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Prey for your Life 2

by Kaol

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© Copyright 2012 - Kaol - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; snake/f; naked; captured; encoiled; crush; swallow; food; eaten; video; voy; mast; climax; cons; XX

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Part Two

Dahlia’s jaws clamped vise-like over Christina’s forearm. She cried out in shock and pain, while simultaneously feeling a sense of accomplishment. If her arm had not come up just then, those jaws would be locked onto her face or head, and that would not have been good at all. Resigned to the outcome of this match as she had been before entering this dance, Christina had not wanted a face bite. That was not part of her script.

Dahlia’s soul-less eyes looked into hers from less than a foot away. The bite hurt, but not nearly as badly as she had anticipated it would. Whether that was due to her shock, her adrenaline, or the pain meds sedating her, Christina didn’t know, but she was grateful of the fact regardless. “Come on you, bitch,” she spat out in defiance. “Let’s see what you…”

The sentence was unfinished as Christina’s body was hit by first one coil and then another following in rapid succession after Dahlia’s bite. Christina knew the bite was non-venomous and was not intended to wound the prey particularly. It was mainly designed as an anchor point for the coils that were the snake’s weapon. Dahlia’s coils in the middle of her body were almost as wide as Christina’s thighs put together. While Christina’s focus had been occupied by her suddenly bloody arm and Dahlia’s head, she had been distracted and so had not observed as the rest of the snake came at her. It was the body of the snake that would kill her, not the head.

Things happened rapidly at that point. Even if she was not muddled by opiates, Christina wasn’t sure if she would have been able to track what was occurring. It was like being in an auto accident; everything seemed to happen at once. Somehow, she found herself being forcibly wrenched close into Dahlia, and felt the snake’s bulky coils collide meatily against her naked flesh. She retained enough foresight to keep her uninjured left arm up and free, as the battle would have been over in an instant if that arm got pinned to her side.

When she could at all think again, Christina was on her back. While on the one hand it felt like a great deal had happened, she doubted no more than 3 seconds had passed since Dahlia’s initial strike. Her back was not actually touching the floor of the enclosure, as Dahlia’s thick body was between her and the ground. Glancing down towards her feet, she could see the giant constrictor had two coils around her torso; one looped just beneath her ribs and one more just below that, essentially giving her a living girdle of snake from rib to hips. Another of Dahlia’s coils found purchase about her left thigh. As she looked down, Christina could see there remained a great deal of the snake’s body not yet wrapped around her, and the coils about her were in constant motion as if making room for more of Dahlia’s body. There was a dry rustling sound in the enclosure as the snake’s coils furtively moved to seal her fate. With her free hand formed into a fist, Christina began pounding with all her strength against the thick coils wrapped about her abdomen. She was somewhat taken aback at how solid Dahlia’s coils felt. Christina questioned if the python even felt her blows to any appreciable degree. She certainly gave no sign of it.

Christina paused, tried focusing on the moment, taking in all the sensations she was experiencing, trying to slow things down. She was realistically facing her last few minutes as a human on this planet. Actually, she considered, she had already enjoyed those last moments when she bade farewell to Daniel. She was now facing her last few moments as a living prey. Christina watched as the coil beneath her breasts shifted slowly in a counterclockwise motion, pushing her tits up towards her face like a too tight bra. The coil beneath that one moved as well, but more slowly, and she could see another coil beginning to follow it around her hips in a pulsating, semi-fluid motion. She could glimpse the groomed landing strip of her pubes exposed to the air, while the coil about her thigh inched upwards towards it. Another coil slapped over her shins with an audible clap, like a tentacle, pulling them together. Christina tried kicking in response to that, somehow sensing that having her legs taken out of the fight would not be to her advantage. She was too slow, however, and the coil held them somewhat together. She could still move her legs, as the coil around her thigh forced her legs apart to a certain extent. Her lower legs, however, were essentially drawn together, and so her ability to reposition them was severely restricted.

If she could take herself out of the picture for a moment, what she was watching was truly a beautiful thing. The hungry predator moved with a balletic grace and the snake was performing as millions of years of evolution had programmed it to do. The python’s muscles rippled as she moved, and Christina thought that watching her trembling breasts being cradled by this awesome miracle of nature was astonishing to behold. She could see the muscles of the serpent bunch and loosen as Dahlia pulled her ravenous form around Christina’s helpless torso. The muscles almost seemed to be kneading the undersides of her boobs in an arrogant manner as they inched beneath them. Her nipples were hard and erect in response. So far, being wrapped like this didn’t hurt in the slightest. In fact, it was even more arousing than she had presumed it might be. Christina was aroused by bondage, and what an amazing bondage this was! What was a python, really beyond a thick and living rope?

