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My Fantasy Come True

by Gromet

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Storycodes: Solo-F; snake; costume; roleplay; striptease; video; naked; prepare; bond; rope; gag; gel; tease; swallowed; eaten; mast; climax; M/f; voy; soft; cons; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

Story continued from part two

Part 3: Alice
Snake swallowing female

 “Errm, Honey, I don’t know how to say this, but the gel you used is the concentrated version, it’ll take much longer for the snake to digest and absorb. I hope that you haven’t had anything planned for the next day or so, I don’t know how long this stuff will take to be digested by the snake.”

I’d just been informed by my husband that the gel I’d covered my naked body with to feed the snake was a longer lasting, more concentrated version, and that I would be stuck here inside the snake’s belly for longer than I first expected. Not that the news was bad, I was happy and contented here inside the belly of the beast, it was warm, snug and comfortable, and I enjoyed my time inside of the snake, if you know what I mean!

Jerry left me down in the basement, closing the door on the snake’s enclosure, his wife now firmly in the snake’s stomach for some time to come. He hoped that I was happy inside there, but there wasn’t anything he could do or wanted to do, to get me out any quicker without causing major damage to the snake. This snake was a major investment in his plans, unknown to me at the time, Jerry had set up an online website to share the videos of me being devoured by the snake, and in turn was making money from selling the videos.

After he had viewed the video of me as the French maid and the way I had played up to the camera for his benefit, he was happy with what he had seen, he would be posting this one online shortly after making a few minor edits, but first he wanted to watch the maid again strip off and being eaten by the snake, all the while playing with himself whilst the vision played out for his entertainment.

I, in the meantime, was inside of the snake for the next 48 hours, the concentrated feeding gel took longer for the snake to absorb with its digestive juices. So now I knew just how long the gold container of gel would take for me to be free from the snake’s stomach. I’d been happy and content to await the snake to regurgitate what was left over from its meal, not that I could have done anything otherwise, I was stuck until the snake had satisfied its hunger.

Feeling the process start, my body was moved from the warm, enclosed feeling of being inside of the snake out into the cooler air of the glass enclosure that we kept the snake contained in. Still bound and gagged as I had made myself, I lay there after the snake had finished and retreated back to its crate. I was sated with the pleasure that I had been having with my own hand, I had lost count of the orgasms that I had brought out of myself as I lay in the snakes belly. I was now content to lay there to await Jerry to retrieve my bound body and also to use me for his own, much deserved pleasure.

Being a work day, Jerry was not home and I had to wait there bound, naked and gagged, I just rested my eyes and drifted off into a very contented sleep, dreaming of the snake swallowing me whole, devouring my soft, tender flesh, a helpless maiden for the monster to enjoy. Jerry found me laying there as I was, still asleep, he lifted me  in his arms and carried me out of the enclosure, his thoughts now on using me for his pleasure.

He again placed me on the floor of the basement and quickly unzipped his fly, his erect member now standing out for all to see. Soon he had positioned me on my knees, this time he removed the gag from my lips and, without waiting, then pushed his erect penis into my open mouth. I loved the way he had taken me, I was still his bound toy, but now I was just servicing his needs and not my own. Delightful feelings of submissive pleasure overwhelmed my body.

I wrapped my soft lips around his penis and allowed him to push himself towards the back of my throat, I enjoyed it when he took control of me like this, I was merely a sextoy for him to use. I adjusted my breathing to accommodate when he thrust himself into my throat, cutting my air off each time he did so, my arousal rising with each push into me. It didn’t take him long to climax, his cum hitting the back of my throat and I swallowed it down as best I could. He held himself there as his orgasm washed over him, but soon his member was shrinking, his pleasure now over, it was resting on my tongue, I tightened my grip on him as I didn’t want him to pull out of my mouth just yet, until I had savoured every last drop.

Now both satisfied, he picked up my still bound body and carried me upstairs, he ran a bath for me and took great care of me, washing my naked flesh, cleaning my hair, rubbing every inch of my body, he was loving and attentive to my needs. Afterwards he wrapped my body in a towel to dry me off and carried me to our bed, where he made love to me until I had orgasmed three times to his one. We fell asleep in each other’s arms and drifted off, contented with ourselves and my dreams again were of the beast devouring me.

* * *

In the morning I awoke, I was very hungry from being inside of the snake for the past 48 hours, the only thing I’d eaten in the past 60 hours it seemed was Jerry’s cum! And as enjoyable as that was, it alone would not sustain this wonderful body of mine, so slipping on a thin, skimpy dressing gown I headed downstairs to make breakfast. Jerry joined me when everything was ready and we both sat and enjoyed our meal together.

