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Plant(ed) 5.08 – Expert Seduces

by Baubleheadz

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© Copyright 2008 - Baubleheadz - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; birthing; eggs; M/f; sex; oral; anal; mc; cons; X

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Plant(ed) 5.08 – Expert Seduces 

My Queen’s commands to seduce my “husband” practically fell on deaf ears. Not because I was planning on refusing her, but because I was daydreaming of how I was going to do it the entire time she spoke. I was happy to be home resting on the couch at last after a grueling day of dragging around what felt like 50 lbs of eggs in my womb and ass, standing naked in the lake waiting for the “glue” to loosen up so I could “birth” the eggs, and getting home to cleaning myself up and trying to get the last bits of the now liquefied glue out of my body.

On one hand I was anticipating my husband’s arrival; on the other hand he was home too early. I stood up from the couch figuring I would take a moment to figure out what kind of mood he was in, but he didn’t afford me that time. Coming in the door, breathing hard his eyes focused to the dim light of the living room. As soon as he saw me his eyes focused and he moved to me with such speed that when he held me close and pressed his rock hard cock against my stomach and kissed me deeply I simply went a bit limp in the knees. He used his powerful body to hold me up for only a moment before he forcefully pushed me down on the couch.

My “husband” wasted no time and he had my long skirt up covering my face in a split second and he found that I had no panties on. As quickly as he had pulled my skirt up he had his pants down and his shirt off and was now pressing his entire body into mine pinning my upper body to the couch with his hard powerful chest. Without a thought my body responded to his presence on its own accord, as I raised my hips into him he pressed home and we found ourselves pressed together deeply in one thrust.

Once he was in me he just pressed his body hard against mine, preventing any further movement from my lustful hips. He breathed hard and just rested his chin on my shoulder. As his breathing slowed he seemed to snap out of a trance as he seemed to realize where he was and what he was doing. With a sudden sound of shock he tried to get up off of me but I had anticipated this a moment earlier and I had grabbed him so tightly with my legs and arms that there was no escaping my grip.

Still in shock my “husband” doubled his efforts to release himself from me and he pushed up from the couch with tremendous force trying to dislodge me. He only managed to lift me off the couch. I felt like some kind of tentacle plant latched onto its prey ready to take from its victim what it wanted. Now standing with me still impaled now even deeper on his enormous manhood I begged him to fuck me.

“No, an officer… uhh.. must.. not… uh… what are you doing…UHH… to me?”

A little surprised at his question myself I paused and found that my vagina was pulsing and squeezing him all on its own, it seemed there were more surprises left in my part-plant part-human body. “You will either give me what I desire or I will TAKE it from you.” I threatened him.

Only giving it a moment’s thought he lowered us back onto the couch and began pounding my tiny body below his without a care for my comfort. It didn’t take either of us long before we were both in the fits of passion and closing in on our simultaneous climaxes.

Finding myself still on the couch, limp, legs spread lewdly, dripping cum from my folds onto the soft couch below me I realized that I must have passed out. Looking around the room I found my “husband” sitting on the recliner sleeping soundly. I saw his hard naked body glistening softly with sweat from the light from the kitchen. I could see his cock still hard still covered in our mixed fluids, I went over to him and took his cock deep into my mouth. As his pubic hairs once again tickled my nose I held my breath and just sucked on him holding him fully into me. As he stirred I saw a look in his eyes of confusion, then he sighed as I started pumping his cock in my throat.

“I don’t understand this, I’ve already cum 4 times, you passed out the first time, and I could not help myself, I was so horny that I fucked you 3 more times while you were out cold. It’s like someone gave me some Viagra and Spanish fly, I just can’t get rid of this hard-on and I want to fuck every woman I see. I’m so sorry I took advantage of you.”

Un-impaling my mouth from him I replied, “Do I look upset? Let me help you try to solve this problem.” I smirked at him just before taking him into my throat again.

Not even taking the time to remove me from him he stood up and I backed up some on the floor, sucking hard on him, not wanting to lose my toy.

My “husband” now standing with me kneeling at his feet impaled on his cock he grabbed my head and started face fucking me. Moments later he grunted another load of hot cum into the back of the throat. Then he just left me there on the floor, licking a little bit of cum that escaped off of my lips. He went to the kitchen and took a huge gulp of milk right from the jug without regard to the house rule of using a cup. I snuck up behind him, reached around while he was taking another swig of milk and grabbed his cock. Milk shot out of his nose.

“Damnit every time I look at you, or you touch me, I just can’t control myself, you are going to get another fucking right here.”

He spun around grabbed me, spun me around, and pushed me forward into the island counter. He grabbed my hair with his free hand and pressed my face down onto the countertop and stuck a finger in my now exposed my sex. As he pressed his dick into my pussy he poured most of the rest of the milk from the jug all over my back, soaking my hair. After a few strokes he said, “Here you deserve this…”

He pulled out of me and pressed his huge cock into my anus. I expected it not to fit, and I expected tremendous pain as his lust caused him to force it in anyways but it slid in without even a tinge of pain. Smoothly he rammed into me pressing me hard into the cold granite counter top, as he drank the last drop of milk from the jug. I wondered if he would cum in my ass or if he would make me finish him off with my mouth, but I didn’t have to wait long as I felt his cock start to expand with the coming orgasm. Using the entirety of his weight he pressed my thighs hard into the counter as he unloaded into my ass. I expected him to let me up but he just continued to hold my milk soaked hair, breathing hard behind me he started to talk.

“Do you know how hard it was for me at work today? I don’t know what is happening to me! I’m afraid that if I go to the infirmary they would box me and send me to quarantine! All day I had this raging hard-on and even the cloth of my underwear threatened to get me off. Thank god there are no women working at the lab or I probably would have raped someone. All day flashes of sexual encounters appeared in my mind. All day the dreams I’ve had about fucking you flooded my thoughts. Being alone in this house with you I have always wondered what you looked like naked, how you tasted, how tight your ass was, but never did I think that I would have you... ”

“I’m an Officer first, or I used to be at least. Lately though it has been harder and harder. Every evening at the table you just seem to exude sex, you smell of sex, you look like sex; you look like you are thinking of sex. Every night you scream in your sleep, not screams of terror, but hard banging orgasms. You keep me awake wondering what you are doing in there. And every day I have to work in the lab with these plants that are almost all designed to fuck women, I dream about them at night, I dream of being one of them, of charging into your room while you masturbate and fucking you as only a plant could. And now look at you, impaled on my cock still twitching from orgasm, mine to have. You broke my will and now I will break you.”

I figured since he was talking so dominantly, and I know that he is very much of an alpha male that I would just submit myself to him completely now.

“How do you want me… my master…?”

The sultry way that I said it, while being held down by his force and held immobile by the stiffness inside of me, seemed to throw him off some, I guess he thought that he would have to dominate me, but here I was giving myself to him like my Queen had told me.

My “husband” pulled my hair so that I was now standing and he stepped back from the counter literally dragging my feet across the floor by nothing more than my hair and the stiffness of his cock standing straight up inside of me. Once away from the counter he released my hair and bent down some to grab my thighs. With shear muscle he lifted me up and carried me, impaled, up the stairs bouncing me up and down his shaft as we went.

When we got to my room he carried me to my bed and threw me off of him onto it.

“Clean yourself up, and stay in your room, I don’t want to see you or hear you, I need to think.”


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