Christina came back into the moment as Dahlia wound around her further, another weighty coil looping about her shoulders. This time, however, as she had been caught up in passively beholding her circumstances, she had again been distracted and had not moved her arms out of the way. As a result, the coil essentially pinned both of her upper arms against her sides. Christina gasped, and a thin rattling breath escaped. The heavy coil beneath her breasts had edged upward, and she could feel it sliding forcibly across her nipples as it progressed towards her shoulders. The sensation was electrifying and erotic as it slowly and languorously dragged its heavy muscles across her nipples. It was almost as though a row of fraternity boys were passing her down their length, moving her hand to hand only by her tits. Squeeze, release, move. Squeeze, release, move. The muscles moved in an enfolding, pulsing motion, not at all steady, and her ever sensitive nipples responded to the attention.

Once again, she was lost in the moment, experiencing the fantasy she had only visualized for years. As if sensing this, Dahlia took that moment to work the coil at her thigh up so that it was currently sliding against her now lubricating vaginal lips. Christina, moaned, and instinctively, her free left hand slid down there as well. Her forefinger found her little button and began tentatively massaging it. After a moment of that, she grasped blindly for Dahlia’s coil, her hand closing over it. She was at once reminded of how thick and strong this creature was. With her palm against the surface she was further aware of how alive this beast was, could feel the heat of its body, the solidity of the form, and how the muscles beneath moved in response to her touch. She tried dragging it up further, wanting it to do some sensual favors for her. It was suddenly essential that Dahlia stimulate her directly. Christina trembled as she could still feel the coil slithering across the exclamation points of her nipples. What would it feel like to have that heavy, constantly squeezing and contracting muscle sliding and kneading her most sensitive of places as well? Christina could already feel her body responding like a sexual battery, storing up that special electricity that eventually would in no uncertain terms demand orgasm.

Christina was finding it more difficult catching her breath. Yet she seemed to sense this almost in a detached manner, filing it away as something worth following up on at some later date. At the moment, her first priority involved the manipulation of the coil in her grasp. Oddly, Dahlia did not resist Christina’s weak attempts at maneuvering her coil, but indifferently allowed her coil to be manipulated into the position Christina intended. “Yesss,” came from between Christina’s parted lips, a small feeling of victory washing over her. Followed by, “oh shiiiiittttt,” as another coil went around her pelvis and trapped her hand by the coil she had just manipulated. She had just enlisted Dahlia as a last sexual partner, but at what cost?

Christina struggled to free her arm, but Dahlia was strong and heavy. The coils shuffling across her breasts had progressed upwards and she could feel her tits bared as the perspiration now speckling them was exposed to the air. The pressure on her clit remained however, and the coil there continued a very, maddeningly slow, clenching and squeezing as it circled about her leg, sliding across her fleshy buttocks as well. In a way, Christina realized it was lucky she did not know that Dahlia could have this effect on her, or she would have been sorely tempted to try this years before. Christina loved a slow and steady pressure down there, and Dahlia was proving to be master of this. She began squirming her hips in response, not in an attempt to escape, but in an attempt to increase the pressure and assist Dahlia. Christina was wet as a rain forest down there, and the feeling of Dahlia’s scales sliding across her pussy and clit was electric. If Dahlia took offense at being basted by Christina’s own juices, she gave no sign. If it crossed her mind, she might consider she would be doing considerably more of that to Christina in a few minutes time.

Dahlia, all things considered, was not at all interested in assisting Christina in fulfilling any fantasies she might have had in the past or present. Dahlia was only interested in fully filling her too empty belly. Christina looked over at the unblinking eyes that were now about two feet from her, due to Christina’s right upper arm now being trapped to her side. The python’s face displayed no emotion. Evolution apparently had decided that was superfluous. There was no remorse, no anger, no anticipation, displayed. If Christina saw anything at all there, anything at all, it might perhaps be a patient hunger. Dahlia appeared no more worried or threatened about the outcome of this encounter than Christina felt when taking a slice of celery from the fridge moments before popping it in her mouth. Christina never worried that the celery might escape her this time. Dahlia felt similarly about Christina now. The python’s jaws remained clamped shut on her forearm, and Christina gave a hesitant shake, trying to free herself. Dahlia did not let go, and in fact bit down somewhat harder, and that pain was sufficient to break through Christina’s narcotic shield. She wouldn’t do that again. It wouldn’t accomplish anything anyway. Even if Dahlia released her arm, it would not change the outcome of this battle.

