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My Fantasy Come True

by Gromet

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Storycodes: M/f; F/f; D/s; latex; catsuit; roleplay; bdsm; bond; paddle; crop; torment; gag; tickle; oral; mast; climax; snake; swallowed; eaten; voy; video; soft; cons/reluct; X

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

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Part 7: The Mistress & the Slave Girl

Whilst spending time inside the snake waiting for the gel that feeds the snake to digest, I ran over several fantasies or scenes that we could do for the next few videos, one that brought me many hand induced orgasms was one of me being a slave girl, I had been a bunny girl, latex nun and a harem girl, sort of like a slave in a way but not what I wanted, the scene that played out in my head was more intense and would require some serious planning.

After being released from the Bunny Girl scenario, the feeding gel Jerry used on me lasted the full 48 hours and the gel-based costume slightly longer, and I was closer to 60 hours inside of the snake. I was thirsty and famished when I was finally recovered by Jerry, who found my still bound but now naked body near the entrance to the snake’s enclosure. Of course anything I wanted at that point could wait until after Jerry had had his fun with my bound body, not that I ever objected to being used this way by him, I have had my fair share of orgasms whilst tightly held inside of the snake, and I looked forward to this moment after I had been released, it was sort of a way for me to reconnect with him.

Later once I had eaten and refreshed myself in the shower, Jerry began to tell me all the news of what had happened whilst I was in the snake, he told me that the reaction of the latest video was tremendous, that there had been many, many wonderful comments from viewers who had seen the video of me being eaten as a bunny girl by the snake. He also told me some of the requests that viewers wanted to see me do in future videos, and also he told me about the offer of the female who wanted to be dominated by me before she herself was fed to the snake.

I certainly wasn’t too keen on this idea, and I told Jerry my feelings about that, I told him that I was more submissive in nature and I doubted whether I could act as a dominatrix to this woman, though the black catsuit sounded like a wonderful idea. “Maybe we could get one made with the feeding gel, like the bunny suit?”

Jerry said hopefully, wanting to introduce more characters into the videos. “Well, we could just meet her and see how things work out, and you must be getting tired of being fed to the snake?” 

“No, I’m not tired of feeding the snake, why would you think that?” I said, “But I’m willing to meet this woman just to please you, but I’m not doing any lesbian scenes for your perverted mind, so you can get that idea out of your head!”

“But babe…” Jerry smiled, “two girls together…”

The next two days flew by, mostly with catching up with my work, news and some friends who had been wondering where I’d been the last few days.

Valerie, the woman who wanted to be dominated by me and eaten by the snake arrived mid-morning, Jerry greeted her and invited her into our home, he introduced me to her, and after offering her a coffee, we headed into the kitchen to chat about what she wanted from the snake and us. Over the next few minutes she laid out what she wanted, her fantasy was of me to dominate her, force her to do things, punish her and then bind her and feed her to the snake. 

Jerry’s face was beaming, and he couldn’t contain the smile that spread across his face, I could see his deviant mind working overtime, I bet he had visions of the two of us going hammer and tongs in some lesbian fantasy of his.

Once Valerie had finished her side of the conversation, Jerry spoke, “I think that we do something like that, it shouldn’t be a problem, should it Janice?” Steering the conversation my way, up to this point, I had kept quiet and not spoken other than to say hello and welcome her to our home.

“Well…” I began.

“See, Janice wants to do this as well.” Jerry interrupted my sentence. I looked at him with daggers in my eyes, I didn’t want to appear mean to this poor woman, but this wasn’t something that I was into, I was naturally submissive and didn’t have a dominant bone in my body. I did experiment back in college with this, and also with an ex-roommate of mine, we both tried being domme and sub to each other, even going as far as submitting to each other sexually, but Jerry didn’t know about this, well a girl has to have some secrets after all, and I know if I let him know about it he’d want all of the details, this wasn’t something I wanted to share, it was a personal memory and experience, something to cherish and look back on, but not something I wanted to repeat, I loved being submissive to my husband.

“Well we’ve bought the suit, so we may as well get on with it,” I said, drawn reluctantly back from my memories from college days. “And the snake needs feeding today, so are you willing to become its next meal?” I asked.

