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My Fantasy Come True

by Gromet

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Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

Continues from

Part 8: the Slave Girl

Following on from our session with Valerie, with me dressed in a latex catsuit dominating and punishing her, my thoughts had drifted on to what either our next of a future scenario would be, with me as the submissive slave girl, my more natural place in the order of things and being dominated by my husband Jerry, using the new dungeon items that he had purchased.

Reading up on the subject online, I was surprised to find an actual slave register, one where the slave could become what they wanted to be; they even had a certificate of ownership, Well that fitted in nicely with what I wanted, I was always at my happy place when being submissive to my husband, and the ideas began flowing through my mind as to how I could achieve my goal, and become what I most desire, a slave girl for the next video.

So, after finding out more about the slave register, it didn't take me long to decide to register myself with Jerry as my owner slash master. There seemed to be many like-minded people who had chosen to do this, and I hoped that I would be as happy as they seemed to be with their decision. It was very easy to fill out, and the certificate was soon ready for printing out. I was now a registered slave and even had my own slave number, which gave me another idea.

I wanted this to be as real as possible, so having the slave number, I found a local tattooist who was more than willing to add this in ink to my body, and at their suggestion, the slave number, plus the barcode and owner's name were soon inked into the soft flesh of my rear left cheek and also above my left breast, over my own heart to show my love for my master Jerry, which I explained to him later when I revealed my plans.

Seeing more material online and again wanting the realism of the scene, I bought a metal pet cage large enough for me to fit inside, along with some locks that would be needed, I thought. Checking out a local adult shop ended with me buying more stuff, a leather collar with the word 'slave' spelled out with shiny metal studs, plus matching leather cuffs for both my wrists and ankles. I ended up buying a leather body harness and hoped that I would be dressed in this for some fun at the hands of my owner.

Having the whole scene in my head, I knew that I needed somewhere to start the whole story; I was a slave girl, sold to my new owner, and he would take me back to use and feed me to his pet snake, I was just food for his pet to devour and the thought sent more delightful feelings throughout my body. Driving around while shopping for supplies, I came across an old, abandoned warehouse which would be suitable for the first scene of the video, one where she is 'sold' as a slave girl to her new owner. 

Getting things ready while he was away on another trip made it easy for me; the cage was set up in the basement, I placed it against a far wall over where we now had the dungeon equipment we had used on Valerie and later myself, much to my enjoyment. I had even sought out Valerie to apologize for the way that she was treated by me and hoped that I hadn't hurt her too much. Over lunch, she told me that while she was shocked at what I had done, she had, in reality, liked it and had even tried to seek out someone willing to do this to her again, though not with the snake part she laughed.

That one experience was enough for her, and there was no way that she would be willing to do that part again; she told me that she admired me for having the strength to allow myself to be swallowed by the snake, and she had watched several of my videos and enjoyed it as I was eaten by the snake. Though we both knew that she had been in our home watching them with me safely tucked away in the snake's belly. However, she was reluctant to admit that at first, we agreed that we both shared a common bond, with both of us submitting to Jerry.

Now with her doubts and any guilt were out of the way, I asked her if she would be willing to help out with future videos, at which she was at first reluctant, but then I told her of my plans, and she said that she would help where she could. With that out of the way, we enjoyed our lunch, and after I went home to get everything ready, my plans and ideas coming to fruition.

After Jerry returned, I told him that I had been making sure that I had everything in place for the next video, and beyond I hoped and winked suggestively at him. I began to lay out my plans to Jerry for the next scene, telling him about the theme that I had, that I would be a slavegirl purchased from a market, to be kept and used by him, and then finally fed to her new owner's pet snake.

I then told Jerry that once I was collared, bound and gagged, from that point on, I would be nothing more than his slave girl and that I wanted to be treated that way, used and abused, locked away, and then disposed of in the end. Seeing that I had his attention, I continued that I wished to be kept as his slave, and that no matter what I try to say to alter the fact or to try to change that, that I wanted to remain as his slave for the foreseeable future, even after the video and at least until the next few videos were completed.

His face when I showed him my own slave certificate, proudly pointing out that he is now my master/owner, was funny to see at first, he was surprised, and then a look of deviousness took over, and I knew that I had made the right choice. I assured him that it was genuine and that I was indeed registered as his slave, I even pointed that out on the computer, which still had my certificate in place.

But when I opened my shirt and showed the tattoo with my number, barcode and his name he was stunned. His mouth opened but no words came out, just like when I tease him with one of my sexy outfits, I don't think that his male brain can cope with so much sexiness. And the fact I had gone this far to make things real, just blew his mind; he just had to get a closer look, it was hard for him to believe that his wife would do something like this, I guess.

