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Plant(ed) 5.03 – Addicted

by Baubleheadz

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© Copyright 2008 - Baubleheadz - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; plant/f; tentacle; outdoors; envelop; mast; mc; toys; cons; X

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Plant(ed) 5.03 – Addicted

After I fed my “husband” breakfast and he went off to work, I began to think about my situation. I had a “new friend” and I knew that if I went to him… well I’m calling the pitcher plant a him because it makes me feel less guilty that I’m thinking of it sexually, even though I know that most flowers are naturally both sexes it just felt better to call him a him. Anyways I knew that if I went back to him that I would just crave it more. I tried to steel myself against going to him but somehow I was drawn back to that forest! I just had to see him one more time, and thinking about him almost as if he were a boyfriend or a lover… That morning, while doing chores to distract myself from thoughts of him, a warm feeling like the idea of going to see a lover that has been distant for a long while, would wash over me whenever I thought of going to his spot in the forest. I was almost even starting to think of “rabbit” as our pet.

While cleaning the tub, wearing only a pair of daisy dukes and a bra I stepped my left foot into the bathtub to get a better reach at the other side and I noticed that my skin looked really healthy. It took me a moment to realize that my left leg had perfect, unblemished skin with no hair stubbles. I stepped back out of the bath and sat down on the toilet to compare my legs to each other. My right leg had a day’s worth of stubble on it and I could see the tiny little scars I had gotten from military training and my usual moles and freckles. Compared to my left leg that USED to have these features also, my right leg looked horrid. The skin even looked shinier, tanner, smoother, silkier and sexier on my left leg.

Leaving my cleaning of the tub half finished I found myself running through the woods behind my house moving towards the forbidden zone. I ran with abandon, knowing that I would not be seen in the forest due to shoddy security in this area. When I reached the fence I took a different tact today, something a little more daring than normal, once I had stripped naked and sealed up my pussy lips for protection from the bulbers I hid my bag of tricks and clothing in the woods outside the fence. Bringing only my knife, watch and kitchen gloves I opened the fence, climbed through, and closed the fence while getting molested by bulbers as usual. I don’t know if these were new bulbers or if the ones I cut each day just grow a new tendril over night, but every morning there are fresh, uncut, bulber tentacles waiting for my arrival.

Walking briskly to the forest inside the fence I left my kitchen gloves hidden immediately inside the forest out of view of the patrols. I knew I was going to spend most of the day here today, I could feel it. Now it was just me, naked except for my watch and my trusty knife. I only had to walk a couple of feet before I found my friend. I walked up to the pitcher plant and touched it experimentally, it moved. It seemed unsure of me and I realized I had the knife dangerously close to it.

Once I sat down on the ground and spread my legs like I had the day before for “rabbit” and held the knife behind me the pitcher plant started to move. It bent down like yesterday and went for my left foot again. I pulled my left foot back and offered it my right foot instead. “You need to even me out mister.” Today seemed to move faster than yesterday, as the plant was already used to me and I was already used to it. I even scooted myself forward so that it would not have to drag me towards it again. Once my entire leg was inside I lay back to just enjoy his touch. I was almost expecting that bright yellow tentacle from my dreams to come out of nowhere and fuck me, but no such thing happened. After about an hour of just writhing on the ground enjoying myself while daydreaming peacefully the pitcher seemed to get a little restless, and it was trying to move my body around some so that it could get my other leg closer.

Realizing that I was not ready to go to “second base” with this plant just yet I brandished my knife and made it back off my leg completely. Instead of being proud it looked sad, I guess it liked when it could help me get off, but I was not ready for that just yet, I still had more to enjoy. I stood up and offered it my hand, sticking my fingers into its “mouth”. This livened it up some and I spent an hour having each arm treated to the same as my legs had. Looking at my legs I realized that the effects must take time because my right leg looked just as bad as it had this morning.