“Y… Yes, I suppose I am…” Valerie now seemed nervous; she moved about on the chair and was visibly shaking. “Though I wasn’t expecting to do this today.”

“Oh, okay.” I said, “I’m more than happy to feed the snake myself if you don’t wish too.”

Jerry chimed in, “Nonsense, I’m sure that Valerie here is just a little nervous, just as you were the first time we fed you to the snake if you recall.” 

“Let’s get things ready then,” I said, with more daggers from my eyes towards Jerry, he knowing that I was not happy that this was going to happen.

I left the two of them and went to the bedroom to prepare myself, the new latex catsuit had just arrived, and I was looking forward to wearing it, I had a thing for tight clothes, and also it seemed for tight, enclosed spaces, notably the inside of the snake in the basement. But I was to be denied that pleasure today and would have to act out being a dominatrix to this stranger, this  woman who wanted to take my place inside of the snake, not something that would have ever crossed my mind even in fantasy, but Jerry seemed so intent on doing this scene today that I didn’t want to disappoint him, and in a way by submitting to him and his wish to do this I was, in fact, being his submissive without him knowing it.

Grabbing hold of the catsuit out of its packaging, I held it against my body, the cool feel of the material bringing out wonderful feelings inside me, I was looking forward to being inside and enjoying the tight confines of the latex. Reluctantly placing the suit on the bed I reached for the tube of lubricant to rub over my body, this came with the suit with the instruction on how to wear the catsuit. The lube felt cold at first, but after rubbing it on my naked flesh there was a slight tingle, the gel must have some stimulant effect in it I thought. Once I had covered my lower body, I reached for the catsuit, easing my left leg into the black interior of the suit’s leg, the cool latex bringing goosebumps to my skin. Once I had pushed my left foot into the foot part of the suit I pulled the leg further up my limb, the inky blackness of the suit replacing my naked flesh. When I was happy with the way the suit looked on my left leg I repeated the same with the right, and soon it too joined its partner inside of the suit.

Now the rest of the suit hung there clinging to my legs, the folds of the suit like a second skin hanging there waiting to envelop my body, inside my mind I was being eaten by the suit, it had come to life and was now intent of devouring this poor maiden, my body reacting to that thought, my nipples standing out and a certain moisture building between my legs. I would have to stop and deny myself the pleasure of acting out this fantasy for now, but I had wicked thoughts of trying this later on my own when Jerry was out at work. I reached down and eased the suit over my rear, the latex soon coming up and finding my sex, my lips kissing and welcoming the suit as it rubbed up against it, again the overwhelming urge to bring myself off at this moment was hard to resist. I knew that they were waiting for me downstairs, Jerry had already set up the basement for the video shoot and Valerie was getting anxious to start, so Jerry informed me, several times whilst I was getting ready.

I couldn’t put it off any longer and rushed myself to get inside of the suit, my fantasy of being slowly devoured by the latex catsuit now a distant fantasy. Jerry, at this point, insisted on helping me; he grabbed a can of the latex polish and was rubbing a soft cloth over the outside of the suit, mainly where I couldn’t reach. I finally finished getting myself dressed in the suit, the pleasure now all gone with Jerry being there, and he seemed to be rushing me at this point. What I didn't know was that Valerie was starting to get cold feet at the prospect of finally getting to live out her fantasy of being eaten, swallowed and becoming food for the creature in the basement. Soon the suit was polished, the shine showing my body and all it’s lovely curves to perfection, the last thing to add was the belt with a riding crop and handcuffs hanging off of it, a prop Jerry had made for this shoot. In all of the rushing on his part we had forgotten the boots, so Jerry had to help me with that as well. 

Now finally dressed for the part I came downstairs and walked into the lounge where Valerie sat, her nerves showing on her face, even more so when she spotted me standing there in all my domme glory. At this point, I thought that she would run out of the house and never return, sadly I was to be mistaken. For once she saw me dressed in my latex catsuit along with the boots and the belt with the handcuffs she felt her submissive side come to the fore, and she dropped down on the floor in front of me in worship at the vision before her. Damn, I thought, that didn’t work, now I would have to go through with this charade.

