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Prey for your Life

by Kaol

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© Copyright 2012 - Kaol - Used by permission

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Part One

Christina lay in bed, staring up at the ceiling fan as it made slow, lazy circles above her. “Hemmin, hemmin, hemmin,” it seemed to say to her in its perpetual hum. “Hello, Mr. Ceiling Fan,” she murmured. “How easy life is for you. How easy, how predictable. Last year at this time you were spinning above me, not a care in the world. I lay here looking up at you and was much the same. Tomorrow you will still be spinning here, going around, and around, and around, your place in the world assured, but I…”

Christina bit her lip and was unsuccessful in stopping a solitary tear from sliding down her left cheek. A moment later several more followed suit. She laughed a little at this, as tears, laughter, and the simultaneous combination of the two were no strangers to her. “Life is…” and she stopped herself mid-sentence. Yes. What was life, exactly? Joyous? Amazing? Exciting? Erotic? Oh god, yes. All those and an infinite number of other adjectives. As for herself, however, Christina knew, life was mostly… over.

Her thoughts drifted back to a month ago and that moment in her oncologist’s office. Daniel was sitting there beside her, his hand in hers, probably more anxious and worried than she was regarding the meeting. His face was composed to try to cover this, but Christina knew him far too well for him to hide his anxiety from her. Besides, that was always his way, expecting the worst. The doctor had called the day before, asking to see her to go over her test results. He automatically assumed it meant the worst thing ever and insisted he would attend with her. She, on the other hand, assumed it simply meant the doctor wanted to go over the test results.

Dammit if Daniel wasn’t right for a change. “Mrs. Schreiber, this is never easy for me, but your results came back quite conclusively. You’ve clearly got an advanced pancreatic cancer.” She continued talking then, but Christina suddenly couldn’t hear much, as she stared into her doctor’s concerned eyes. Cancer. Fuck. She had secretly suspected as much. Hoped she’d be wrong. Hoped Daniel’s pessimism was rubbing off on her. Now it was obvious: the pain, the weight loss (she just thought she’d been extra good lately), it all made sense. She forced herself to tune back in. Fine. She had cancer. It wasn’t the first time she had faced a challenge. It wouldn’t be the last, if she had her say.

“How long?” she heard Daniel ask, a question in his voice as if he misheard and the doctor had made some error.

Dr. Parvel leaned back in her chair slightly, her dark lips pursed. “I hate to ever say. We can be so wrong about such things. But people always want to know. In cases as advanced as yours, Mrs. Schreiber, what I have seen and observed…” she paused. “I think you have two, maybe three months left at the best. With treatment, of course, we can extend that further, maybe six months to a year.”

“What?” Christina gasped, feeling as if she had been sucker punched. “You mean I have two months to a year to live? That’s it? That’s all?”

Dr. Parvel shook her head sadly, and for the first time was unable to meet their eyes. “I swear I wish I could tell you something better. I know you want me to tell you about a miracle cure, and you may go elsewhere looking for one, but I would be wasting your time by promising you any or offering you an illusion of healing that doesn’t exist. I mean, we can aggressively treat this if you choose, but the outcome will be the same. It’s a matter of quality of life and what you are willing to do to simply stay alive. Please believe me when I say I would give anything to say otherwise. I do not want to take away hope, but your prognosis is as grim as it gets. I feel you would be better served making use of the time you have left and not wasting it looking for a cure that does not exist.”

Christina wiped her tears away and rolled over to her right, back in the present, staring at the empty space where Daniel had lay beside her hours before. She could still smell his scent; see the indentation in the sheets from where his body had been. Her left hand reached out and touched the sheets and stroked them as if she was stroking her husband’s body. There were times where she was uncertain who her illness had been harder on, her or him. She loved him so much, and at that thought, her tears began flowing again. It was that love that made leaving this life so terribly hard. If only they were miserable together, it might have been a blessing to have an early exit from this planet so neatly arranged. But their love still burned so bright, was so, so tangible almost. It wasn’t just that her dying felt wrong, but ending this love prematurely seemed like a cosmic error.

