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My Fantasy Come True

by Gromet

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Storycodes: Solo-F; snake; roleplay; costume; latex; nun; video; strip; naked; prepare; bond; rope-harness; gel; tease; swallowed; eaten; soft; mast; climax; discovery; reveal; M/f; sex; cons/reluct; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

Story continued from part four

Part 5: The Latex Nun. (or Bad Habits)

Snake swallowing female

It was time to feed my very special pet again, I had grown to love my own pet snake that we kept down in the basement in an enclosure, this was the modified snake that my husband had bought me to fulfill my fantasies of being devoured by a snake, but one that I could experience over and over, as the snake was genetically made to digest only the special feeding gel and not my flesh and bones.

The last time I had him bind me and feed me to the snake, the video we made was of me dressed as a harem girl, and I was being punished by being fed to the snake, it was very erotic for me being forced to be eaten, and I did cum several times whilst the snake was swallowing me, and also more whilst I was deep down inside of the snake’s belly while it digested the feeding gel that coated my bound body. The video was one of those that I watched over and over again, my fingers rubbing at my hot, wet sex and giving me more shuddering orgasms as the events unfolded on the screen.

This time I was feeding the snake while my husband was away on business, he would be gone for the whole week, so I thought why not spend some quality time inside of the snake. Let’s see, I had been a maid before, and then the harem girl, so what would I dress up as this time? I did this more to tease & arouse both myself and my husband, who would be watching the video I would make to show him what I had been up to while he was away. I looked through the wardrobe at the costumes that I had managed to gather, knowing that I would be wearing them to entice my partner in bed, but now also to star in our little video sessions we have when I feed the snake.

There was a schoolgirl outfit. I took this off of the rack and held it against my body, ‘Mmm’ I thought, ‘Not today!’ Placing it back, I moved over several others until I found the sexy nun’s habit made of all things from latex, “Now that’s wicked!” I said to myself. I had originally worn this to a ‘Vicars & Tarts’ fancy dress party, the guys dressed as tarts while the girls were the vicars and nuns. ‘That will do for today’, I thought. Then I also thought that I would wear it with no underwear, just like a naughty nun would be.

With the outfit for today’s feeding session chosen, I went around the house making sure that the place was secure, as I would be down in the basement inside of the snake for the night. Once I was happy with things upstairs, I headed down to see my special friend in the basement. There was the snake and upon seeing me, nudged the glass wall of its enclosure, letting me know that it was hungry and wanting to be fed. “Patience my scaly friend, I will be feeding you shortly,” I said, my hand touching the other side of the glass where the snake’s head was.

I was already dressed in my costume for this session, the latex swishing as I moved around the room, the light glistening off of the material; I prepared the video cameras, lighting etc., and made sure that everything was ready, as I had done many times now it seemed part of the pre-feeding ritual. With the cameras now rolling I stepped out of view and then walked back in and started to act as my character.

I walked into the shot of the camera and looked around, my latex habit brushing against my naked flesh underneath arousing me. Then I turned and spotted the snake, “Oh my!” I exclaimed, “It is the devil’s disciple come to test this poor nun.” My hands now at my face in mock shock, “Oh please, what should I do?” Yes not very original, but I was ad-libbing here. The snake again banged on the glass, wanted to be fed but also playing into my role.

“What do you wish of me serpent?” I asked, and dropped to my knees, my hands clasped in a prayer-like position. The snake again poked at the glass, its tongue darting out testing the air, looking for its next meal. “Oh, you’re hungry Mr Snake, whatever do you feed on?” I asked turning from the snake back to the camera, asking my video audience what I should do.

Again the snake seemed to bang against the window whilst looking at me, showing its intent on what food it likes, making it clear that it wanted me as its food, as usual.

“Oh, you wish to eat me,” I said turning to the camera, “The snake seems to be testing me, it wants me as its dinner, whatever shall I do?” 