“Well it seems that you two girls are ready, best we head down and get the show on the road,” said Jerry gloating that he would be seeing me dominating this woman for his entertainment.

“Yes, sir.” Valerie said, and then looking at me, “Sorry, yes Mistress, I am yours to command, I only wish to serve you.”

Reluctantly I said, “Well slave, best do as you’re told and get downstairs before I change my mind.” Jerry slung me a quick shocked look, he was hoping that everything would work out, and my saying that just took the wind out of his sails.

Meanwhile, whilst the internal politics played out between the two of us, Valerie had now begun to make her way to the door and over to the stairs leading down to the dungeon. Without stopping, she walked down the stairs, with me following and Jerry behind me, pushing me forward as I was still reluctant to take part. Once down in the basement I noticed that Jerry had rigged up a curtain between the snake’s enclosure and the rest of the basement, this hid the snake from Valerie’s view, though both Jerry and I knew the snake was there and waiting to be fed. Now everyone was in the basement, Jerry ran over the scenario again, I was to dominate Valerie, she was to be my slave, and I would be punishing her for some infraction. There was a sawhorse looking thing set up in the middle of the basement, and looking around I could see that he had also placed several chains hanging from the ceiling, with cuffs hanging off the ends.

“Right so I get to tie her up, beat her and then feed her to the snake, is that right?” I asked Jerry. 

Valerie looked a little shocked when I said this, she wasn’t looking for anything too painful, she only wanted to act this out, something that she had fantasised about when alone in her bedroom at night, whilst she sought out her pleasure nub and brought herself to several wonderful orgasms whilst dreaming this scene up. “Please not too painful, I’m not used to this, and I only want to act out the part where you use the crop on my naked body.”

“But you’re my slave, shouldn’t I be the one to decide what I do to punish you?” I said.

“Yes Mistress, but please be gentle.” She pleaded.

“Right we seemed to have worked out our roles here, let’s get this show on the road shall we.” Jerry smiled as he looked at the two of us, his mind working overtime in some male fantasy of these two women doing some very naughty things to entertain him. “Okay, can we get you two to walk out and then back into the room and begin to play your parts.”

I followed Valerie out and stopped her, “Now slaves should be tied, if they’re being punished that is, but the only thing I have is these handcuffs, so strip and then turn around so I can bind you, it’ll look good for the camera.”

“Yes Mistress,” she said and began to undress, when she got to her underwear I ordered her to remove them too. Now naked, I turned her and closed the handcuffs around her wrists, all the time thinking that I should be the one in her position. “There you’re now ready to begin,” I called out that we were ready and then pushed her forward in front of me, I shoved her several times as we entered the field of view of the cameras. “Move it slave, you have disappointed your Mistress, and you need to be punished,” I said as mean as I could manage.

We both looked at the cameras, and I could see Jerry behind giving me the thumbs-up sign that he thought I was doing well.

Valerie stumbled at this point; I think that last shove was a bit harder than the rest, she fell to her knees looking up at me with a shocked expression on her face, I don’t think she was expecting me to be this way with her and it came as a bit of a shock to all three of us when I pushed her further onto the bare concrete floor of the basement saying, “Down on the floor bitch, that’s where slaves that disappoint their Mistress belong.”

She started to protest, but I grabbed her hair and pulled her along, she using her knees to stop from being dragged along the rough surface of the concrete. I walked over to a nearby table and set out on there were several implements that you would expect to find in a dungeon, and I wondered where Jerry had gotten these from, knowing that I was expecting a dungeon as my birthday surprise when he first brought me down here the first time that I was eaten by the snake. I picked up the ballgag laying there and proceeded to force it into her mouth, “I don’t want to hear any whining on your part slave.” I said, “You’re here because you slept with my husband, and that’s not something that I tolerate from a mere slave girl like you.” 