Glancing down at herself, Christina didn’t think she resembled a dying woman. Yet, she knew the truth. She was not dying. She was dead and simply marking time. It had been a tough decision. After leaving the doctor’s office, she had made, somewhat with Daniel’s input, but largely on her own, the decision to forgo any but the most minimal of treatments. She didn’t want to spend her last days losing her hair, vomiting into a toilet, bedridden and longing for an end to her torment. What would be the point in living a few extra months like that? She would go on her terms if she had to go. Die young and leave a good-looking corpse, wasn’t that the saying?

The following five weeks had been amazing. Daniel had made sure of that. She kept trying to get him to be smart, think of the future. He would get that glare in his eyes when she said that, both angry and sad, and she would fall silent. “I don’t much worry about the future right now," he said, his voice coming from deep in his chest. “Let me worry about that. The now is far more important.”

And so she had done her best to do so. Therefore, in the last 30 days they had spent two weeks traveling through Europe, spending one entire week in France. Upon their return, they had swung through Florida and spent a week in Orlando. For the past week they had been visiting all their favorite haunts in their home town; that and making love like there was no tomorrow, which she thought was not just a metaphor for them. The pain meds the doctor prescribed took care of her discomfort the majority of the time, at least at first. Unfortunately, the pain was growing and they were effective less and less so, particularly in the past week. She had begun doubling up on her dose recently. She knew that wasn’t a good sign, but she also knew that was to be expected. She didn’t have much time left.

Christina was nude and began running her hands over her body under the sheets. She was somewhat on the thin side due to her illness now, but was by no means wasting away. She had primarily lost weight she had inadvertently allowed to collect over the past 7 years. It was particularly pleasing to her that her breasts had not diminished in any substantial way. A long standing joke between her and Daniel was that it wasn’t clear in all their years together who of the two of them enjoyed big breasts more. Christina still wasn’t sure who the winner would be on that. She wouldn’t classify herself as a lesbian by an means, and bisexual only in the most superficial way, but she found women, and breasts in particular, beautiful and amazing to look at. While her own breasts weren’t necessarily big, for natural breasts, (at least by her standards) they were above average. She had fancied getting implants in the next year or two, but like so many future plans, they were not to be.

Christina’s fingernails tapped at her nipples and they instantly perked up like the ears of a puppy hearing the approach of their master. She smiled, the sensation momentarily taking her away from her dark reverie. Inhaling deeply, she let her left hand play with her right nipple while her right crept down her belly towards the flower that Daniel repeatedly stated was the most beautiful he had ever seen. He would often go on to repeat it was also the most beautiful he had tasted. A twinkle would appear in his eye then, and he’d continue, “but as for it being the best smelling… well, two out of three ain’t bad darling.”

She giggled at the memory and then sighed as her fingers slid between her thighs. Christina had long been a woman with a great love, perhaps even need, of sexual gratification. Her recent circumstances had not diminished this whatsoever. If anything, her libido had been amplified, as if she now felt she had to compress decades of love making into one month. Bless his heart, Daniel had been more than willing to ‘rise’ to the occasion, though she suspected he’d had to get some pharmaceutical help a few times.

Christina thought then of what her day held in store and felt a peculiar but heady combination of fear and arousal. She was still sticky from Daniel’s lovemaking that morning, and found herself becoming wet again as she remembered the feeling of him moving within her, and then thought of her plans for today. Her body quickly responded to these thoughts and her own expert touch. She felt naughty as she worked herself slowly up to a more excited state. She embraced that feeling. She loved being naughty, and she also knew that the number of orgasms she likely had left in her could be counted on one hand, the hand that was perhaps so expertly… working… on… her. She was going to die today, Christina thought, but dammit if it wouldn’t be amazing!

Thirty minutes later, sweaty, Christina climbed out of bed. She pondered taking a shower, but then decided against it. She thought the scents coming off her would probably be a good thing, and certainly wouldn’t hurt. She did pause in the bathroom to run a brush through her long brown hair and then clean her teeth, however. Smelling like a wild animal was one thing. She had no intention of looking like one.

She considered getting dressed, but then decided against this as well. Christina had long been comfortable with nudity, particularly her own, and there was no one here to shock by skipping getting dressed today. Besides, it would probably be better for Dahlia if she embraced her au naturel. As she considered this, she stopped to remove her jewelry, setting it carefully on the sink. She shivered as she heard the click of her earrings on the marble. Her sudden chill was not from the morning air. She was more responding to anticipation. Christina knew that what lay ahead was what she had chosen. She also knew that of all the people she knew, only Daniel would possibly ‘get it’, and so she had not discussed her decision with any of her other friends or family. They would have probably put her in a psych ward, actually. Christina smiled wryly at the thought of being placed in a strait-jacket and then giggled, as the thought actually turned her on a bit. At any rate, she would have agreed with them if she had seriously entertained these plans two months ago. However, two months ago, when she thought she was healthy, her day’s agenda would have been crazy. Now, with perhaps at best days left on her life calendar, the crazy factor seemed, well, if not entirely absent, not quite so large.