After working on both of my arms I knew that my time here was coming to an end for the day but I wanted to have a little more fun. I wanted to see what it could do to a smaller area. The plant was still sad looking. Unlike yesterday when it stood tall and proud it hung down some. I placed my hand under its “mouth” and picked it up some so I could give it a kiss, like in my dream. Confused the plant started to suck on my nose and began to try to take my face into its grasp. I waved my knife and it backed off looking even more confused. I decided instead to offer it my nipple. The plant seemed reluctant at first but moments later it had spread itself out and was sucking on my breast. After giving it a few minutes to play with my breast, and feeling the most intense pleasure my breast had ever felt I was getting weak in the knees and decided that I better get the other breast done. Swapping breasts the plant had caught on and with no hesitation it planted a big “kiss” on my other breast. Already being weak in the knees I held my ground, wanting my breasts to be “treated” evenly with whatever amazing skin rejuvenation effects this thing had.

Once I was done with the breasts I tried pressing down on its “mouth” and pressing it’s mouth against my clit, hoping I could rub myself off on its petals. Instead it seemed to have no interest in my pussy and only in my feet. It kept bending down further trying to get at them and I kept pulling it back up and pressing it into my sex. Frustrated I finally got fed up with him and I went over and got down into my favorite position, doggy style, and fingered myself with my ass facing him so he could see. Not that I know if plants are into that or not, but either way I was horny and I might as well show off in case it makes him happy. But again he was only interested in my feet. When I came down from my intense orgasm I looked behind me between my legs and he was trying his best to reach a couple inches further to get hold of my toes. When I stood up, so did he, now standing tall, which seemed to just prove my idea that he liked to feel that he helped me to get off.

After having my fun with him I set my knife down on the ground a few feet away and moved up to give him a huge hug. I kissed his firm yet pliable flesh and “thanked” the pitcher plant for its “services” by pressing my body into it, just in case he enjoyed that kind of thing, I know I would have. As I hugged him I felt him start to stir then suddenly a sharp sting on my lower back right on my spine startled me. I swatted at my back and something fell from my skin but it scuttled out of the way before I could get a look at it.

As I religiously checked my pussy to make sure that it was still sealed I found that the glue had not held today, and my bag with the glue was at the other side of the fence. Realizing it didn’t matter since I had my knife I checked my watch for patrol time and started across the field as a sudden light tug from inside of my pussy and I felt more of the glue pull apart. The smart of pain from the pull on the glue made me jump. A bulber had gotten inside of me while I walked and had blown up to about the size of a D battery. This had been larger than the breach in my glue not large enough get a grip inside of my vagina so it had popped out and pulled a larger gash in the glue. From that point I ran across the field and pulled the fence open as fast as possible. I was constantly checking for bulbs and cutting them (must have had over 15 of them get inside of me while I was doing the fence) each one not having even enough time to start inflating. Even with my diligent cutting one of them must have snuck in from above where I could not see and it had gotten a sizable bulb inside of me. As I went to step through the fence a sudden familiar pull inside my gut let me know that I had been caught again but one sweep of my blade and it was loose, water squirting all over coming out of the little filament lodged in my pussy. I sealed the fence back up got my stuff and went for home.

Over dinner my “husband” discussed with me that the stinging plant they had found was a small little bugger that liked to sting somewhere on the spine. It seemed that it enhanced the certain hormonal levels of whoever it stung. It also made the person a little more mentally pliable, almost tipsy. Without thinking I joked that “I must have been stung or something then ‘cause I’ve been so horny lately.”

Shocked I started to laugh in embarrassment and my “husband” started laughing along with me. He offered to check my spine for me and I scolded him in a playful manner for trying to come on to me in my current state of arousal. I warned him not to piss me off or I would masturbate with the cucumbers and carrots before making his next salad. Realizing that I was now beet red from embarrassment, since before this dinner we had never spoken to each other like this, I quickly got up from the table and made haste to clean up from dinner and head to my room. As I moved around the kitchen I became aware of the fact that I had even dressed in tighter skimpier clothing than normal, though I realized that I had not done it for him as much as for myself, it still only managed to add to my embarrassment.


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