I shot a look at my husband as I said this, signalling that I knew something like this might have happened whilst I was in the belly of the beast, safely out of the way. There seemed to be something between the two of them, call it women’s intuition or just a suspicious mind, but they both seem too comfortable with each other when she walked in. Maybe they had just been communicating via emails, but I doubted that, but with me out of the way, Jerry could have plenty of opportunities to play around, and this was my way of letting him know that I suspected him of something with this woman. Plus it now also gave me the push to continue with this scene, her punishment would vindicate any actions that she and my husband may have been up to, my punishing her would be real in a way, I was taking out my vengeance on her for being the hussy that dared to venture into my domain.

Now gagged, she could say nothing to stop me. Jerry would not intervene either; he was too wrapped in the fantasy of me dominating this woman to do anything, other than rub his growing erection that is! I pulled her across the floor again to the hanging chain, getting her to stand up; I eased one hand out of the handcuff, warning her not to make any sudden movements, the crop now firmly in my grasp. The look of fear played out in her eyes, the camera catching the moment, that look that she knew I suspected her of something, even if it was just a mere thought in her mind. Her hand was soon enclosed inside the hanging cuff, the other wrist soon followed, and now she was standing there hanging from the chains. 

My slave was now ready to be punished, she again had that fearful look in her eyes, this was not what she had wanted, she only thought I would play the part, but now she realised that I was getting more into my role than she or even my husband Jerry thought I was capable of. I walked back to the table and grabbed the leather paddle laying there, I had often dreamed of being paddled whilst Jerry had me over his knee spanking me in our bedroom games, so I was interested to see what the results would be from my point of view, and maybe later Jerry could use this on me I wickedly thought. But back to the task in hand, my slave was now hanging from the ceiling, her feet slightly raised from the floor, her toes resting on the ground, waiting for her Mistress to return. I used the paddle on my hand, the sting of the slap sending tingles through from my hand and up my arm. The sound of the paddle echoing around the dungeon, causing everyone to look at me and the way I carried the leather object.

I ran my hand over the naked body of Valerie, now my slave at this moment, she at first flinched thinking that I was about to strike her, but at this moment I was just tormenting her, the punishment would soon start. I rubbed her rear, feeling the soft flesh and remembering the time in college when I felt the last female flesh under my hand, softly running my hands over her skin, feeling the smooth skin and admiring the soft white flesh, soon to become a shade of pink I thought. Moving back I played the paddle on my hand again, the sound causing her to jump, the pleas coming from being the gag filling her mouth, the tears forming and flowing down her face, this was all too much for her to take. Not that I knew at the time, I was lost in the moment, she was here to be punished, and that was what she would get.

Without realising it, I had already hit her rear with the paddle, only when the sound reached my ears did I notice that I had taken the first strike against her skin. I looked down to see where the paddle had connected, the skin becoming pinker where the paddle had struck. Her cries were suddenly stopped when she felt the sting of the leather, the shock of me actually hitting her taking its toll, she seemed stunned, her eyes wide and fixed. I took aim again and hit her other bottom cheek, the flesh there rippling from the contact with the paddle. I repeated the actions several times, alternating between her plump rear cheeks, now becoming a shade of red. A cough from Jerry brought me back to the real world; I think I would have carried on hitting her if he hadn’t interrupted me. 

I moved around her, looking at her face with tears streaming down, I felt a sudden guilt at seeing this, maybe I had gone too far, gotten carried away. I decided to remove her gag to see what she would have to say. Reaching around, I unbuckled the gag, her drool falling to the floor when I removed the ballgag. “Well slave, do you have something to say?” I asked, not knowing what she’d actually say.

“No Mistress, I’m sorry Mistress, I didn’t know…” she started to say when Jerry called a halt to the scene.

“The cameras are off at the moment, do you want time to recover Valerie?” he asked, knowing that he had stopped her saying something that his wife shouldn’t discover. I stayed quiet, listening to what was going on.

“No, I’m fine I think, not sure that was what I wanted, but it’s okay, could we continue?” Valerie asked. “Please Mistress.” She then said, looking from Jerry to me.

I was still digesting what had just transpired here; she would have said something had not Jerry stopped her, I began to wonder what that would have been. “Yes, slave, let us continue,” I said, with a hint of venom in my voice.

