, the bulge that was his wife evidence that I had been eaten by the snake again, I was now just the beasts food. He ran his hands over the outside to feel for me, I could feel him touching me through the snakes’ skin and after playing with my breasts again, and my playing with my clit some more I was brought to a delightful, yet powerful climax. The snake now fully rested after consuming its meal headed back to the enclosure; soon it would curl up with me inside it in the crate that was now its bed. We both now content with ourselves, the snake happy with another meal and me just happy to provide that meal for the snake.

Jerry began cleaning up after closing the door to the enclosure, he watched as the snake moved over to the crate and again curl up inside. Jerry saw the costume on the floor and also noticed the cameras recording, he was very happy that I had done that and couldn’t wait to see the video, and of course share it with others on the internet. Then he spotted the gel I had used, he knew straight way what I had done. He walked over to the enclosure and walked inside over to where the snake with me inside were contentedly dozing, my body now adjusted to being bent like a pretzel inside of the snake.

I felt his hand on the outside again and then heard him speaking, “Honey, thanks for the video, I look forward to watching it. Sorry I couldn’t be here to watch you slide down the throat of the snake.” He said, and then in a different tone spoke to me inside of the snake. “Errm, Honey, I don’t know how to say this, but the gel you used is the concentrated version, it’ll take much longer for the snake to digest and absorb. I hope that you haven’t had anything planned for the next day or so, I don’t know how long this stuff will take to be digested by the snake.”

Meanwhile I was at first concerned about spending more time inside of the snake, I did have things to do, but now it seems that I would have to wait. I brought myself off again on hearing the news, this day had turned out much better than I had planned it seemed. I was happy and content inside the belly of the beast, the snake was happily feeding off of me, it all seemed so perfect to me.

Jerry meanwhile closed the door to the glass enclosure, taking one last look at the snake with the bulge of his wife inside of its belly, he switched off the cameras, picked up the hard drive and headed upstairs to watch what was on the recording, turning off the light he closed the basement door and headed for his computer.

“The plan seems to be going well,” he said to himself, “Another snake swallowing video for the growing customer base. I knew this would be a good idea after watching all of those online images.”

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