Standing up I walked closer to the snake, my hand touching the glass, “Don’t tempt me, foul creature, you must know that I have been wicked and deserve to be punished.” And I reached up and pulled the latex habit off of my body, it pooled around my ankles leaving me standing there naked, except for the rope harness I had tied on myself in the bedroom, the rope crisscrossing my body from my shoulders to between my legs, running around my breasts and tightly holding me in its embrace.

“See, I am sinful, my body cries out for you, take me serpent and do what you will to me. I need to be punished for my wicked, sinful ways.”

Then I walked over to the storage area where we keep the jars of feeding gel and selected one of the new ‘standard-plus’ ones and started to rub it all over my body, the gel would feed the snake for the next few days, and I would be inside of the snake for the next 10-12 hours, or overnight basically. A lovely way to spend the night in my books, I get some of my best sleep while feeding the snake, that’s after all of the orgasms, of course, they wear me out.

Now coated I tied my ankles together, and put my wrists through the pre-prepared looped rope that was also threaded into the rope harness, my hands would be tightly held against my crotch, where my fingers would dance their tune on my little nub. I then hobbled over to the enclosure door and opened it, the snake sensing that the door was now open, started to move and look for its dinner - me. I lay down in front of the cameras and waited for the snake to find me, my wrists tugging gently on the crotch rope, building my arousal.

The snake slithered out of the enclosure and using its tongue sensed that its food was ready, the meal was laying waiting and that there was no danger to the snake. Soon its tongue found my feet, the probing of which tickled them, sending delightful tingles through my bound body. The snake now happy started to prepare, opening its jaws to feed on the meal before it. Soon my feet were inside of its mouth, the flesh enclosed within the snake’s throat.

Working quickly, the snake was soon over my knees; the snake seemed to be getting better at eating me I thought. But now came the tricky, more difficult parts of my body, first up was my thighs, now they are not massive but the muscles there are meatier than my calves. The snake slowed down as it swallowed them, my fingers now rubbing the folds of my sex and the little pleasure button more vigorously.

Next came my hips, and as before the snake managed to lift up my body to ease the passing of them into its mouth. Soon my waist was inside as well, leaving only my breasts, shoulders and head left. The snake repeated the process of lifting me and using gravity to enable it to swallow a large body mass; my breasts disappeared into the soft interior of the snake’s mouth. I could feel my legs and hips sliding down inside of the snake, the internal muscles moving its meal down towards its stomach. It felt like an intense, soothing massage.

Now that my breasts were safely inside of the snake, my shoulders presented no obstacle, and soon they too were inside of the snake, the process of swallowing its prey now almost over. The snake stopped to rest while I had one of my intense orgasms, my body shuddering inside of the snake, held tightly by the internal walls of the snake’s body and the tight rope harness that I wore this time around. 

“Take me snake; I am yours,” I said, mainly for the camera audience.

And my head then was drawn inside of the snake’s mouth, the light from the room fading from my vision as it disappeared inside of the snake. I was now on my way to the snake’s stomach, where I would lay while the snake digested the feeding gel, but on the way down I would bring myself to another wonderful climax or two. 

The snake once it had finished swallowing the last part of me, lay still and waited for my body to pass down into its stomach, only once there would the snake move back into its enclosure and the safety of its crate, which it lived in. It would then curl up with me inside and sleep while it digested its stomach contents.


The next morning I was awoken by the movement of the snake, it had begun to move out of its crate and over next to the door of its enclosure, I was soon finding that I was on my way back out from its stomach, the feeding gel now absorbed, the snake regurgitated the remains of its meal, the unwanted parts. I should feel rejected, but I know that it’s part of the process and I would soon be back inside the comfortable, enclosure of the snake once more the next time it needed feeding.

Laying there naked and still bound, I usually wait for my husband Jerry to come down and retrieve me from the enclosure, he would then use me for his pleasure, but this time he was still away, so I would have to release myself and finish up. I crawled out of the enclosure and found the knife I left ready to cut the ropes that bound my wrists. Once free I would make sure that the cameras were off and head upstairs for a much-needed bath.