"One other thing," I told him, "I want Valerie to join in on this video, after all, you will be more hands-on, and we need someone to handle the cameras." I did have some other details that I didn't want to let on just yet, and I would again speak with Valerie to lay out her role in this story.

Jerry was amazed at just how deep that I had gone into this scene, even getting herself registered as his slave and then offering myself to be collared for him to 'own'. He knew that he couldn't say no to this, and in fact, he found himself getting aroused at the thought of owning his own slavegirl, and he knew that once Janice had made up her mind that he wouldn't be able to change things, so just accept what gifts I had given him and live with them.

The day came that everything needed to be done to start the scenario. I had just fed the snake and had stayed in for the full 48 hours, so the snake would not need feeding again for a few days, long enough for me to become the slave girl that I so longed and planned to be. The weekend would mean that we would have plenty of time to make the video of me becoming a slave, being kept, used and eventually fed to the snake, where I would stay.

Welcoming Valerie, who seemed nervous at first when seeing the two of us, I warmly hugged her and gently spoke in her ear that I needed to speak privately with her, which we did. I laid out my plans for the upcoming scene and told her that her role would mostly be behind the cameras, though there would be times when she would join in using and abusing me, and that I hoped that she remembered just how I treated her when the roles were reversed. When the time comes, I want you to be mean and abuse me in whatever way you can.

With that out of the way, and to Jerry's relief when we returned from our little discussion, thinking the worst when he knew that two women in his life were talking together behind his back. Happy to see that we had resolved any issues, we then decided to get on with the video. Jumping in the rental van that we had hired for the scene, we made our way towards the abandoned warehouse I had located. Once there, Jerry prepares the scene, and the video cameras to record the slave sale. 

I had Valerie get me ready, stripping off in a side room, I would be naked from now on, and for quite some time if I had my way. Placing the cuffs around my wrists, and then closing the small padlocks I had brought to make sure that I couldn't get them off. The click of the locks as they closed sent a delightful submissive sensation through my body. I felt just like a slave at that moment, in the hands of my mistress. Bringing me back from my fantasy, Valerie fastened the cuffs around my ankles and then attached a chain to allow me to make small steps.

Finally added a ballgag to my mouth, I was now bound and ready for sale, the cuffs to my wrists were fastened behind my back, and I was now helpless in her hands. Valerie looked on, and an evil smile crossed her lips; she now had me bound and gagged, there was nothing I could do to stop her, and she reached out and grabbed my nipples, erect from the cold or so turned on at this point, either way, they stood out like organ stops. Her fingers squeezed them tightly, causing me some pain, then twisting them until I could no longer stand and fell to my knees.

"Know your place, slave," she commanded to me, "you are nothing more than a worthless slave; that is why you are here today, your own deviant longings have led you here, and you are now mine to use in whatever way I desire." She then slapped me on my breasts, causing me to wince in pain.

Shocked at the sudden change in her demeanour towards me, I could only look up at her as I remained on my knees. Was she playing the role for me, or was she enacting some form of revenge on me, either way, I found that it stirred the inner submissive part of me, and I took delight in the way that she was abusing me. Her hands returned to hurting my poor nipples, twisting them and then slapping my exposed breasts.

"I bet that you're getting wet in that disgusting hole of yours at this very minute." She spat, as her hands moved from where they were abusing my breasts down between the outer folds of my sex, there to discover that what she said was true. "Wet! See, you're nothing more than a slut; I'm pleased to be rid of you today. I'm selling you to someone who needs the services of a sad excuse of a slave."

With that over, she made me stand up and placing a rope around my neck she began to lead me out of the room, out to where Jerry had set the cameras up. Still naked and bound, I stood there as the cameras took in the vision before them, one of a mistress dressed all in leather, and a naked slave girl, slightly red and flustered from being abused, my breast still feeling the stings from her hands while she had mistreated them. Somehow Jerry had rigged up some speakers to play the sound of an auctioneer and the general sounds found in an auction, and it sounded so real that I was lost in my own fantasy of being sold. It was from a cattle auction I was later told by him.

Valerie pulled on my rope into a lighted area, and it was here that the actual sale of this slave girl was to take place. The sound of a slave auction is played with pre-recorded bidding, and soon I found that I had been sold, with Valerie leading me over to where my new owner was waiting. Jerry had dressed totally in black for this, his shiny leather pants gleamed in the lights, and as before, he wore a hood over his head to disguise himself from the viewing audience.