“Ease up on the punishment Jan, make it look good but don’t overdo the whole domme thing,” Jerry said to me.

“Who’s the dominatrix here, you or me?” I said, “Do you want me to continue?” 

Jerry now looked sheepish, he stepped back behind the cameras and didn’t say anything else, I think he was intimidated by me at this moment. ‘Damn right, I’m the domme here.’ I thought.

“Ready, action.” Was all that Jerry said.

“Well bitch, seems like I have been going too soft on you, time to increase your punishment,” I said as I slammed the ballgag back in place and tightened the straps an extra notch. I moved her body around so that she was facing the cameras now, I then felt her breast, my hands running over them feeling the softness of them, playing with her hardening nipples, squeezing them tightly causing her to wince behind her gag. Then I moved to the side and grabbed the riding crop from my belt, slapping it on my hand, the resulting sound causing her to shake, her eyes widening as she took in what I was doing. I then began rubbing the crop around her breasts, playing with her nipples with the end of the crop, teasing and toying with her, then quickly I pulled back and struck the tender flesh causing her to stiffen and cry out with the pain of the strike, but in truth the strike wasn’t that hard it was just the shock factor that got to her.

I totally lost the fact that I was here in front of the cameras and that Jerry, my husband was standing behind them, all I could see and focus on was the slave girl hanging by her wrist in front of me, soon several more strikes hit some slightly harder, but mostly just for effect. The tears were streaming down her face again, and for a moment I thought I’d gone too far, that I was enjoying myself too much. I then moved my hands further down her body, running them across her taut stomach, the arms being held high above stretched her slightly like she was on a rack. I walked back to the table to find something else to use on her and found a pinwheel, which at first I wondered what I would use it for, but then I tested it on my hand and discovered the tingly, prickly feel was slightly painful but also ticklish, this would be perfect for my next torment.

“Well, slave it seems that your punishment is nearly over,” I said, knowing that we couldn’t run too long on the video, we still needed to feed her to the snake. “Maybe I’ll be lenient and let you go…” I sneered, then said, “No, just kidding there’s plenty more to come yet!”

I began running the pinwheel over her skin, softly at first, causing her to shudder at the contact with her flesh. Then I moved to more ticklish areas and began to torment her more; she began to squirm around in her chains, trying in vain to get away from the touch of the pinwheel and making me more determined to use this implement of torture more of her. I began enjoying using this on her and wondered where else I could use this on her body, it was such a simple little device, but it seemed better at punishing her than the previous objects. I spotted a spreader bar, the leather cuffs contrasting with the shiny metal  of the spreader pole and it gave me an idea. Soon I had her leg fastened into the cuffs, and her legs were held apart, she was now helpless to what I had planned. 

Dropping down onto my knees in front of her, I could see her sex, the lips of her labia glistening in the light, my hand began moving all on its own, touching her and then running down the inside of her thighs. Jerry must have thought all his Christmas's had come at once when he saw what I was doing, his hopes for a lesbian scene now seemed to be unfolding before his eyes. But he was going to be disappointed for my next move was to use the pinwheel down the inside of her thighs, again this frisson of part pain and part tickling causing her to shudder and jump each time I touched her. She knew that I was close to her sex and wondered if I would be doing something there, I would leave her guessing for now.

Once I grew bored of using the pinwheel on her thighs and the back of her knees, I knew that it was time to use it where I first intended, her pussy, what more effective way to punish this slut for toying with my husband that to punish her where it hurts. The pinwheel pressed into the soft folds of the fleshy labia, causing her to scream as the pinwheel moved across, hoping that I wouldn’t touch her anywhere else, but she was soon to discover otherwise. The pinwheel moved from her labia, onto her clit, the little nub standing out, the slave slut was getting turned on by this punishment, and I pressed harder making small indentations in the fleshy mound. This sent her into a mad panic, she was thrashing around with the mixture of pain and also pleasure, and soon she would even climax from my actions with the pinwheel. Not something that I had intended to do, but I had gotten a little carried away in the moment. 

