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Plant(ed) 5.02 - Expert Makes New Friends

by Baubleheadz

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© Copyright 2008 - Baubleheadz - Used by permission

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Plant(ed) 5.02 - Expert Makes New Friends

The next couple of days I went out and did basically the same thing and every day the urges to go do it again got stronger and stronger. I barely even remembered that at one time I had been disgusted at the idea of being molested by an alien plant, now I was submitting myself to them fondling me daily. My excuse to myself was that it was just a really safe place (safe from human eyes at least) to go sun tanning. After only two days I realized that instead of using my vibrator (which I still used) to disarm the plants ability to suppress the sense of touch, I found that using a military transmitter used to control remote vehicles and such produced more than enough “electrical interference” that I could feel the bulbers all over my body while I sun bathed. Now that I had become more comfortable with the entire process of sunbathing and avoiding the jeep patrols I got a little more daring. I wanted to sunbathe longer than usual so instead of sneaking out of the fence and having to open and close the hole I decided to hide inside the forest just past the charred zone inside the fence, while the patrol Jeep passed.

As I was hiding in the forest for the first time I was met with new challenges and some new friends. My first new friend was this little hoppy plant I had never heard of that seemed to like pussy as much as the bulbers. Thought this plant knew exactly where my pussy was since the entire thing was covered with what I can only assume were eyes, unlike the grouping feeling tendrils of the blind bulbers it went straight for what it wanted. I had been crouched in the forest within the fence, watching the jeep go past when suddenly I felt something “whack” into my ass from below. I almost squealed but I bit my lip. I stood up and turned around and there was this little green bouncing ball which just kept bouncing off of the ground then off of my pubic bone, like a giant soft horny homing bouncy ball. The thing did not have much weight, and it seemed like it might be a bit spongy internally. On the outside its green skin was speckled with grey raised dots.

For some reason I was not even concerned for my safety with this adorable ball plant at my feet so I sat down on the ground and spread my legs, sitting back some. The little thing bounced “cautiously” towards my crotch and nuzzled up against my glued shut pussy lips. “Happily” it “looked” up at me and began to coo softly. It felt nice, having it pressing its nubbly self against my sensitive lips. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the sensation, not even concerned about getting back out to my bulber friends anymore.

That is when I met my second new friend. I felt something on my foot, something cool and soft. It seemed to be “sucking” on my left toe. I felt a strange “pleasure” emitting from all the skin that it touched. Looking at the plant I could only describe its actions as “careful and unsure”. The plant was basically a 5 foot long tube that looked a lot like a flower but more like a really long pitcher plant. Taking a closer look it was almost clear; it had no color to it so it was simply a foggy glass color. The “petals” were so tightly wrapped that they were fused together into one tube. I could see that the “petals” were thick, at least an inch thick or more in places, and the entire plant seemed to be very dexterous. At its base were some leaves that looked strong and thick that came out of the plant at ground level and pressed down on the ground as if to keep its balance in a strong wind. At the base of the “petals” and above these support leaves was a bulb, about the size of a basket ball that was dark green with thin yellow stripes along the edges of the tightly bound leaves that protected this bulb.

As the pitcher plant got more confident it began engulfing my entire foot and it felt fantastic. I can’t explain it, but it was almost like it was generating the pleasure one would feel from clitoral stimulation, except this was coming from my foot and it was much fainter. Having brought all of my stuff with me into the forest to hide it from the eyes of the men in the jeep passing by I had my knife which I went to grab. As I reached for it the pitcher plant slinked back some, almost “sulking”. I slowed my motion down and grabbed the knife, slowly moving it to my stomach so I could hold it close to me, comfortably. The pitcher plant didn’t pull back any more, and continued to slowly massage and suck on my foot, but I noticed that the pleasure had greatly decreased. Meanwhile the bouncy guy, I’ve decided to call “rabbit” just kept nuzzling away, seeming just as “happy” as could be, oblivious to the danger of the knife.

As I watched the pitcher plant, and it decided that I was not going to use the knife on it, it began pleasuring me again and started working its way up my leg to just above my knee. Now that it was at its full reach it sucked hard, holding my leg tight sending a distractingly large surge of pleasure through my leg as it pulled me slowly towards it, forcing “rabbit” to get squashed some until it popped out from under my other leg behind me. Promptly it hopped back to its “happy place” and went back to work nuzzling excitedly. Too distracted by the pleasure, massaging, and sucking slowly inching up my leg towards my crotch I didn’t even really notice “rabbit” all that much now.

The pitcher plant continued its ascent up my leg until it was pressing the right side of its “mouth” against my left pussy lip. “Rabbit” seemed annoyed by this and started angrily trying to push the pitcher plant away. Much larger and stronger than the little “rabbit” plant the pitcher plant pretty much just ignored it and kept moving up my leg, now pressing firmly against my pussy, unable to move any further. Pushed out of the way even more “rabbit” seemed really upset now, and then suddenly everyone kind of just froze.

All three of us, just suddenly stopped, I froze because I didn’t know what I had just “felt”, and the two plants stopped just the way you would expect little kids to stop doing whatever they are doing when a mother yells something at them. What I had felt, to me at least, felt like a warm breeze against my mind, emitted from the somewhere deep in the forest. I could not discern what the feeling was, but ether way it made me stop for a second and listen like I was going to hear something else. Whatever the “noise” was “rabbit” seemed to be most upset, it just hopped softly into the forest in the direction of the “mental wind”, seeming sadder than ever, like mom had just scolded him for trying to steal big brothers toy.