Christina stared at herself in the mirror; her long brown hair was straight and flowed halfway down her back. Her dark brown eyes stared back at her reflection intently, yet with an assurance as if wanting to calm the voices which might question her choices. If she had done what her family wanted, she likely would still be standing here two months from now. Of course, she’d be hunched over, palsied and bald, but she’d be standing here. Christina forced her old smile on her face, and seeing it there in the mirror, it quickly became real and unforced. Daniel always went on about how amazing her smile was. He wasn’t the first person who had said so. But he was the one she most believed. If she didn’t make today a ten, she’d never get another chance.

Walking down the stairs, she noticed it was quiet in the house. The TV wasn’t on, and no sounds were coming from the computer. The only sound was the creaking of the wood as she descended to their first floor. She stepped off the stairs and turned the corner into the kitchen. Daniel was nowhere to be seen. Christina nodded inwardly. He’d be with Dahlia, certainly, getting things set up for them. There was no set timetable. It really was entirely up to her. They could even cancel if she wanted. And she had considered it for the briefest of moments. She was not crazy. She didn’t want to die. Yet it kept coming back to that, didn’t it? She WAS going to die. That wasn’t up for debate. If she did nothing, she would be dead within the next two to three days, she estimated. She was going to die in pain. These were not choices for her. These were ice cold facts.

Her only choice was if she would passively await it or meet it head on under her own terms.

Christina grimaced and her knees gave way as a wave of pain hit her, harder than most. She grabbed onto a bookcase to support herself and winced, hissing. Her knuckles whitened as she squeezed the fiberboard shelving and waited for the pain to retreat to a more manageable level. Shakily she exhaled a long breath of air. Fuck. She was definitely going to die. And if this was just the beginning of the pain she could be expecting, then she would just as soon miss the climax, thank you very fucking much.

Gritting her teeth, she stumbled across the room to the sink. Grabbing a vial of her OxyContin and twisting it open, she dropped two into her hand. With a glass of water she washed them down and grimaced. Once one of these little babies would have knocked her on her ass. Now two made her slightly woozy at most. More importantly they kept the pain down to a mild level and made her feel acceptable. She glanced down at the vial and shrugged, dropping two more into her palm. Her doctor wouldn’t approve, but it wouldn’t kill her she didn’t think. Not that it mattered much. Besides, if there was a time to diminish her capacity to feel pain, now was most definitely the time. Washing them down with the remaining glass of water, Christina stared out at their back yard. She was scared. But she also felt okay. Dying was scary to most rational beings. Christina counted herself among their number. She suspected at the end she would fight pointlessly to stay alive, because that was what living creatures did. But she also knew that it was going to be okay. One way or another, in a few more hours, there would be no more pain.

It only took a few more minutes until Christina began feeling the meds kick in, and not surprisingly, much stronger than usual. A lazy, somewhat stoned grin spread across her features, and large portions of both her pain and fear seemed to be swept away on a wave of the chemicals bubbling through her bloodstream. Smiling, she stood up and shook her shoulders as if casting off a heavy cloak. She thought of what awaited her and her grin broadened. Hell, yes. She would exit this life as she had lived it, with her own unique style and vision.

Walking down the basement stairs, she called out, “Daniel, you down here?”

“Yeah,” he responded. She paused at the sound of his voice. God. She loved his voice. She would miss that. Would miss him so much. She pushed those thoughts aside. No need going down that road. She’d worn a rut in it already the past month.

She stopped at the bottom of the stairs and saw him sitting on a stool by the entrance to Dahlia’s enclosure. They’d had the enclosure professionally built four years ago and it took up almost a third of the basement, about 15 feet deep and 30 feet wide and stretching to the ceiling. It was designed and constructed by a company that generally did work for zoos, as they wanted a comfortable and safe environment for Dahlia. The front was largely reinforced glass, with occasional steel support beams. The inside resembled something of a faux-jungle, with a fabricated concrete tree with long branches painted to look natural. There was a ten by five bathing pool inset into the ground along the back wall, and that same back wall had a photomural of a dark, primordial jungle. They could have included more items to make it more like Dahlia’s natural habitat, but they wanted to be able to see Dahlia, so they didn’t want it too realistic.