Standing back up, I slapped her face with my sticky hand; she had squirted onto my fingers when she had orgasmed. “Well slut, it seems that you enjoyed the pain!” I said, “maybe I have been too lenient with you.” I continued to say, whilst grabbing her nipples in my hands and twisting them. “Time to increase the punishment I think.” Looking over at the bench I had another idea, so I began to release her from her suspension but leaving the spreader bar in place, so that she couldn’t move too quickly or against me. I moved her over to the sawhorse and told her to lay face down; then I bound her wrists with rope so that she couldn’t move them. Coming behind her I did the same with her ankles, she was now bound with rope to the sawhorse, but to make sure I then ran more rope around her waist tying her tightly to the top of the padded bench. I then picked up the paddle and used it more vigorously than before on her well-presented rear, she shook and shuddered with the pain with each slap of the leather against her.

I took great delight in this further punishment of her and was getting more and more turned on with each slap. Something caught my eye, laying on the table was a round, funny shaped plastic thing, I recognized this and thought that this would be very effective at pushing this slaves buttons. Stopping the beating I was giving her, I picked up the object and also picking up some lube headed back, squirting the lube on her rear hole, I used a gloved finger to ease open her round sphincter, knowing that she would need to be opened more to accept the anal plug unless I wanted to cause her more pain. She was bucking around while I shoved my finger inside her, she obviously didn’t want this, but at this stage I didn’t care, I was her Mistress, and she was my slave, she would do what I damn well wanted or else. Soon I was easing the buttplug inside her rear opening, it took a little persuasion, but in the end I got it all the way in, I was pleased with the result. 

At this point I was so turned on that I would have jumped her, especially if there was a strapon available, there didn’t seem to be one, so I think Jerry slipped up there. I needed to calm down; otherwise, I would have given into my husband's fantasy of me going at it with another woman. Now that I had her rear stuffed I thought it was time to stuff her somewhere else; the snake would be desperate to feed by now, so I thought that I had best get her prepared for the snakes lunch. Untying her ankles from the bench first, I then re-tied then together, cinching the rope tightly to firmly hold her in bondage. Now the wrists, I wanted to be nasty to her, I knew that if I bound her wrists in front that she could play with herself whilst being swallowed by the snake, I knew for a fact that I would be doing that. But I would deny her that pleasure and began to bind her hands behind her back, she was still bound by her waist to the bench, so I knew that she couldn’t move. I released the last of the ropes holding her to the sawhorse, standing her up I could see the tears on her face; her makeup was a mess, which I delighted in. It gave me some small satisfaction that I had done this to her, they had pushed me into this corner, and I had come out swinging, and shocked them both.

I grabbed some more rope and bound above her knees; her legs were now one solid column. I also bound more rope around her body, above and below her naked breasts, making sure to tie her upper arms in place against her body, she could not move once I had finished binding her. Now, this little parcel was ready for my special friend; the chicken was prepared, trussed and stuffed, such a tasty looking morsel it was. The only disappointment at this stage was that we had agreed to use the weakest feeding gel for her, this meant that she would only be inside the snake for about 6 hours, especially if I laid it on thick. I coated her bound body with the feeding gel, my hands lingering in some places, rubbing her sex, teasing her but denying her another climax. But all pleasures come to an end, and she was now ready to meet the snake.

Pulling on the cord, the curtains shifted back to reveal the snakes’ enclosure, the snake itself was bumping its nose against the glass, eager to feed on the tasty morsel that was trussed up and waiting for it. Pushing her down onto the floor, her eyes fixed on the snake; she began to plead with me behind the gag to let her go. It was with great delight that I said, “No slave, this is your final punishment.” As I walked over and then opened the door of the snakes' enclosure. The snake wasted no time in slithering out, eager to get it’s latest meal, it had been kept waiting too long and was very hungry by now. Valerie was panicking now that the snake was out of its enclosure, her eyes were wide open in fear, and she was shaking badly, it was lucky that I had bound her so tightly otherwise she would have been trying to get away. 

Jerry was watching transfixed by my actions; he had never seen this side of me, normally I was his little submissive wife, eager to please and give in to his needs, willing to forgo my own pleasure just to satisfy his. Now I had inflicted pain on this woman, tormented her and bound her ready for the snake, he was too stunned to step in and stop what was happening before his eyes.