Once rabbit had distanced itself from us the pitcher plant kept on his task as if nothing had happened at all. Now sending pleasure through my entire left leg and directly into my pussy I was feeling really nice. Pitcher plant added to this small bursts, almost “thumps” of pleasure on top of the current constant pleasure it was emitting. That along with the pressure it was exerting as it pushed on my pussy while massaging and sucking on my sensitive leg, inner thigh, and foot I was almost at the point of bliss. Every time I got close to climax the pitcher plant would back off keeping me at the edge, just teasing me. I don’t know if it was just a built in response to my body’s reaction to it, but this teasing seemed sentient to me. Maybe the guys in the lab had never tested one of these for intelligence. My “husband” had never mentioned anything like this plant to me before.

The plant kept bring me closer and closer, learning exactly where my limit lay, though I was enjoying myself immensely there is only so much a woman can take. Sooner or later, if her hands are free a woman is going to have to just do the job herself, so that is exactly what I did. I pressed the button on my vibrators remote and it sang to life, buried inside of my sealed pussy as usual. I enjoyed the sensations for a moment before I started stroking myself. I barely had to touch the area above my clit’s upper shaft and rub it through my skin before I was screaming out in orgasmic bliss.

Only moments later did I realize my folly, if anyone had been anywhere near they surely would have heard me. Luckily for me the patrol was still 5 minutes out, which meant that I had been enjoying the touch of this plant for almost an hour. Wow, does time fly when you are having fun! Now past the last wave of my orgasm the sucking and kneading on my leg was just plain annoying. I tried to push the plant off of me but it seemed quite happy to just keep going. I did notice that the pleasure was greatly diminished also, seems that I have to be a bit horny for it to work effectively. As I began to think about what had happened I started to feel the pleasure returning and realized I was already getting a bit horny again. One more hour of this and I would be late getting home! With renewed vigor I tried to push the plant off, but it had a good hold on me. Remembering its reactions before I brandished my knife and it paused. Bringing my knife towards it menacingly got my point across and it gave me a long squeeze that was either “yes ma’am”, or “thanks for the fun”, maybe both, and slinked back, freeing my leg. Once it let go it put itself back upright and tall, almost like it was proud of itself.

While waiting for the next patrol to pass I checked to make sure that my pussy was still impenetrable from the bulbers. Then I stroked the pitcher plant along its length to thank it, and strode off towards the fence. The bulbers attacked as usual, I could see them, but they really had no effect since I could not feel them. Like every day since the first day I grabbed all of the bulbers that were close enough to touch the fence and cut off their tendrils. I didn’t want the fence alarm going off again.

Making it back home in time to do all the “chores” that would make the house look like I had been in it all day, I settled down to watch some TV while dinner was baking just in time for my “husband’s” arrival. He noticed that I looked tired and wondered if there was anything he could do for me, so I praised him for keeping me abreast of his research and the information about the plants. I told him that his stories were the highlight of my day. By the end of dinner I had told him that I had “heard, at the market, about some species we had never talked of before.” I used this pretext to ask questions about the pitcher plant and the “rabbit” which I found out they call “bouncers” at the lab. He joked and told me that “bouncers where just like most men; preoccupied with vagina, but unable to do much with it.” I asked more about the pitcher plant and he told me that they really had not done much research on it because it didn’t seem to hold much value as a research subject, though they did show mild intelligence, they were not studying intelligence in his lab, right now they were still testing all the known species for emotional responses and trying to figure out how all the plants were linked. After I had probed him enough he mentioned needing to go to sleep for the big day tomorrow, a new species had been found that could sting, though the stinger seemed to have no effect that they could figure out as of yet.

That night instead of dreaming about bulbers like normal I dreamt of my new friend the pitcher plant. I dreamt about walking up to it and it bending its “mouth” slightly and I gave it an open mouth kiss. I drank its nectar which tasted just like honeysuckle. I dreamt about it laying its long body down on the ground and I would lie next to it naked, my body close to its body, throwing one of my legs over it like I would a lover. While I held it close and pressed my cheek against its thick strong flowery folds I felt something touch my ankle within in the dream. Unconcerned I looked down to see a bright yellow tendril wrapping around my ankle slinking sensuously around and around my leg like a snake. As it reached my sex its tip entered me and immediately started fucking me hard and quick, using its hold around my leg for leverage.

As I approached my dream climax I awoke, as usual, in a sweat with a wet spot under me. I had been sleeping flat on my stomach so I raised my hips up and got on “all threes” (which is “all fours” with one hand buried in my crotch). As I fingered myself to orgasm, for just a moment, I imagined being fucked hard from behind by some unknown man with very thick cock, then in that same imaginary moment I felt an imaginary bulber slither up inside of me and started to inflate, making this imaginary hunk behind me fit tighter and tighter in my pussy.

In real life I reached inside and fingered my G-spot while my palm pressed hard into my clit. In the dream the bulber’s pressure was pushing this guy's cock hard into my G-spot until I came in unison with my imaginary lover. As I came down from my orgasm I held my position, doggy style under the sheets, breathing hard, wondering what was happening to me. Only a week ago I was just a bored pretend “housewife”, now I was orgasming at least a couple times a day, some of these orgasms helped along by alien plants and others from dreams about these plants. All of these changes in me must just be cabin fever, I rationalized, and lately I found I was rationalizing a lot!


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