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My Fantasy Come True

by Gromet

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Storycodes: M/f; gift; costume; bunnygirl; tease; oral; submissive; video; roleplay; bond; rope; gag; carried; used; sex; rough; denial; prepare; gel; snake; swallowed; eaten; voy; mast; climax; surprise; soft; cons; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

Story continued from part five

Part 6: The Hunter & the Bunny Girl

Snake swallowing female

The following week Jerry came home with a surprise gift for me, I opened the box to discover a Bunny Girl costume inside, complete with ears, just like the ones they use in the real Bunny Club. I picked it up out of the box; the material had a strange feel to it, it felt like a silky, rubbery skin, more jell-like than standard material that you’d normally find in a costume outfit. I gave Jerry a strange questioning look.

“It’s made from the same protein gel that feeds the snake.” He said excitedly.  “It can be worn without harming the snake.”

“Wow! It looks great.” I said stunned at what he’d given me. “So when are you going to wear it?” I teased.

“Very funny; I’d never fit.” He smiled. “It’s one of the most popular requests on the site.”

“It’s only natural that a snake would devour a bunny after all,” I said, holding the costume against me.

“Try it on,” Jerry said.

“Okay, but I don’t want to damage it, so no hanky-panky when I do!” I stated, knowing just how turned on we both get when I’m dressed in a costume.

I headed off to the bedroom and banished him from seeing me until I was ready. I started to strip off and then began to dress in the main part of the bunny girl costume, no underwear as I wanted to look good and also feel the suit against my skin. The suit slid over my legs, it felt cold to the touch and was soon covering my naked body with its smooth gel-like material, and it felt wonderful, similar to latex but more alive and wanting to devour my flesh within itself.

As I walked around the bedroom the suit warmed up from my body heat, the suit felt very nice where ever it touched me, especially the part tightly held against my sex; I could feel a certain wetness start to develop down there as my arousal built momentum. My nipples stood out erect, and they were loving the feel of the material rub over their sensitive nipples, sending wonderful feelings throughout my body, it building up like a concert orchestra, all playing their part to bring the ultimate orgasmic crescendo to this symphony.

I had to sit while the orgasm overwhelmed me, why deny myself the pleasure that the suit had given me, I know that I was supposed to be getting ready, but the feelings that the bunny girl suit had given me were amazing, and there was still more in the box. The stockings were made from the same material; I sat and smoothed them up my legs. I know that the real bunny girls wore tights, and indeed there was a pair of them in the box, but I’m more of a stockings girl, I think they are sexier and look better.

Okay, now for the ears, I made my way to the ensuite bathroom and prepared my hair, which hangs down to my mid-back and touches the rear top of the bunny girl suit. I placed the ears in my hair and made sure that they stayed in place, brushing some hair over the clip holding the ears in place. Next was the collar and bowtie, this came as one, luckily as I wouldn’t know how to tie a bowtie! The white cuffs on my wrists were next.

Now I was one cute little bunny girl, I looked at my reflection and adjusted my make-up, finished and ready to reveal myself to Jerry, then I remembered a pair of black stiletto heels that would go perfectly with the outfit. Grabbing them, I walked downstairs to find my husband. Once safely down the stairs I placed the heels on my feet and walked, unsteady at first to find him.

The look on his face was priceless when I found him, he sat there open mouthed as I sauntered up to him as sexily as I could, and I placed my hand under his chin and closed his mouth for him. I was very pleased with the effect that I’d had on him, boosts a girls confidence when she can get that reaction from her man. I twirled around to give him the full tour, his eyes never leaving my body as I moved about teasing him with my sexy curves, my hands running over the outfit and his eyes following as I played with my breasts.

He started to stand up, and I could see the erection in his pants, plus the unbridled lust in his eyes I knew that I had turned him on and was pleased with myself for doing so. But we only had the one suit, and I wanted it for our next video with the snake. So I stopped him the only way I knew best, especially as we were so both turned on, I dropped down to my knees and reached for his trouser zipper, soon I had his erect and angry looking member in my hand and placing it in my mouth I soon had him under my control.

He didn’t take long, and soon I was enjoying the pleasure of bringing him off, the saltiness as it touched my tongue bringing wonderful sensations of satisfaction in me and a wave of submissive pleasure in pleasing someone without regard to my own. I hadn’t cum this time, but I had had a wonderful climax beforehand and knew that I would have more in the near future with this outfit.

We then, after he had recovered, decided to do a little photo session of me wearing the outfit, this would be posted to the site as a teaser of the upcoming video. We spent our time taking the images and getting things right; I also doubled up as the bunny-girl serving drinks while Jerry got things ready between takes. I was enjoying wearing the costume; I even enjoyed serving my husband and wore the costume serving dinner. I was reluctant to take it off when we retired to bed that night, but Jerry wanted to do naughty things to my body, and we needed the suit.

In the morning I checked on the snake and was pleased to see that it was hungry again and would require feeding today. I broke the news to Jerry and began to get myself dressed in the bunny girl outfit again, ready to play my part in our next video and also to wear the costume one more time. Jerry sat there transfixed as I made breakfast for us both while wearing the complete bunny girl outfit, this time with the tights reluctantly, but that was what was requested by viewers online.