Christina’s pulse accelerated as she walked up behind Daniel. He was staring into the enclosure and hadn’t turned around at her voice. She could only imagine what thoughts must be going on inside that head of his. She wrapped her arms around his strong upper body, pressing her naked breasts into his back. Resting her chin on his shoulder, which she could only do thanks to his being seated, she whispered, “I love you.”

“I love you,” he whispered back, but his voice was tight.

Looking past him into the enclosure, Christina tried spotting Dahlia. She wasn’t hard to miss. She had recently shed her skin, and looked shiny and beautiful, her dark mottled skin reflecting the artificial lighting. Dahlia was more active than usual as well, and Christina wasn’t sure if that was good news or bad news. Christina’s gaze followed the movements of the large, reticulated python as it fluidly moved down the tree and towards its water hole. In the past, Christina had spent hours down here just watching the enormous snake. Grabbing a book and curling up on the couch, she would watch it move from place to place, or, more commonly, huddle motionlessly. They seemed to have an unspoken connection between the two of them and Christina felt the large snake appreciated her company, even though others might not be able to recognize it. There had been many times when Christina had been tempted to take her book into the enclosure to keep Dahlia company, but Daniel had angrily insisted that would be a very stupid idea. They had no way of knowing for sure, but Daniel estimated Dahlia was currently between twenty-five to thirty feet in length, and easily weighed over 300 pounds. Friendly as she seemed to be, Daniel insisted, you wouldn’t want to be in there alone with Dahlia.

And yet, soon she would be.

* * * *

Part of the reason the two of them owned Dahlia is that along with simply finding such animals beautiful and amazing, they also had a somewhat grim fetish about them. Early on they were extremely satisfied and rewarded to discover they shared fantasies about what it would be like to be attacked and swallowed by such a snake. The odds of the two of them sharing this obsession seemed astronomical at the time, but they simply took it as further proof of how destined they were to be together. By the same token, they weren’t insane, and had recognized such desires to be fantasies, neither of them being of a strong suicidal bent. Yet, with Dahlia, they had been able to role-play some of these fantasies over the years. When Dahlia was well fed, she was not generally a big risk. With the two of them there, they had been able to play act as if they were being attacked by the large snake, taking turns begging to be saved by the other one. They had taken hundreds of photos, hours of videos from these encounters.

In addition, they had enthusiastically fucked each other’s brains out following many of these sessions, often with Dahlia still cozied up alongside them. About 18 months ago, however, Daniel had issued a moratorium on such games. Dahlia was just getting too damn big. While she had never shown any annoyance with their including her in their play acting, and had never shown any desire to make it more realistic, Daniel had enough trouble managing the large snake’s bulk that he felt discretion was the better part of valor. He was no longer convinced that even the two of them could manage the giant constrictor if she should decide it was time to make their fantasy a reality.

Yet Daniel often looked longingly at Dahlia and said that if he had to go, that was the way he would want to go. To fight to the death with a creature like that and then become part of the food chain, he often said with a dreamy look in his eye, that would be his choice if he had one. He knew it was crazy, he told her, but he just would love to be swallowed completely by such a giant beast. Better to dissolve in the belly of such a wonder of nature than to rot in some coffin.

These words had later come back to Christina as they had driven back from the doctor’s office last month. While she had never voiced these same sentiments, she did share the same fantasies. She had simply been too practical to want to take it all the way. It was one thing to imagine being squeezed to death and eaten by a snake. It was another thing to actually do it. You could have the fantasy over and over. You could have the reality only once. Christina had too much to live for to want to experience the reality.