The rope was passed from my previous owner to the new one. Valerie taking one last chance to abuse her former slave, her hands slapping me on the rear, leaving a mark. "Here’s the slut, I hope that you find a better use for her than I did.” She said, handing the rope to Jerry. “She’s a useless slave, not worth what you paid for her.”

“She may be useless as a slave, but as sustenance for my pet, she will come in handy,” Jerry said to Valerie, totally ignoring the slave. “But I’ll get some use out of her first, and then she’ll be fodder for my pet.” 

Upon hearing this, I tried to plead with my former mistress, but she just laughed and slapped my face, saying, “You deserve nothing better slut. Here take her and make whatever use you can with her worthless body.”

Playing it up for the scene, I was soon tied tightly with my elbows forced behind roughly by the two of them, and then more shoving caused me to fall down onto my already sore breasts; here my legs were bound with more rope until I couldn’t move. The rope leash around my neck was fastened to the cuffs around my wrists, so any sudden movement on my part caused the leash to tighten and cut off my breathing, so I knew from then on that I needed to stop trying to get free. 

I was indeed being treated just how I had so wanted to be, used and abused by them both, and I could only lay there on the dirty floor as they exchanged pleasantries above the naked, bound slave like I didn’t exist. I thought that maybe I had gotten more than I wished for, but I would have to accept my fate; I had made my own bed and now had to lay in it. My bound body was then picked up and placed onto a small trolley, one that I hadn’t seen before, now in place, I was wheeled out from the warehouse towards the waiting van. With Jerry pushing his new slave on the trolley, it was down to Valerie to follow with the camera, her own part in the video now completed for now.

Inside was the cage that I had bought, and my naked, bound body was placed inside, a padlock completed my enclosure, and with a final check, Jerry closed the van door, and that was the first part of the video over. If I thought that I was going to be released at this point, I was mistaken, I had asked to be treated like a slave, and I was getting my wish. Both Valerie and Jerry stood there and looked at me bound inside the cage, his arm around her waist; they both seemed very pleased with themselves.

After getting the video equipment from the warehouse, which was loaded in the rear of the van along with all the other objects, including me, the van was driven to our home, where the next scene was destined to be shot. I was to be moved down into the basement, where I was to be kept inside the cage until my new owner wanted to use his slave girl.

Once back home, Jerry and Valerie set the cameras up first before coming back to move me out from the cage and into my supposed new home. But it was Valerie who came and got me out of the cage, forcing me by dragging me out with the ropes around my ankles; my breasts pulled across the bare metal floor of the van hurt me, and scratched them, making them bleed slightly. She then began to untie my ankles so that I could hobble from the van and into the garage, and from there down the basement, which is now a dungeon as well as the enclosure for the snake. 

Each time that she thought I took too long to move, she used the crop, the same one that I had used on her, to punish me for my tardiness, as she called it. I began to think that she was enjoying tormenting me more than she was letting on for the cameras, she seemed to be getting off on abusing and tormenting me; the more pain that she inflicted on me, the more she seemed to like it. My rear and breast shared equally in her torment, both areas subject to her abuse.

All the while I was feeling very submissive to her; she seemed to know just what buttons to press to make me want more; this was exactly what I was after, though painful as it was, I was feeling very used and abused at this point, and I still had a couple of days left to go. I had told Jerry when explaining the whole scene that I wanted to be used by him, punished, and then locked away in the cage for the night, even going as far as turning off the lights and ignoring any pleas that I may make. I was now nothing more than a slave girl, and that he should treat me that way, the fact that Valerie seemed intent on joining in on that only made it all more realistic to me.

Finally, we made it down the stairs to the dungeon, though at some point I had to be carried down the stairs, as it was deemed too risky for me to tackle the stairs bound as I was, and there was no way that either of them would be untying me at that point. Once downstairs, I was taken over to the cage, now moved into place, the door open and inviting me inside. Now fully in the dungeon, I was stood up by Valerie; her use of the crop continued to make its presence felt; she seemed to enjoy having so much control over me.

“Stand slave, so that your new master can see just what he has purchased.” She said, the crop finding my rear as she said those words.

Jerry seemed very happy with the way things were going; his smile and demeanour when off-camera showed that he was loving what was happening to me, I would be his slave in the dungeon, while he would have Valerie as his slave in the bedroom, but I was not to know this just yet. Jerry restarts the cameras now that everyone is in place, now down to the dungeon; he reaches up and removes the rope noose that Valerie had used to move and control me; picking up the new collar, he places it around my neck and secures it with a padlock.