We spoke about the snake and the feeding gel, he told me of the three different varieties that we had in the basement to feed the snake. The gel in gold container was, as I found out, longer lasting and more concentrated than the silver version, the gold would last up to 48 hours whilst the silver version was 18-24 hours. The standard version that we had used the first time was only for a short time, about 4-6 hours depending on how much was used.

Afterwards we watched the video I had made of me as the French maid, Jerry, still unknown to me, had by now edited it for his online customers, who at that moment around the world, were enjoying watching the maid being devoured for their entertainment. I too enjoyed the video of me as the maid, the strip show that I had put on and then watching as the snake found the naked, bound female and started to eat her.

This was something else, I was watching from outside at the action going of what I had experienced, the different view was somehow more erotic, it did arouse me inside and gave me different feelings from when I was being swallowed. It was me on the screen, but at the same time it wasn’t, it was the maid being eaten and I was watching it happen to her. It was weird seeing me being swallowed by the snake from this perspective; I was getting turned on watching the girl on the screen be devoured by the snake.

By now the video had run its course, the girl was now totally inside of the snake, the last part of her was just swallowed, her body was just a bulge in the snake. I was so turned on from seeing the action on screen that I just had to have something to ease my hunger. Jerry was seated next to me and I could see from the tented front of his pants that he too had enjoyed watching the video. I licked my lips and my hands were soon seeking out his erect penis, my warm lips soon were planted around the swollen member and I ran my tongue around the head of the beast, teasing and tormenting Jerry in the process.

Soon I was sat in Jerry’s lap, his hard member now probing the outer folds of my hot, moist sex, pushing myself down to impale myself on him. We now joined as one, and I began riding him to achieve our mutual desired outcome. It didn’t take long for either of us to climax, I riding him a little longer as the waves of my orgasm crashed over my body.

* * *

I checked on the snake daily, sometimes twice a day, staring into the eyes of my other lover, this one took to me new heights of desire, my feelings for the beast becoming more loving with every day. I also found out that the gold gel lasted longer with the snake and that it doesn’t require feeding as soon as it does with the other feeding gels, much to my disappointment as I desired to be back in its belly soon. I could work it so that the snake would eat me a couple of times a week if I used the other feeding gels and then when I wanted a longer session, I would use the gold one again.

Jerry had suggested that we buy some more costumes for me to wear; he loved the way I had played at being a French maid and said that he would like to see me try other outfits for him. Pleased that he had liked my maid costume, I decided to purchase some more lingerie and other outfits to wear when getting myself ready for the snake. I of course would have to do a striptease before binding myself for the snake to eat, but if it pleased Jerry then I would do so. Plus I had loved playing the part of the maid anyway, it was a great turn-on for me to play up to the cameras.

Finally after four days the snake was now active again and I knew that it was getting hungry and would need to be feed sometime today. I figured that I would try out the silver container of feeding gel this time, just to see how long that one would last. So I would be spending the night inside of the snake, poor Jerry would have to take comfort in watching the videos of me being swallowed by the snake.

So I headed back upstairs to our bedroom, I had to decide what to wear, would I be a schoolgirl, or maybe a nun, I did think of a harem outfit that had just arrived, but I wanted to save that for another scenario. I found myself the perfect costume for this session, it was a blue gingham style dress that came to mid-thigh, that if I bent over whilst wearing it, it would reveal all to those behind me. The bust was covered by a white under blouse, so my breasts would sit atop of the top of the dress. It also came with a white apron and white stockings with blue ribbons, some white low heeled shoes would complete the outfit.

After a quick shower to clean myself ready to feed the snake, I started to get dressed for the fun ahead. Pulling on the frilly lace knickers sent a delightful feeling through my now aroused sex, but I had to get on, pleasure would come later. Next the stockings, these were self-supporting, the ribbons I made sure were in the right spot. The under blouse was next, the puffy short sleeves just covered the tops of my arms and the tops of my breasts showed the desired amount of cleavage. The dress then followed, making sure that my breasts were nicely presented, the thin white cotton of the blouse struggling to contain the round, fleshy globes.

I looked at the finished results in the full-length mirror; I looked like a cross between Alice, that girl from wonderland and a German beer wench, one of those girls you see carrying all those beer steins. I was now ready to play my next part, I tried voicing a German accent but found it difficult to maintain, so I would have to be Alice instead I decided. I headed back down stairs and again left a note for Jerry to find. It was getting late in the afternoon by the time I had gotten everything prepared, so maybe this time he would make it just as I was being swallowed.