Now that had all changed and she had started thinking. It wasn’t an immediate choice; it wasn’t as if the doctor said, “you have cancer,” and she thought, “excellent, now I can feed myself to Dahlia!” However, the certainty of her approaching death was enough to get her thinking, and she had stopped Daniel from feeding Dahlia that night when they got home, offering no explanation. Daniel was somewhat annoyed with her, as Dahlia was eating full size pigs at this point, and he had recently purchased one from a farmer and had it staked out in their backyard. They lived back against some woods in a fairly rural area, so neighbors wouldn’t complain soon, but he didn’t want to turn their home into a farm. However, after the news she had received, he really didn’t feel in the mood to deny her, so Dahlia was not fed. The python was already overdue for feeding by about 2 weeks, and while hungry she was in no danger of starving. However, if Christina decided on following up with her plan, she would want Dahlia famished.

While they made plans for their last trips together, Christina made plans as well. After about 4 days she could not put it off any longer and told Daniel of her idea. To her surprise, he was not as dismissive or angry as she had anticipated. In fact, as they discussed it, she could see quite an opposite reaction coming from the center of his boxers. A wicked grin had crossed her features then. “You evil man,” she giggled. “You are turned on by the thought of your loving wife being eaten by a snake, aren’t you?” Her head moved down to his lap and she quickly freed his own snake from its enclosure, and while no rival for Dahlia in size, it was no slouch either, especially at the moment. “Hmm, well maybe for pre-revenge I will be the one eating a snake.” She laughed, and then soon said no more, her mouth otherwise pleasantly occupied.

Later, they had talked about it more seriously, and he admitted he would be a hypocrite if he tried talking her out of such a plan. He likely would be making similar plans were their roles reversed. Daniel had sold the pig back to the farmer, at a loss, and they decided that Dahlia could go a little hungry for a while during their travels. They both felt somewhat guilty about this, as they knew Dahlia had to be quite hungry by now, but they also knew big snakes could go long times between meals and that no actual harm would come to her. Besides, if Christina went through with this, Dahlia would be getting more than compensated meal-wise. On the other hand, if Christina changed her mind, they could always feed her when they got back home. No harm, no foul.

Christina had not changed her mind. Her final act had been on her mind daily, if not hourly, during their past month together. She knew what it felt like to feel Dahlia on her skin, but what would it feel like to have those coils wrapped around her, meaning business? Typically when she held Dahlia in the past, the snake was more interested in exploring elsewhere, and it was a battle to keep the snake wrapped about her at all. What would it be like if the opposite were true, and Dahlia refused to let go? She imagined feeling those thick coils tightening around her, imagined Dahlia treating her not as its owner, but as prey. She would then go on to imagine what it would be like if Dahlia didn’t actually kill her before beginning to eat her. She knew this was almost impossible as giant constrictors typically made certain their prey was dead before devouring them, but it was not out of the realm of possibility. There were exceptions and she had seen videos on the internet of still-living creatures being swallowed by these large snakes. She would instantly sense her pussy getting wet at the thought of feeling herself starting the inevitable slide down the large reptile’s gullet, to be conscious and yet experiencing herself becoming food. Simply playing these thoughts through her mind like a home movie would result in soaked panties in mere minutes, and she would routinely need to either fuck Daniel senseless, or if he was not around, find the nearest isolated locale and take care of business on her own.

Christina was aware that her fantasies did not include the pain aspect of this whole encounter, but pain was no longer a stranger to her. Pain was part of everyday life and was no longer something she could avoid. Pain would by necessity be part of this experience, but while in the past she could avoid it, that… well, that was in the past. This would hurt, but damn, would be a colossal turn-on too. She would not be at all surprised if she did orgasm sometime during the process. In fact, she would be heartily disappointed if she didn’t. If the fantasy could make her cum, might not the reality only amplify that?

“You sure about this?” Daniel asked after a moment, breaking into her thoughts.

“I’m sure, darlin’. Are you okay with it? I won’t go through with it if you say no.” Christina said. She meant it too. She was sure, but if it would upset him too much, she would step away from it.

Daniel turned to face her then and she could see that he had been crying earlier. “Oh baby,” she murmured and pulled his head to her bare bosom. His large arms enfolded her and he buried himself in her softness. “I’m gonna miss you so much,” his muffled voice said. She could feel his tears, hot, against her skin.

Christina stroked his blonde hair as she held him there, offering what little comfort she could. Oddly, she took strength from his sadness, determined to be strong while he was weak. Their relationship had long been that way, each of them taking turns shoring up the other. “Hush, hush,” she said in a singsong tone. She could offer him no platitudes, no reassurances that it would all be all right. Her days of lying to this man had vanished over the horizon. She would not take her exit from him by stepping back on that road. “If I have to go, I think this will be an amazing way,” she said softly.