After some breakfast, I headed back down and closed the glass door to keep the snake in its enclosure, and then I gathered the hard drive that records all of the action and headed upstairs to watch the video I had just made. I wanted to surprise my husband with the new video, I even thought about sending it to him for him to enjoy in the privacy of his hotel room, but I was the one about to get a surprise.

I sat down on the computer that Jerry normally uses to process the videos and the editing program to take out the parts that were boring and not part of the scene that I’d played out with the snake. It was only when I’d opened up the computer browser that I discovered a snake-vore website that I hadn’t seen before. I got the shock of my life when I clicked on the link and saw my image on the screen, there I was dressed up in costume, and then stripped naked and bound, before being fed to the snake. This was the recent harem girl scene we had done together.

At first, I wondered how they had gotten hold of our video, but then looking at others on the site, they were all of me being eaten by the snake. I sat there transfixed at the images on the screen, even though I had lived every moment, it still turned me on watching the woman being eaten by the creature., the same as I had when watching the playback with Jerry, while curled up next to him on the sofa.

After getting over the shock of the discovery, and the usual arousal that comes with me being devoured, my thoughts then turned to why they were on the internet. The ‘who’ had done this was becoming evident to me, my husband must have done this I reasoned, there was only myself and him who knew about the playtime we had in the basement, and the videos we’d made to capture it and enjoy together later. I needed to know, and the best way to find answers was to ask.

I rang my husband’s mobile phone, he picked up and said, “Hi Darling, is there anything the matter?”

I answered, “Well yes dear, it seems that we have a little website of my adventures online, with all of the images and videos of me being eaten, do you know who’s responsible?”

“Ah! That…” he responded sheepishly.

“Yes, that!” I started to get a bit angry with him.

“I can explain.” He said.

“Please do, and quickly or else.” I spat.

“You know that there are websites out there that cater to our fetish, you know, women being eaten and such.” He paused, waiting for me to respond.

“And…” I eventually replied.

“Well, the videos you’ve made were so good, that I had to share them with others, I posted some images of the first video on a forum, and it went on from there, the demand for videos of you being swallowed are very popular, it just sort of took off.” He stated.

“So you like sharing images of your wife naked and bound on the web, without even asking me if I wanted to be involved, isn’t there a law about that or something?” I said, “Besides which, what if people who know me see me on the street after watching the videos?”

“The chance of that happening are remote, and even if they did see you, what would they say to you, ‘Gee, great video, nice to see you being eaten.’” He laughed.

“Sure laugh all you want, but I’m the one with her face and other parts on the screen.” I cried, “And I’m masturbating and cumming too!”

“Have you seen the reviews and comments that you’ve been getting?” he said, trying to switch the conversation around.

“No, I haven’t; it seems that you need to be a member or something to see those,” I said, my embarrassment at images of me on screen cumming, my fingers poised over my little nub in clear focus, over took all other thoughts.

“You can log in on my user account.” He replied and gave me the information. 

I logged in and began reading the comments, my husband still talking to me on the phone and telling me which ones to look at first. It did seem that I was very popular online and my scenes with the snake were enjoyed by many, though I did wonder who was watching me being eaten and then thought, ‘Hey, you also watch other women getting devoured, and you found it a turn on too.’

“So you see, there are many out there wanting to see you being eaten, and they want more, including me,” Jerry said. “I know that I should have asked you, but things took off so rapidly, that it took a life of its own.”

“And people pay to see me being eaten?” I asked, wondering what sort of benefit there could be for me out of this.

“Yes, they do, and we have many monthly subscribers who pay each month to watch you being eaten. And as you can see by the many requests, that they have many ideas for outfits and scenes for you to use for more videos.” Jerry replied. “Plus I know that the snake and the fixing up of the basement was my present to you, which I loved giving to you, but the website has paid for both and will also allow for more money for you to spend on costumes and yourself.” He added.

