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Plant(ed) 5.07 – Expert Courier

by Baubleheadz

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© Copyright 2008 - Baubleheadz - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; Plant/f; insertion; implant; eggs; outdoors; mc; cons; X

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Plant(ed) 5.07 – Expert Courier

After my “husband” had left for work and I had cleaned up from breakfast I went up to his room and found the door left partly open. I went inside and found everything in the room covered with a super fine dusting. Realizing that my “husband” would notice, if he had not already, I started cleaning his room, careful not to disturb anything.

Knowing that I could probably enjoy this dust again, being a bit horny from daydreaming about my “husband’s” hard-on this morning, and being a bit hornier because of the lingering dust in the air in his room I decided to work on his room naked. I might as well enjoy the work if I have to do it, right? I used a finger to sweep some dust off of his dresser and applied it to my nipples, immediately I realized that that was a bad idea and I was immediately glad that I had not done that to my clit… yet… I had work to do.

To add a little fun to my life I decided to save as much of the dust as I could so that I could enjoy this stuff later. I selected my favorite sexy baby doll lingerie and 10 of my favorite sexiest lacy panties and bras from my room. I started with the panties and bras and used the crotches and cups of them to do the dusting. As a panty or bra became inundated with the fine dust I placed it into a plastic baggy. The last item I dusted with was the baby doll lingerie I dusted with every part of it so that the entire thing was covered and then I did an extra dusting with the cups of the bra part of it. I figured that these would be great tools for later.

On a whim I opened up my “husbands” drawers and found a pair of his underwear and a pair of his socks, I was slightly wierded out that he had folded and stacked his underwear, but this would work out in my favor. I dusted lightly with the inside of his underwear so that I figured it would be just barely noticeable then I placed the underwear back on top of the pile in his drawer. I flipped one of the socks inside out and got as much dust on it as it would hold, turned it back right side in and stowed it in a baggy. Still having half the room to dust I dusted the room with a pair of my pantyhose, a pair of thigh high stockings, and finished off the room by using a big fluffy towel. Realizing he would know if I cleaned his sheets I had no choice but to leave them untouched, too bad for him really, good for me.

After the cleaning was done I found it hard to resist touching my clit with my dusty hands then fingering myself off in the shower. As the dust washed off of my body it left behind a slight tingling sensation that was almost too much to ignore, but I needed to get on with my day. Third shower of the day and it was not even noon!

I traveled through the woods and found the hole in the fence passed through it and continued on into my Queen’s forest. I walked past my pitcher plant and gave it a hug and a little stroke before passing it by and going towards the last place I had seen my Queen. When I got to her clearing she was nowhere to be found. Instead there was a “rabbit” waiting for me. As it bound off into the forest I followed it to another new clearing where my Queen awaited me.

“Be naked this day before your queen.” As I stripped she continued speaking, obviously reading my mind. “My child, you must understand that I must change my location often. You will always find a “rabbit” in any clearing that I am not currently at. They will always lead you to me my dear. Today you will be going on another mission.”

As she spoke these last words she flicked her wooden finger and something stirred behind me. I looked and there was nothing, then I saw it, a small plant totally buried in the ground save its bulbous upper body and its thick tentacles. This was a totally new species to me. This plant was not interested in foreplay like all the other plants I had come to love. It reached out and grabbed my wrists and upper thighs. Picking me off the ground like nothing more than a rag doll it pulled me towards it and held me over its body doggy style. Then it pulled my arms between my knees forcing my head down over its bulb almost upside down.  It wasted no time to shove a thin clear tube into my mouth and is started quickly depositing egg sized white globes into my mouth.

“Moronic plant!” The Queen said. “The other end you idiot!”

As my Queen spoke the plant jerked the tube out of my mouth and roughly set me down on the ground next to it so that now my sex was positioned above its egg depositor instead of my mouth. I could taste the slime that covered the eggs in my mouth and it was terrible. With the force that the plant had set me down most of the eggs had popped out of my overstuffed mouth and I had to force the last eggs out with my tongue.


Distracted by the eggs in my mouth I had almost completely missed the speed at which the plant had filled my womb and vagina up with eggs and was now filling my ass with more of these white globes. I could feel the slime on my face and in my mouth hardening into what felt like soft rubbery substance, my stomach felt like I was pregnant and my ass was about to burst when I heard my queen speak.

“My child you will carry these eggs into town for me, they must be kept warm in transport and your body suits that purpose well. Your plant altered body is more resilient and stretchy so you will find that you can transport all of your new babies without trouble, though you will look pregnant. I suggest you don’t let yourself be seen since there are no pregnant women in town. You will find that the eggs will not slip out of you until it is time thanks to the glue that is hardening and securing them within your belly right now. When you get to town you will deposit our children into the lake. These are mobile aquatic plants and I have no other way to get them to their watery home than to use your body. Take care of our children and I will reward you well. Once you are done I would like you to tend to your “husband” tonight, you will submit yourself to him completely and do anything to please him. Soon enough you will know my plans, and he too will be our plaything and slave to my whims. For now though, you will be his plaything and a slave to his whims. Three nettle stings and the effects of that dust should be more than enough to ensure that you can seduce him without effort. He will not refuse you. You can seduce him however you please, and you can enjoy him however he pleases, but you must do one thing, you must delve into what you call ‘bondage’ with him over the next week.”

As the queen spoke to me she had been interjecting images of what she expected of me into my mind. The bondage image seemed to burn the deepest into my mind.


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