I only ate a light breakfast; I was too excited both from the suit and the fact that I would soon be eaten again whilst wearing this fantastic outfit. I cleaned up the kitchen while Jerry prepared the recording equipment downstairs ready for our next video. Finally, everything was ready, and I walked down to see a very happy Jerry waiting for me, the erection in his pants given the game away.

The snake was happy to see me too, it was pressed up against the glass eager to get out and devour me, and it was like I had two creatures vying to see which could eat me first. Me, the rabbit or prey, and they the beasts or hunters, wanting to feed on my tasty flesh. I felt a delightful shiver down my spine at the prospect. I was here to be eaten, I was the only option on the menu.

This time there was to be no dialogue on my part it seems, I was to be bound and gagged for this scene and brought down and fed to the snake by my capturer, the hunter to feed his animal. Jerry was dressed for his part, he was wearing some old military camouflage clothing, the trousers and the t-shirt making me feel weak at the knees, girls like a guy in uniform. He grabbed me and kissed me passionately and told me how great I looked, his hands were all over my body, and I had to stop him before things got too intense and we did something other than feeding the snake.

Jerry grabbed the ropes that we were using to bind me today, and soon he had my ankles tightly cinched allowing no movement. Soon my knees followed suit, both above and below, and now my legs were one solid column of girly flesh, the ropes biting in tight letting me know that they are there. He then bound my wrists together in front, there was some thought of trying them behind, but I wouldn’t be able to play with myself as the snake ate me, one of the things many of the viewers commented on and liked, as did I.

My elbows were tied against my body to another rope around my waist to keep me from moving my hands and arms about. I was feeling very trussed up at the point, unable to move, not that I wanted to get away, I was enjoying my little submissive side and relaxed to indulge myself in my fantasy. The gag was the last part of the bondage, the ball gag was wedged behind my teeth, and the straps tightly pulled digging into the soft flesh at the side of my mouth. I was a truly trussed up bunny now, just waiting for the show to begin.

“Ready?” Jerry asked me, breaking the spell I was under. I just nodded weakly.

He started the cameras rolling and then pulling a hood over his head, he walked over to my bound body and picked me up, slinging me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, the air forced from my lungs as I hit his shoulder. I was now just a captured bunny girl, bound and held by the big strong hunter, well that’s how it played out in my fantasy.

We walked back into the view of the cameras, me still over his shoulder laying there limply, trussed up and with no escaping my fate. He, the big strong hunter, happy to have caught such a juicy treat from him and his pet. I was carried and then dropped on a pre-prepared mattress, suitably dirtied up to look rough and old. The hunter then took off his jacket and looked at his prey.

“My, you’re a pretty little thing.” He said.

I could only mmmph a reply through my gag, but I could show the fear I had for the situation through my eyes and my body movements, I was visibly shaking.

“You look good enough to eat!” He then said. “I think that we’ll both enjoy you.” He continued to say while looking at the snake in the enclosure.

My eyes followed his and then I saw the snake for the ‘first’ time, and shrieked behind my gag.

“Now, no point in struggling there little bunny, you’re destined for the pot.” He laughed.

I tried to roll up into a ball on the mattress, looking around in fear, especially for the cameras.

“But first…” he then said, whilst undoing his fly, “Time for a little fun.”

He dropped down on the mattress and started to roll me over and pull me around so that I was on my knees with my head still face down in the mattress. He didn’t take long to pull the bunny girl outfit to one side at my crotch, he ripped the tights to reveal the glistening soft lips of my sexual being, I was already wet and prepared for him to enter and use.

The hunter plunged into the hidden, hot depths of the bunny girl, pressing himself into her until he was up to the root of his erect member. Plundering her without regard for the bunny girl, she after all now just meat for the slaughter, roughly pushing himself into her time and time again, she on her knees, bound and unable to stop him from taking whatever he wants from her. Her head rubbing against the mattress with the rough handling, his thrusting at her rear causing her to move against the bedding.

Soon he was emptying his seed inside the bunny girl; she could feel him growing inside her as he neared his own climax, pushing her over into her own intense orgasm by the roughness of the sex. After he came, he stopped moving inside her and just held her by her hips until the last vestiges of his spending were implanted deep in her womb. As he pulled himself out of her she felt the emptiness of where his member had plundered her; she always felt a little sad at this point.

But now that the hunter was satisfied with his feasting of the bunny girl, it was time for his pet, which had been waiting patiently in its enclosure as its owner played with the snake’s food. Putting himself away in his pants as he stood up, he turned to the snake and said, “Your turn.”

The bunny girl shivered upon hearing this; she knew that this was the final part; she was to be the snake's dinner. A look of fear and acceptance came over her face, the camera capturing the moment perfectly. She laid there while the hunter walked over to the cupboard with the feeding gel.

“Mmm, let’s see, which one should I use?” he pondered, but already knowing the answer.