“There slave, now you are mine,” he said, “you will show your appreciation to me later.”

Removing the remaining ropes, I was left standing in just the leather cuffs and collar, now feeling naked from the missing ropes. I needn’t have worried as I soon found myself led over to the cage and was locked away by Valerie, who placed the key on a chain around her neck, her smile letting me know that she would be controlling when I would be getting out. She brought over a blanket, and I thought that she was going to be kind to me and pass it through the cage, but she just used it to cover the outside of the cage, and my world went dark. 

I heard them walk away, and the cameras were stopped; they then both walked up the stairs, leaving me alone in the cold confines of the basement, the only heat in the basement for the snake in its enclosure. The lights extinguished, letting me know that the scene was now over and that they had moved upstairs to whatever they wanted to do next.

Having had my first experience as nothing more than a slave, I found that I was loving every minute of it and wondered if I could get them to continue treating me this way long after the video was completed; this fed into my more submissive fantasies. I had dreamt of situations like this, and I was now getting to experience them for real, so real that I wondered if they were acting or just abusing for their own pleasure. Either way, I felt happy though sore, and I looked forward to what they had planned next.


The next morning I was awoken suddenly with a start, the blanket had been pulled off of the cage that I was in, and a bucket of cold water was thrown over me. My mistress had caught me with my hands where they should not have been and seeing me seemingly enjoying myself, had decided to punish me for my offending behaviour.

“Dirty slave, I have been too lenient with you, it seems, allowing you to have your hands bound in front, make no mistake that will not happen again.” My mistress Valerie said, the anger in her voice letting me know that I faced some form of punishment for my indiscretion. The cold water shocked me and removed any joy that I had been having at that point. Opening the cage door, she threw a plate of some cold mushed-up food inside and closed the door, warning that if I didn’t finish quickly, there would be consequences.

Now, after a quick bathroom pitstop, I was dragged by Valerie back to the dungeon, her crop hitting the same spots as before when I didn’t move quick enough to her commands. Jerry had set the cameras up for the next scene; they had planned what to do with me last night, something that I had requested that they do and that I was not to be told what to expect. I knew that I would be treated badly and wanted them to do this to me, I wanted to suffer, be abused, and used, and now I had the added bonus of Valerie taking command and calling the shots.

Jerry set the cameras rolling as I was pulled back to the dungeon area we had set up, here I was bound with ropes and chains against the wall, a wooden pole was fixed in place, and I was tied to it. Valerie starts out using several BDSM toys on me, beating me with a paddle like I had on her, then Jerry steps in and begins using a crop on my breasts, meanwhile, Valerie started placing nipple clamps painfully on them as well, before re-gagging, and then they both taking turns beating me with a cane, this caused the most pain and was what I had wanted from them. The thought ‘be careful what you wish for’ came into my head at that point.

They left me slumped in her chains after inflicting the pain on my abused body, while they took a rest upstairs and had lunch, something I was to be denied. They both returned later to inflict more punishment on me, the cameras catching every single swing of whatever implement of torture they were using on me at the time; even when the cameras stopped rolling, they continued. Again after another break, I found them starting to remove the chains holding me to the pole; my weakness at their treatment showed as I slumped down to the floor, but I found my body being dragged across the cold hard floor to the sawhorse, and once binding me in place I was used by both of them for their sexual pleasure, finishing up using the paddle to inflict more pain.

Satisfied with what they had done to me and before finishing up and untying me from the sawhorse, he roughly shoves a buttplug inside my rear, re-chaining me in my leather shackles. I was dragged across the floor and thrown into the cage, slamming shut the door and locking me inside; they both left me there without another thought and finally switched off the light as they left. Only to return shortly to turn off the cameras and then just leave me where I so wanted to be, a slavegirl in a cage in the basement, in the dark waiting for whatever punishment or abuse her owner’s wish.

The next day was the same, I was taken out and bound in a variety of positions, some for the cameras and others solely for their own personal desires, I was their slave girl, and they wanted to see just what they could do to me. Valerie, being female, had more of an instinct on which of my buttons to push, and she took great delight in letting me know what they were doing when not using and tormenting me. This was the most evil on her part, or so she thought, but in reality, I was too far gone in my own world to care what they got up to; it made me feel all the more submissive and slave-like.