Christina was finding breathing increasingly difficult, and she was not so naive as to expect anything else. Experimentally she tried taking a deep breath, but the numerous coils encircling her were not going to permit that. She tried pushing with all her might, trying to thrust out her tits and belly, but there was no give whatsoever. Dahlia was a big snake, but it didn’t feel like a 300-pound man sitting on Christina. She wished it only felt like that. It felt more like someone rolled the neighbor’s car on top of her. Ignoring the sexual tension building in her core for the moment, she tussled in earnest, trying to rock her body back and forth, attempting to force Dahlia to shift somehow, to give somewhere, to allow her lungs room to expand. Yet while Christina was fighting with all her strength at this point, Dahlia showed no more notice of her efforts than if a mosquito had alighted upon her. Christina’s frantic attempts at rocking may have nudged the snake an inch one way or another at the most, while using up more of the precious energy and air Christina had left in her.

“Fuck,” Christina mouthed the word, too quietly for even the video cameras mounted in and outside the enclosure to pick up. This was happening for real. She was being crushed to death in the coils of a giant python. Her feet still had a little play, and she tried drawing her knees up, but could not do so. Her bare heels could move slightly, and began beating a staccato rhythm against the floor. Without warning, Dahlia took that moment to contract all her muscles simultaneously, and Christina’s eyes widened in shock. In that instant, her bladder let go and she felt a warm flow of liquid pour from between her thighs.

“No!” she thought abruptly. “No! I’ve changed my mind! I don’t want to die like this!” Christina tried twisting her head about, looking for Daniel, wanting to plead for rescue, but she was all turned about and disoriented from Dahlia’s attack. She had no idea which direction she was facing, or where Daniel might be. It didn’t matter. There was no safe word for this encounter. Her fate was decided.

A painful snapping sound was heard over her ragged breathing and she felt a sharp stinging in her chest. This caused an involuntarily and shaky exhalation from Christina, to which Dahlia immediately responded. Her crushing coils had cracked at least a few of Christina’s ribs, and had followed suit by tightening further as Christina exhaled. As Christina glanced down, the coils were moving only slightly now, and very slowly, patiently awaited her next exhalation to tighten a bit further. If there was ever a question as to the outcome of this encounter, it was now moot. They weren’t going anywhere. Well, perhaps she was, but nowhere she had any say in.

Yet taken altogether, it still was not nearly as agonizing an experience as she had been expecting. It wasn’t as if the online stories about such things had accurately described the experience, but how could they? No one had ever been in this position and lived to write stories or talk about it. It was, however, ultimately worth it, she decided. She felt the snake rubbing against her clit and wondered what she looked like right now, and wished she had thought to install mirrors in the enclosure so she could have watched as well. She imagined it was an amazing thing to behold; her naked, sweaty body, being twisted and squeezed by this unrelenting force of nature. She was getting more and more light headed, a combination of the opiates and oxygen deprivation, she imagined, but still felt very little in the way of pain. Her left hand dug her fingernails into the coils around her thigh, pressing it harder against her throbbing pussy, and Dahlia responded to the slight pain stimulus, pushing harder against her, the muscle contracting and releasing, contracting and releasing.

Christina’s mouth opened and closed like a fish on land, gasping for air. It was almost over for her. She knew this. Breathing was next to impossible. Yet at the same time, the sexual energy, which had been building within her for the past however many minutes, was now reaching the point of no return. In a last flurry of motion, Christina began writhing and bucking in the snake’s coils, her legs churning. An objective observer might think she was making one last pointless attempt to escape. In truth, she was simply trying to achieve a final orgasm before Dahlia finished her off. Yet for all her attempts at movement, her limbs appeared to do no more than twitch fitfully in spasms.

Yet it was enough for Christina’s purposes. It was as if she was riding a tall slide down, moving towards a bright light, while feeling a warmth starting below her belly as her muscles began clenching. She felt a fuzzy tingling moving up from the tips of her toes and her nerves all seemed to begin sparkling. Then it was upon her, and it was like a furnace had been stoked inside her, detonating from inside her crotch. Christina would have screamed had she any breath left within her. She had lived through powerful orgasms before, but this was beyond anything she had experienced in the past. It was one of the most amazing sensations she had ever known. Her body convulsed within the parameters of motion it was allowed, and then ceased moving. Christina sighed, a slight smile curling her lips, wondering what Daniel was feeling, and Dahlia tightened once more. Christina gulped in shock, twitched, and then her eyes closed, battle lost.