When we had posted the images of me dressed as the bunny girl on the website, we had asked via a poll which feeding gel should we use? The answer would be hidden from me, at my request; I would only find out once the snake had devoured me and returned to its enclosure with me in its tummy to digest the gel.

“Ah, this one is the most popular I think.” He said, holding it up to the camera, holding his finger over his mouth in an act that said that it was a secret.

He walked over to the bunny girl and hoisted her up, the hunter then began rubbing the feeding gel all over her body. The bunny girl stayed perfectly still, all of the fear was gone, and she now accepted that she would be the snake’s next meal. Of course, I had no idea what gel was being used as Jerry hid the label from my vision, I would be inside the snake for however long it takes for the gel to break down and be digested.

Now coated from the neck down to my feet, I was ready for the snake. I was placed back down on the mattress; this time a different snake would be using me. I was happy and content. I did love being eaten by the snake and was looking forward to some well-deserved orgasms as the snake swallowed me. There was something different about those tied-tightly, being-eaten orgasms, they were much more intense than when I played with myself in bed, or very nearly as intense as when Jerry ate me out.

The snake was released from its enclosure and was soon making its way over to my feet; it tasted the air to savour the delicious meal laid out for it to devour. Soon my feet were safely inside the mouth of the snake, and it wasted no time in swallowing more of the bunny girl. Knees, followed by thighs and then it came to my hips; the snake lifted me to help ease the more wider parts of me past its lips and down its throat. My fingers had been working towards my first orgasm of this feeding session and once my hips had passed inside of the snake, the tightness and enclosure sending me over the edge.

The snake stopped swallowing, it usually did when I climaxed, or it needed to rest, I’m not sure which, but it didn’t take long for it to restart swallowing my bound bunny girl body down into its waiting insides. My waist and arms were quickly swallowed, then my breasts, not big by any means, but they always proved to be the next obstacle after the hips. Again the snake lifted me in the air, easier this time because most of me was already inside the snake.

Another orgasm for me, another rest period for the snake.

The hunter took this opportunity to walk over and take advantage of the bunny girl trapped inside of the snake. I looked up to see his erect penis over me, the gag preventing any protests as he masturbated over me, he quickly climaxed and his warm discharge landed on my face, coating it with the sticky fluid and with no way to rub it off, I would have to wear it as the snake devoured me — much to the delight of my husband Jerry, who left with a big smile on his face.

The snake now rested began to swallow what remained of the bunny girl, my shoulders soon were inside its mouth, and lastly my head started to slide inside too. I looked up at the cameras as the snake swallowed my head and my eyes disappeared inside, the orgasm from being totally inside of the snake casing me to black out with the intensity of it.

The image that the camera captured just as I disappeared inside was one of the victim enjoying her final climax, the sheer intense act overwhelming her as she was swallowed down, and one that people who saw the vision online later would be commenting on for some time to come.

I came too as the snake started to move back into its enclosure, which meant that I was now safely inside its stomach and the digesting would soon begin. I still had no idea which feeding gel had been used and didn’t know just how long I would be held inside of the snake for.

Jerry meanwhile had finished filming the entire scene and had switched off the cameras after getting the last shots of the snake returning to its crate and curling up to digest its meal. He then walked in to the enclosure to get a last feel of his tightly bound and held wife inside of the snakes belly, as he rubbed his hand on the outside of the snake I could feel him from inside, I had told him this once before that I could feel his hand, the hand continued to rub my body gently as he spoke.

“Well honey, great video, I’m sure that the folks will love it. I bet you’re dying to know which feeding gel was voted on by the site’s audience. Well, its… “ he paused teasing me. “The gold one, the strongest and longest lasting one, so that means you’re in there for the next 36-48 hours. I do hope that you enjoy your time inside.”

‘I thought as much; I would have voted for that too!’ I thought.

His hand continued to rub me, “Oh, by the way, that suit is also made from the same feeding gel, but it hasn’t been tested for how long it takes for the snake to digest it. You’re the first to use it, and I’m afraid the test dummy for the boys in the lab. They all love your videos, and I’ve asked them to come and visit you and the snake whilst you’re feeding it, so they’ll be here soon. I’ll make sure to show them the new video.”

‘Oh well, more time for me to enjoy myself inside of the snake.’ I thought to myself.  ‘And, well there’s nothing I can do to stop them visiting now is there.’ And wondered what they would do when they got here?

The snake meanwhile was content with its latest meal, the stomach was now digesting the contents, and the snake slipped off into a deep sleep, probably dreaming of bunny girls. Jerry left the enclosure and headed back upstairs to await the visitors and also prepare the latest, eagerly anticipated video, he knew that this one would be very popular. I was quite content here inside the snake; I had yet another orgasm before I too drifted off to sleep, dreaming of being a bunny girl being chased by a large snake and being devoured.

Jerry later logged on to the site and found a request made by a female viewer to be fed to the snake, requesting that she be bound by Janice, who is dressed like a dominatrix in a black catsuit and tormented as she is swallowed. Jerry now knew the content of his next video, but just how his wife Janice would think about it was another matter…


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