He pulled away, his jaw jutting out as he struggled, pulling his emotions back in. Daniel nodded. “You are the most amazing woman I have ever known.”

“You’re just saying that because I’m willing to make one of your fantasies come true,” she laughed.

He did not smile back at her. “You are my fantasy come true. I’d give anything if I was stepping in there and you were standing out here.”

Christina gently rubbed the remaining tears into his skin as she gazed down, perhaps for the last time, at the man she so loved. “I know, darlin’. You don’t even have to say that. I know. And you know as well that I’m glad it’s me instead of you.”

“Well, I will grant you it’s gonna be a helluva lot sexier with it being you instead of me,” he said, regaining some of his sense of humor.

Christina laughed and glanced over at the three video cameras he had placed around the enclosure at various angles. With those three, plus the two installed in the corners of Dahlia’s enclosure, he planned on filming the events. While she had given him permission to share them with others later, he wasn’t sure about that at this point. Doubtless there would be scientists and kinky folk alike who would be mesmerized by the video, but it could be risky to release. They were both concerned that he might face some criminal charges related to what was about to take place, but they didn’t really see how the authorities could do much to him. He wasn’t actually doing anything. He simply wasn’t stopping her. They knew someone would probably try to make him an accessory, but Daniel didn’t seem too worried. “Let ‘em take their shot,” he said. She could make him leave and assure he would have an alibi, but he refused that suggestion and she was glad he did. Even if she were dying in a way of her own choosing, it would be scarier to do so alone. With Daniel here it would be like having him at her bedside, and she wanted him close at the end. Even though she expected to be preoccupied, it was important to her that he be here with her.

“So this is it then,” Daniel said, standing up and taking her into his arms. He towered over her, at 6’3” he was over a foot taller than her. It was also a reason why this fantasy could realistically never take place for him. There were very few authenticated accounts of snakes eating humans, and when they had been verified, they generally involved, women, children, or adolescents. There had not been a snake yet found that could swallow a man of Daniel’s size. Christina, at 5’2” and 115 pounds, was another matter. The pig they had been about to feed Dahlia had weighed about the same. There was no question Dahlia could eat a human of Christina’s size. The only question, really, was would she? Being able to and actually doing so were two different things, and reticulated pythons did not routinely include humans on their menu.

“Daniel, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, a million times thank you,” Christina said, this time their roles had reversed, and her head pressed against his chest. “Being loved by you has made me the luckiest person alive. My diagnosis hasn’t changed that. I’d be this sad about leaving you if we were playing this scene out a century from now. No amount of time would have been sufficient, but the time we’ve had has been more than I’ve had any right to ask for.”

“Funny,” Daniel replied, gently kissing the top of her head. “I always joked that statements like that made me think you had a brain tumor. I was partly right.”

She laughed and he lifted her body in his arms, her feet dangling in the air, as he placed a deep kiss upon her lips. Her breath escaped her then and she responded, trying to draw strength from him. The meds were saturating her nerve cells by this point, and she was starting to feel somewhat dizzy and light headed. If she wanted to be conscious for this at all, and she definitely did, she needed to go.

“I need to do this now,” she said, her words slurring ever so slightly. “I’m gonna make history.”

“Christina, you always were, but the world couldn’t bother noticing.”

“Shut up. If you make me get all weepy Dahlia won’t eat me and I’ll feel like a total loser.”

“As you wish,” Daniel said in a tone that suggested this was a final battle he was simply going to cede to her.

“Do you think she’s hungry?” Christina asked, anxiously.

“I think you are about to find out,” he replied, forcing the barest ghost of a crooked smile.

They had debated how to do this in a way most guaranteed to get the desired results. They had discussed tying her feet and ankles together to make it easier for the snake, but then they decided Dahlia already had the odds in her favor. Even in her full strength they didn’t truly believe Christina could win a genuine fight between the two. She walked over to a corner table and grabbed a stick of something that looked like a deodorant, but as soon as she uncapped it, that was where the similarity ended. Daniel had found it on the internet. It was used by hunters and contained the smell of an estrus sow. Nose crinkling, Christina began rubbing it over her body. As humans were not a python’s normal prey, they were not sure if Dahlia would go for Christina or not, hungry as she was. However, with this familiar scent on her, they were counting on Dahlia’s feeding instincts taking over. “Oh man,” Christina said, face curled up with displeasure. “The things a girl has to go through just to get eaten these days.”