Now that the snake was by my bound slaves' feet, I walked over and held her down, encouraging the snake to taste her toes, that he would find her a tasty treat. Talking like I would with a pet cat or dog, after all this was my pet and I cared deeply for it, it had brought me hours and hours of wonderful pleasure. The snake seemed to be confused at first, it could smell my scent but there was also this new scent from the bound woman, this was different the snake must have thought as I could see a slight hesitation on its part, but with encouragement from me it soon started to take the offered feet of the bound Valerie, who at this moment couldn’t see the snake only my back as I sat astride her legs offering them up to the snake to eat.

Once the snake had devoured her feet, I moved my body further up and sat on Valerie’s hips, this way she couldn’t see the snake and her movements were limited by the weight of my body holding her down. She was going to become the snakes next meal, and there was nothing in my mind that she could do to stop this. The snake meanwhile had reached her knees; she then felt the inside of the snake with her feet, another wave of panic overrode her; this caused the snake to stop swallowing while its meal calmed down. I moved up and sat on her waist, taking the breath out of her as I did, and telling her to stop moving or else. I reached around and held her nose closed with my hands to demonstrate what I meant by ‘or else’, also pushing down with all my weight on her diaphragm. The momentary struggle for her to breathe with her gagged mouth stopped her in its tracks, she relented, and I eased my fingers from her nose, she could now breathe again.

The snake now satisfied began to swallow more of her legs down, soon it reached her hips, and I knew at this point that it would need to lift her up to ease her hips into its mouth. I stood up and moved aside, the snake sensing that I was out of the way lifted itself up with Valerie firmly in its mouth, at this point she saw just how far the snake had swallowed her, and she passed out from shock. I rushed in to grab her head to stop it hitting the ground; she was all soft and floppy at this moment, which in turn made it easier for the snake to swallow her hips and even her lower abdomen in the same gulp. The snake than lowered her down and moved up towards her breasts, just as she came to the snake again lifted her and began to swallow her soft mounds; each was disappearing inside of the snakes’ mouth. Valerie was incoherent at this point, I don’t think she realised just what feeding herself to the snake had really entailed, it was all too much for her, and again she passed out. 

Now that most of her was inside of the snake and heading down to its stomach, the snake rested, with only the head sticking out. It was at this point my sexual arousal got the better of me, and I remembered the things that Jerry would do to me when I was laying in the exact same position. But his time I wouldn’t be masturbating, that would be too easy I thought, reaching down I unfastened the zipper in the crotch of the latex catsuit, moving the latex material to the sides I then stood over the bound and gagged Valerie. Now recovered from her recent faint, her eyes were wide as I stood over her, she could see the opening between my legs in the suit, the flesh of my sex protruding from the inky blackness of the latex suit. I then started to sit down on her face, lowering ever closer, her fearing that I would do something degrading to her at this moment.

She was surprised when I removed the ballgag and said, “Last chance, be gentle and don’t bite. Now pleasure your Mistress.” And I lowered myself down on her face. I could feel her lips kissing me down below, her tongue then started moving seeking out the little nub of pleasure that is so special only us girls have one. Soon I was gyrating on her face, her tongue pushing me closer and closer. Jerry just couldn’t believe his eyes, here was his wife and his now seemingly ex-lover going at it in front of his eyes, something in his wildest imagination he could only dream about. It was all he could do to focus the cameras on the action unfolding.

Soon I neared my climax; grinding myself down and my hands engaged with my own breasts bringing me ever closer to nirvana, the thought that this woman, my bound captive was doing this to me after all I’d done to her, this was my ultimate revenge on the both of them, this thought sent me over the edge and I came, my fluids gushing out covering her face in a sticky substance, her tongue working to lap up what it could of the fluid, but couldn’t reach everywhere. Satisfied with my orgasm, I eased back from her face, I kissed her on the lips and thanked her. The snake meanwhile had recovered from devouring her breasts and now moved its way further upwards, seeing that I was no longer obstructing its movement, the snake quickly made short work and soon all that was left was Valeries’ head slowly moving into the snake's mouth.