* * * *

Dahlia lay still, her body wrapped around Christina, showing no response to the sudden stillness of its prey. The python instinctively knew that some game could still have life and fight in them and would feign death in order to get the snake to release its grip prematurely. After two minutes passed with no further movement, however, Dahlia’s tremulous jaws let go of Christina’s arm. It dropped limply at her side, a slow trickle of blood leaking out of the circle of puncture marks left by the constrictor’s teeth. If the prey was alive, this was typically the time at which it would attempt to renew the fight. Dahlia’s dinner just lay there, however, unmoving.

Dahlia’s head moved slowly forward, its tongue darting out and seeming to ‘taste’ Christina’s nipples; a sensation Christina would doubtless have enjoyed at one time. The giant retic could sense that a little life remained in this creature; there was the slightest rise and fall of the breasts that the snake could detect. Yet the python likewise sensed that the creature had been mortally wounded and was not going to fight or escape at this point, even should it regain consciousness. Under normal circumstances Dahlia might reapply squeezing pressure to be doubly sure the creature was dead, but this was not a normal time. Dahlia felt a hunger as deep as any she had ever known and she wanted this meal inside her as soon as possible.

Dahlia raised her head up, examining her dinner. She had never eaten a meal shaped quite like this one, and was uncertain which end to begin consuming. Her head lowered as she slid towards Christina’s face. Christina currently looked peaceful, as if she was only lost in a very pleasant dream. Her mouth was open, her muscles slack. A tiny rivulet of saliva slowly moved down the corner of her mouth. The snake’s snout tapped at Christinas’ face a few times, almost looking like she thought it was a ball she could play with, and then her head drew back. Dahlia, like all constrictors, would normally consume a creature head first, but her body could feel the sudden widening of the animal’s torso immediately past the head. This would prove a daunting obstacle. Not impossible, but it would considerably slow the feeding process.

With a surprising swiftness, Dahlia’s head and neck travelled down the length of her body towards Christina’s feet. They were pushed tightly together by Dahlia’s coils there, and it did not take any consideration (in as much as Dahlia was capable of such things) to realize she could easily swallow those. The python also noted that the body very gradually widened from that point on. Instinctively, Dahlia recognized this prey would be more easily consumed from this end.

Much like a sculptor trying to find the perfect place in the marble to place his first strike, Dahlia’s head turned and moved above Christina’s bare feet, the woman’s light-green-colored toenails shimmering in the light. Dahlia’s nose pushed against Christina’s toes, checking their resistance. Christina’s toes moved limply, responding to the pressure of the python’s snout, but did not give any other motion beyond that. Slowly, almost mechanically, Dahlia’s jaws opened, unhinging as they did so, and her head twisted and bent as it rose up over Christina’s exposed toes and lowered down, taking them in. Her toes vanished quickly into the python’s maw and both of her feet were gone in an instant, Dahlia’s jaws not closing again until both of Christina’s feet were inside the pink wetness of her mouth.

Dahlia’s pointed teeth lightly pierced Christina’s ankles as its jaws closed about her feet. There was a light flow of blood from the new wounds, but Christina evidenced no sign of feeling them. Dahlia’s coils about Christina’s lower legs loosened somewhat as Dahlia pulled her body forward along Christina’s naked flesh. The coils looped over Dahlia’s head like a protective hood, shielding it while it consumed its meal. Dahlia was incapable of complicated emotions, but she was hungry, and this meal was long overdue. As possible as it was for her to be eager, she was eager to get this body inside of her own and begin digesting this prey. Christina had wondered earlier if her pet had known her, had recognized her. Dahlia had never taken a moment to even begin considering that question.

When her current meal had entered the enclosure, Dahlia had been desperately hungry. The size of the animal in her space had not been threatening, and it had the scent of previous meals. Dahlia’s eyesight was not her strongest of senses. She had not recognized Christina as the creature that had held her and fed her in the past. However, in her current state, it is unlikely it would have mattered to Dahlia anyway. Christina had not appeared to be either predator or prey before, and had never presented herself to Dahlia when Dahlia was searching for prey during past feedings. Had Christina walked in, fully clothed, freshly bathed today, the outcome would have been the same. Christina need not have worried if Dahlia would consider her as a potential prey item. Dahlia was very hungry and Christina met all the criteria of a good meal.