“Feminine hygiene IS so important, Rainbow,” Daniel smirked, using one of his pet names for her.

Christina laughed, and for a moment it was like old times. They were simply a couple in love once more, engaging in another erotic fantasy together. A little B&D with a unique twist.

Daniel walked around to each of the video cameras and hit the record buttons. “I love you, Christina,” he said when he was done. He turned to look at her and she saw a world of emotions swirling behind his green eyes.

She ran to him and they embraced a final time, kissing with a passion fitting for the moment. “And I love you, Daniel Schreiber,” she returned. “I have since before I was born and I will be waiting for you down the road further.”

“I’ll hold you to that,” he said.

Christina was finding it hard to focus suddenly. Maybe she shouldn’t have taken so many pills. She inhaled deeply. No more time for stalling. Without a word, she moved to the enclosure door, undid the lock, opened it, then pulled it shut behind her. Daniel followed after her and locked it. She turned to face him, feeling a slight euphoria from the drugs and what she was about to do. Smiling, she gave him a thumbs up and then dropped to her hands and knees. Wiggling her bare ass playfully towards Daniel, she began shuffling along the floor of the enclosure. They had talked about it earlier, and agreed that a standing figure might intimidate Dahlia too much, might be too unfamiliar. All the python’s prey were at Christina’s current level as a rule, and as Christina was paradoxically NOT trying to avoid being prey, she needed to do what she could to incite a predatory response. After that, she had no doubt, instinct would take over for both of them.

Dahlia had taken notice of the movement as Christina entered and had begun sliding out of the water pool almost immediately. Christina did not move directly towards the snake, as she was rather curious to see what would happen and how quickly Dahlia responded to her. She had wondered if she would have to actually end up pouncing on the snake to get her attention, but that clearly wasn’t going to be necessary. Still, would the snake recognize her? Snakes had small brains and were not like other pets. They did not have the loyalty of cats and dogs, but Christina felt confident Dahlia knew her. Without question, Dahlia had never reacted to her as a food source before. Would things be any different now?

Christina watched the snake approaching her out of the corner of her eye. Dahlia moved slowly but without hesitation in her direction. The python’s dark tongue darted in and out as she tasted the air, clearly picking up on the hog scent that Christina had applied. Christina could feel her heart pounding in her chest as she saw the snake approach. Was this what it felt like for animals in the wild? Christina was in no doubt she was being hunted at this instant, and that recognition or not, Dahlia was responding to her in a way that somehow, on an intuitive level, simply felt different. Christina had never ever felt any sense of fear around Dahlia before. There had been a healthy respect and trepidation at times, but never fear.

That was different now. The rules had very clearly changed. Christina began moving away from Dahlia. She didn’t stand up and run, though a primitive part of her brain was screaming at her to do exactly that. Christina fought back that impulse as somehow she felt it would be cheating. Crazy as that might be if she was trying to explain it to someone, she knew that was true. She also knew Daniel would understand this intuitively as well. Nonetheless, she did feel a rising fear and wanted to move away. She didn’t want to move too fast and get Dahlia to rush her attack either, so she tried moving discreetly, trying to circle around the snake. It was almost as if she thought that by appearing nonchalant the snake would decide she was too relaxed to be a food source. Christina knew this was crazy thinking, but this was a crazy situation. Christina felt as primitive a being as she ever had, naked and defenseless before this voracious predator. It was terrifying and thrilling at the same time. Her adrenal glands kicked in overtime as her fight/flight instinct was activated.

Dahlia was uninterested in whatever plans this shuffling food source might have, however, and the enormous snake stopped moving about four feet from Christina. Her head drew back into the air as she coiled in upon herself, and Christina’s eyes widened as she turned to more directly face her nontraditional pet. Christina shook her head. She wasn’t facing her pet any longer. Christina now felt an acute empathy for the animals they had fed Dahlia in the past. She recognized Dahlia’s current pose too well. Daniel and she had preferred feeding Dahlia live prey, enjoying observing the predatory dance between predator and prey, and thus Christina knew this move all too well. Dahlia was preparing to strike. Christina involuntarily cried out in alarm and one arm came up in instinctive defense at the same moment that Dahlia launched herself at her.


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