“I guess we will continue this conversation when you get home,” I said, still in shock at what he had done to me. 

“I’ll get things tidied away today and catch the late flight home; I’ll be home soon. Please don’t do anything until I get there.” He asked.


Later that evening Jerry arrived home, he rushed in expecting to see mayhem and things thrown around, especially the cameras and computer, he’d been building up his expectations on the flight home and was relieved to see that nothing had been touched. He found me sitting in the lounge, a glass of wine in hand, watching the videos we’d made of the snake and me. He was pleased that I was awake and seemingly not upset, he took that by the video I was watching.

“HI, Darling.” He said, trying to gauge my temperament.

“Hi.” Was my terse reply, followed by a gulp of my wine.

“So…” he started to say.

“You bastard! How could you do this to your own wife? I thought that the videos we made were private, just for us to watch and enjoy. What gives you the right to post them online without asking me?” I spat out with the pent up anger that had been building all day.

“I’m sorry…” he said, his posture changing, he looked defeated, and his face was ashen. I have never spoken to him like this before; I think it came as a bit of a shock to him.

“Sorry, sorry doesn’t even start to make amends!” I was speaking louder now, “I’m upset and angry with you, you should have asked me…”

“I didn’t know what to do…” he said, “The site just took over…”

“That’s no excuse.” I sobbed, “I trusted you.”

He rushed over now that I was crying, he placed his arms around me and hugged me. I fought to get him off of me but ended up crying into his shoulder. We sat there in silence for at least twenty minutes, I having calmed down now, curled up in his arms, my anger spent.

“Take me to bed,” I whispered.

It was a surprised husband who carried his wife in his arms upstairs to bed that night, he made passionate love to me and brought out a couple of orgasms before he finished himself, not that I was in the mood for sex, I just wanted to feel close to him at this moment.


In the morning he found the bed empty, he wondered where I was and, after checking my wardrobes still contained my clothes and I didn’t appear to have left him, he walked around the house to look for me. I was on the computer in his office looking at the website again and reading everything on there.

“Morning.” He said, making sure to leave the ‘good’ part out for fear of creating another argument.

“Morning,” I replied, my mood now lighter after last night.

“Looking at the website again?” he asked.

“Huh-huh,” I grunted while still looking at the screen.

“I expect that I need to take down the site today?” He asked.

“Why?” I answered.

“Because I never asked you, and also because you are so upset…” he started to say.

“No, there’s no need to take it down; the images once posted online can never be erased; they always remain somewhere on the web or someone’s computer,” I stated. “We might as well let them enjoy the images, I did and so did you, so I can deal with it when the time comes if I know someone who sees this.”

“Oh…” he was speechless. 

I knew that I had won, even though I was angry I had reasoned to myself that I had enjoyed making the videos, I had also watched online several websites that catered to my fetish, and it gave me a little thrill to know that someone was out there watching me being eaten by the snake, and enjoying watching it too.

“Now I know about the site, are there any other secrets?” I asked.

“No, nothing else.” He said very quickly.

“So, what did you discover on the website?” he asked.

“I have read all of the comments; they seem to be very complimentary of both the snake and me, there are several good ideas for different scenes that we can use, I just need the costume. And there are some, that well, are best left to the imagination.”  I said, looking at him with a wry smile on my face. The thought of real snakes eating me, while erotic, would be a one-off deal and not something I would want to do. I was content with my own snake.

“Yes, there are some weird people out there.” He laughed. “And I don’t want to lose you.”

“You had best show me how you edit the videos, so I know how it’s done and can post them when you’re not here,” I asked.

“Sure, no problem,” Jerry said relieved that I seem to be so accepting this morning.

“And here’s the latest video I’d made to surprise you, the Latex Nun and the Serpent,” I said handing him the hard drive with the latest unedited recording on it.

The shocked look on his face was priceless.


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