I had one last idea for the forthcoming session, I headed to the kitchen and grabbed a large brown label, I wrote in big letters “Eat Me”, just like the cake in the story I thought, and tied this to the left hand strap that held the dress on my shoulder.

Now it was time to play my part. I headed down into the basement, the snake was moving about inside its enclosure, so it was definitely ready for its next meal. Moving about and turning on all of the cameras, everything was now ready for me to be eaten. Again I moved off camera and then returned as ‘Alice’. I looked around at what I thought was strange surroundings.

“My, what a strange place.” I said, “I wonder where I am?” I continued, whilst looking at the camera.

“It is a very, very strange and mysterious place that I have found myself in.” I said in my best Alice impersonation. “I remember drinking that potion that brought me here, it made me sleepy and drowsy.”

I brought my finger to my lips and said, “Curiouser and curiouser!” One of the quotes, that I remembered from reading the books when I was younger.

I walked around checking out various things and then turned and saw the snake watching me. “Oh my, a snake. A very large snake!” I said turning to look at the camera. “I wonder what it wants?”

Just then the snake bumped against the glass and its tongue poked out tasting the air, trying to find its food. I again turned from the snake to the camera, “Oh my, it seems to want me!”

“What should I do?” I asked the audience behind the camera lens, “Should I feed the snake?” I turned back to the snake and bent over slightly so that my hands rested on my knees, this in turn I knew would raise the back of my short dress to reveal my frilly knickers to the cameras. “Well Mr. Snake, are you hungry? Would you like to eat me?”

The snake seemed to know what to do at this point and again bumped its head against the glass, indicating that it did want to eat this poor innocent Alice. I was surprised at the creature doing this, maybe it was very hungry and wanted me to stop playing around and be its food. I looked at the camera again and said, “Oh my, it seems that Mr Snake is very hungry and wants to eat poor Alice!” I lifted my hands up to my mouth, squeezing my breasts together for the audience. “What am I to do?”

“I’d best get myself ready for you Mr Snake, please be patient whilst I get myself ready for you!” I said playing up to the camera. I then started to bend over to remove my stockings, my rear pointing towards the camera as I slid them down my legs, I also took my shoes off at the same time. I then stood up and reached behind to start to unfasten the zipper at the rear of the dress, my breasts proudly held up on display under the thin white cotton.

Removing my dress, and then the under blouse, my body now naked except for the white, frilly knickers that I wore. My nipples now standing to attention with the cooler air in the basement, I ran my fingers around them to tease the cameras and I also excited myself this way too. My breasts felt tender and sensitive to touch, and I ran my hands around them, squeezing and pressing on them, I was enjoying my time playing but I was interrupted by the snake again bumping against the glass.

“Okay Mr Snake, your dinner will be ready soon.” I said. I then put my thumbs in the waist band of my underwear and turning away from the cameras I started to push them down my legs. I turned my head over my shoulder and looked at the camera, “No peeking now!” I sweetly said, and then bent over to continue to push my panties down to my ankles, revealing all to the camera behind me. I could feel the wetness of the folds of my sex as they were exposed to the cooler air.

Standing back up and looking at the camera, I wagged my finger and said, “Naughty, I said no peeking!” Teasing my husband, who would be watching this later, along with my unknown audience around the globe. Now naked I moved over to where we keep the feeding gel for the snake and selected the silver container, I knew that I would be held inside of the snake overnight and was looking forward to being back inside its stomach. I also grabbed the ropes that would bind me as well.

Standing in the middle of the camera set up, I started to apply the feeding gel to my body, I took globs of the gel and rubbed them around my breast and tummy, feeling the delightful tingling sensation I get when I rub myself in these sensitive spots. I then moved down to my legs, rubbing the gel up and down, even taking the time to turn my back to the camera and again bend over to reveal the hidden gem between my legs. My fingers moving to rub the gel into the soft folds of my petal, the flower opening more as I rubbed the gel into the flesh there.

After rubbing as best I could to cover my back, I moved on to my neck and then finally my arms, I was now coated in the feeding gel. Now it was time to bind myself, ready for the snake to swallow me, a trussed, tasty packaged bird, all stuffed and ready to eat. Taking the ropes I had bound myself as before, my ankles, knees and thighs were tied tightly with rope, cinching the rope between my limbs made the rope taught. I placed the gag around my neck, ready to use and then use the loops of rope to bind my wrists, they now bound together.

Moving over to open the door to the snake’s enclosure, I hopped back quickly to the centre of the room and laid down ready for the snake, but before placing the gag in place, I said, “Please be gentle with this poor Alice, Mr Snake, please enjoy your meal.” And with that I placed the gag in my mouth and laid back to await the snake.