In the morning, I was roughly dragged out of the cage, bound again tightly to the sawhorse and used by Jerry; very roughly, he started spanking me on the rear as he rammed himself into my very sore, and recently plundered rear. Finishing up, he shoves the plug back in, forcing it in place as my sphincter muscles cry out in pain of entry. He then bound me in more rope; my legs were tied tightly at the ankles, above and below the knees, my wrists were tied behind my back, and more rope binding my body and my arms into one. Removing the leather cuffs as he re-tied me in the rope, each rope pulled as tightly as he possibly could, while not cutting off any circulation, not that I cared at this point, I was after all just a slave to him, something to be used and then disposed of. 

Taking a short break, Jerry heads upstairs, leaving me bound and tied to the pole with a rope leash around my neck. When he returns back down to the dungeon, he is now accompanied by Valerie, though she remains out of my sight for now and operates the cameras. Walking back to me, he now covers my battered and bruised body in the snake feeding gel.

“Well, slave, it's been fun, but all you are good for is snake food. You were bought to feed my pet, and even that you’re a poor substitute for some real nourishment, but now that’s all that your fit for.” He says more for the cameras than to me.

Now tightly bound and gagged, trussed up like a piece of meat, I was carried over and dropped onto the floor, the wind knocked out as my bound body hit the cold concrete, unable to break my fall. One final act of punishment, I thought, treating me more as the useless slave I had become in my mind. This was just what I had wanted them to do to me, I was nothing to them, and it was time to get rid of the thing in the basement.

Jerry walked over to the snake’s enclosure; he opened the door and looked at the snake, detecting its next meal, it slivers out in search of it, hungry for whatever it could find, the bound morsel presented to it on the floor was just too tempting not to enjoy. The snake begins its feeding ritual, sniffing the air with its tongue, detecting the food, and then opening its mouth wide enough to start swallowing it.

I lay there; well there was nothing I could do or wanted to do to escape at this point, I was going to be swallowed up just as I had so desired as my ending. My feet were soon down inside the mouth of the snake, followed shortly by my bound legs. I lay there watching the snake swallow me; having seen this so many times now, I still feel tingles all across my body, sometimes I even imagine that this snake is real and that this is going to be my last journey.

My body, now tired from all of the abuse it had received in the last couple of days, was welcoming being taken deep down inside of the snake. I felt sore, bruised, but happy with what had happened to me, with the added bonus of having two owners who both seemed to delight in tormenting their slave, each seemed to be competing with the other to see who could hurt the slave more. I wasn’t any longer a woman to them, I was a thing that they could use, and I couldn’t have been any happier.

My thoughts were interrupted when the snake had reached the hips, and again had lifted up the prey causing it to drop further inside; on its way down inside the snake, I was soon destined to be inside the snake’s stomach. Finally, after doing the same with the breasts, the snake is now at my head, me as the slave girl about to be consumed had one final last look around; the last thing I see would be ingrained on my mind.

There stands Master Jerry, my owner and next to him stands his new slave/girlfriend, Valerie, she was now wearing the same slave collar that I previously wore, the leather cuffs and all in her near-naked glory, only the leather harness that I had brought for myself covering her body. The smile on her face as she watches me slowly being swallowed is priceless. Revenge for the time I put her through this. I had asked her to be as mean and cold-hearted as possible, and she was living up to her part of the bargain. She was now a slave to Jerry and had taken my place in his life. I was happy with what I had witnessed, and as my vision was obscured when the snake finally swallowed my head, the smile on my own face matched Valerie’s.

A few days later, after I had returned from the snake feeding, and recovered enough from my treatment, I had spoken to both Jerry and Valerie about the session. I told them that I’d had a lot of time to think about the future while inside of the snake. We all agreed that they should continue to maintain their relationship in the house, and that Valerie should move in and that I would become Jerry’s slave permanently and serve them both, something that I had desired all along. Valerie would be the slave upstairs and attend to Jerry’s needs, while I would remain in the basement, and both of them would be my owners in the dungeon. 

A room was made downstairs for me to stay in; this was later turned into a cell at my request and that Valerie would hold the keys to my freedom. I was treated by them both as nothing more than the slave girl I had so wanted to be, and we branched out in the video business with me as a slave being used and tormented by the both of them, though the girl-on-girl one’s sold better, much to mine and Valerie’s pleasure. And Jerry got his wish with me and another female, taking great delight in watching and recording us playing together, her as my mistress and me as her attentive slave.

In between, I still feed the snake, and at the moment, I’m covered in the latest feeding gel; this one lasts for well over 60 hours, they are working on one that lasts longer, but they have to make sure that the prey (me) is also fed and kept hydrated too, and are working on that gel, as well so I can spend longer inside my own pet snake. A very happy slave girl.


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