She had the same look of resignation and satisfaction that I sometimes had at this point, she was just snake food now, she had began to realise this and relaxed as the snake continued to swallow her down, the tight confines of the snake's body holding her in place for one last look about the room. And then she was gone, the snake now had swallowed her whole and was just waiting for its meal to move down into its stomach before it would head back to its lair and digest the meal it had just consumed. I felt a pang of jealousy at this moment, and I should be the one inside of the snake, not her, even if she was possibly having sex with my husband, I would still be happier in her place. This was my comfort zone, a place I could get away to and just be free, happy in the knowledge that I was nothing more than food for the snake. The ultimate submissive act on my part to become just a meal, something to satisfy the creature and get some delightful feelings in the process.

Once the snake began to move back into its enclosure, we stopped the video, that was the session now over. I looked at my husband, the shock at what he had just witnessed evident on his face, but also the raging hardon in his pants was also obvious, I walked over and rubbed my hand over the spot, “Seems like you enjoyed the show?” I purred. “Maybe I should do something to relieve you of all that pent up frustration.” I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the sawhorse, I bent over and laying myself face down on the padded bench gave him a look, “Maybe you should tie me up, Master!” I again purred, whilst wriggling my body enticing him. He got the message and bound not only my wrists in the ropes recently vacated by Valerie, but also my ankles, knees and my body; I couldn’t move by the time he had finished. 

“Best gag me too, master,” I said.

The ballgag that Valerie recently wore was shoved in my mouth and the straps tightly fastened behind my head, I heard him moving behind me and felt the sting of the paddle as it hit my presented rear, several swipes with the paddle later I was well warmed up, I was loving this, the tight latex of the catsuit was pressing against my body, the ropes held me tightly bound and available, and the heat was building between my thighs with each slap of the paddle. All too soon he couldn’t resist any longer, and he plundered into the depths of my now well-lubricated sex, driving himself deeper with each thrust, luckily my body was bound to bench otherwise I would have been thrown to the floor with his pounding into me. He was like a man possessed, I came several times, a long rolling climax with each wave merging with the next one. He finally climaxed himself, shooting his cum deep inside my belly.

After he recovered enough to pull out of me, leaving me with that empty feeling I get after good sex, I thought that he would untie me, but he had other plans and once he had recovered enough he managed to repeat the performance only this time plunging deep into my rear, I was still his bound captive, there was nothing I could do to stop him, not that I wanted to, I was enjoying every moment of this. He didn’t take as long, and soon he came inside me, he rested by laying down on top of me pressing me into the padded bench of the sawhorse, the gag still in place. I think that he was reluctant to untie me, not knowing what my reaction would be. But he eventually did so, much to my disappointment, I thought that he’d use me some more, but all good things must come to an end. And soon Valerie would be back out of the snake, best get things cleaned up and cleared away before she re-emerged from the snake, once it had digested all the feeding gel.

I kissed him and said, “Thank you, Master.” Before heading upstairs for a much-needed shower, leaving him to clear away the mess we had created in the basement. I think this again shocked him, the look on his face was priceless, I think he was expecting me to go off at him, but I had decided that I preferred being his submissive wife and would tell him so later,  maybe in bed with my lips wrapped around his cock, the wicked thought sending shivers down my spine. 

Later Valerie re-emerged from the snake; she was still bound when Jerry found her. He released her from the ropes, and she quickly dressed, leaving quickly without having a shower. She told him that while it was good to have fantasies, that sometimes it’s best to leave them as just that. She had had a good time, though she was sore, but she had found out that her fantasy of being swallowed by the snake and experiencing the real thing was not something she ever wanted to repeat. The same though couldn’t be said for the Mistress experience, and she told Jerry that she would be seeking out a female dominatrix in the near future, she also told Jerry that their little affair was over, she told Jerry that she suspected that his wife knew, which I had suspected all along, but in a way didn’t mind, Jerry needed someone when I was away inside of the snake, he’d obviously been lonely and maybe I should tell him, but not right now, we now have a dungeon set up in the basement and I want to get back down there and explore, bound of course as Jerry’s submissive sex toy.


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