I wriggled my body to entice the snake to come closer, the snake had by now left the enclosure and was making its way to where I lay, bound and excited, my arousal rising with each passing second. My fingers soon found my little pleasure centre and they were busily rubbing around the hardened nub that they found there. I felt the snakes tongue flick out to taste the fleshy toes that were the closest part of me to the snake.

Happy that the snake had found its food it began to open its jaw to accommodate the meal that lay before it. Soon it had taken my toes into its mouth, taking the time to adjust its jaw to fit them both in. Now satisfied that it had captured its prey it started working its way from my feet and up my legs. Soon the snake was up and over my knees, the thighs would soon follow and then my hips. Again the snake used the same technique to ease the widest part of its meal into its mouth, lifting up the prey and using gravity to aid in devouring its next meal.

My fingers had remained in place when the snake had swallowed my hips, they still played with my sexual fun button, bringing another orgasm out of me as the snake had lifted me and swallowed down my hips. Now the snake rested, allowing me to recover from my last climax. I think that the strain of lifting me up like that must take some strength on the part of the snake, it deserved to rest I thought.

Again the snake started the slow swallowing of my bound body, now seemingly recovered enough to continue. My tummy soon disappeared inside and then the snake bumped its nose up against the underside of my breasts, this would be it next challenge, but one that it had overcome before and would do so again this time too. My breasts, the tender flesh, was soon enveloped inside the snake and rubbing against the top of its mouth, my nipples reacting to the stimulus and sending wonderful sensations to my brain, this along with the signals my continued masturbation of my genitals caused my world to spin as the overwhelming orgasm ran through my tightly held body, passing out from the pleasure.

I came too again not long after, and looking up I saw the eyes of my husband Jerry looking at me, watching me being swallowed again by the snake but staying out of the view of the cameras. I looked down to see his hand was gently stroking his hard penis, the smile on his face told me that he was enjoying the show. I continued to watch as the snake, now recovered again, started to swallow the last part of me, my head.

The snake had managed to move my body down inside of it, and my head was now entering its mouth, soon I would be heading down to the snakes belly, there to rest and the snake to digest its latest meal. I continued to look at Jerry and the cameras as the snakes mouth moved over the top of my head, the light now going as I was taken inside of the snake. I had been eaten again by the snake, my fingers were again working at my little nub and just as I disappeared inside of the snake I had another world shattering orgasm.

The snake rested whilst it moved its meal down to its stomach, once there it would move back into its enclosure and into the crate that was now its home, there to saviour the delightful meal it had just consumed. I felt the snake move once I had stopped being moved inside, I was now in its stomach and would remain here for as long as the gel lasted, probably 12 hours but at least overnight. The snake soon settled into place inside the crate, folding itself and its meal, me, to rest and sleep whilst digesting its meal.

Jerry meanwhile had stopped the cameras after the snake had entered its crate, he wanted to follow the snake inside its enclosure to reveal to the waiting audience the soft, bump of the female meal inside of the snakes tummy. Taking a camera in hand he followed the snake as it moved from the floor and into the glass enclosure, the outline of its latest meal evident in the swollen belly of the beast. Once he’d taken the required shots, he moved his hand over the bump that was his wife, feeling her inside and wondering what she was feeling at that moment.

The shudder that he felt as he ran his hands over my snake encased body, told him that I had just climaxed again, he knew that I got great pleasure from being devoured by the snake and he had helped fulfil my long hidden fantasy. Pleased with what he had seen, the final moments of his wife being swallowed, he looked forward to another video for his viewing pleasure.

Picking up the costume that I had worn for the video, he drew the panties that I had worn up to his nose and he breathed in the musky aroma of my arousal, the scent of my sex turning him on again, he would take these to bed with him later to enjoy whilst he played with himself. But first he had a video to watch and edit, then post online. The audience was growing rapidly now, more and more people were buying the videos of his female victims being eaten by the snake, who knew that there was such a market for this type of video.

Meanwhile the snake had drifted off to sleep, its meal safely held inside of its stomach and digesting nicely. ‘Alice’ was now tired herself from all of the overwhelming climaxes that she had brought out of her body, she too would soon be asleep, the warmth and tight, safe feeling of being enclosed inside of the snake would lull her into slumber.

Jerry, now finished cleaning up the basement, took a last look at the enclosure, he could see the snake curled up and the bulge that was his wife, now seeming to be at rest. He grabbed the hard drive from the camera setup and headed upstairs, turning off the light as he left the basement. He would be alone in the bed tonight, but he was getting used to that when his wife was just snake food, he didn’t mind as he had a growing collection of videos of her being eaten to entertain him.

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