Eager as she might be, swallowing a meal the size of Christina was not a quick business. It takes time, and there was no rushing things at this point. Dahlia pulled her body forward over Christina’s legs, pulling her first into her mouth, then using a series of muscle contractions to guide her further down into her throat. While Christina was probably the largest meal the giant snake had consumed to date, it was not close to pushing the limits of what Dahlia could eat if she was hungry and determined, and today she was both. After about twenty minutes, Dahlia had methodically pulled herself along to the point that Christina’s knees were inside its mouth and its teeth were resting in the flesh of her thighs. Her prey had put up no resistance and Dahlia was comfortable, sensing no threat coming from its meal or anything else in its environment. The shield of coils about Dahlia’s head had been removed as she no longer sensed any need to protect herself while consuming this meal.

Jaws opening in a jerky motion, Dahlia pulled herself further up Christina’s limp, but solid thighs. Dahlia’s thoughts were simple, as the python recognized this was the type of meat upon which her body could survive for many months. Christina’s form widened gradually as the snake moved up her body, but Dahlia had chosen wisely and this measured, rather than sudden, increase in the girth of her victim made her ingestion less of a battle and much more smooth. Dahlia’s jaws were now having to distort and stretch to take in both thighs at once, but it was not a daunting challenge yet. Saliva dripped from the side of its maw and slid down, giving a narrow, but shiny sheen to Christina’s bare thighs, about an inch before they vanished inside the giant serpent’s body. This same saliva worked to facilitate the movement of Christina deeper and deeper into the python. Christina’s body was still sweating, from the heat of the enclosure and the heaviness of the snake’s coils still draped over her. Her heartbeat was irregular; her breathing was shallow. However, Christina was alive. Blissfully unconscious, but she was alive.

A heavy coil rolled off from around Christina’s hips, and the coil about her thigh appeared to unspool in reverse as it uncoiled itself from its purchase there. Christina’s limp hand dropped from the coil and over her swollen nether lips, still engorged from her previous ministrations and the pressure of the snake’s relentless squeezing. It appeared as if she was suddenly developing a self-consciousness in death, as her hand dropped as if she was discreetly trying to cover herself. Dahlia had no concern about modesty. Christina, had she even been aware, need not have bothered. Dahlia cared for Christina, but only as a food source, and anyway, she would make sure that Christina’s exposed genitals would not be exposed much longer.

The tip of Dahlia’s nose was a thick arrow almost directly pointing at Christina’s flushed mound. The snake paused then, as it had now arrived at Christina’s hips, and for the first time Dahlia was approaching the potential limit of how far she could distend herself. Had she been conscious and able to speak, Christina might have quipped at this point, “Does this python make my ass look big?” However, it was not that her ass was big per se; it was exactly proportioned to her build and gender. The hips of a human woman, however, are designed to be wide, and Dahlia was discovering this to her consternation. Dahlia, however, was not about to simply give up and disgorge the material she had spent the last 50 minutes ingesting.

Dahlia shifted her weight, adjusting herself and her quarry to best accommodate continued consumption. There was more motion than there had been up to this point as heavy coils shifted, realigned, and readjusted themselves like some flesh and blood Rubik’s cube. A keening rustling noise filled the pen as the muscular and scaly coils positioned themselves for the final swallows. Christina’s limp form was splayed about like a rag doll as the hungry predator shifted her form into a more easily accommodated position. Christina’s thighs were squeezed more tightly together, and her right hand flopped over to land beside her left, modestly hiding her pussy from the eyes of the video cameras recording these events. The coils about Christina’s lower waist and hips squeezed as Dahlia’s trembling jaws unhinged once more and pulled her body forward four inches. The tips of Christina’s fingers, her womanhood, and her lower hips were now within the dripping confines of the snake’s mouth.

It was at that moment that Christina began weakly stirring. The jostling and squeezing which she had received moments before as Dahlia manipulated them both had somehow broken through her haze, awakening her from her pre-death slumber. Consciousness did not come upon her like a light being switched on, rather it was more something she struggled through like a thick morning fog. Her eyes fluttered, but that was the only sign of movement she displayed. She felt drunk, hung-over, muddled.

Dahlia had not yet noticed the unexpected status change of her meal. She was not currently monitoring her quarry’s vitals, focusing only on the half-completed devouring process. Once started, the hungry predator was able to force her way up and around Christina’s hips. The slightest of gasps emerged from Christina’s mouth as she felt the series of pinpricks on her naked posterior. Dahlia gave no indication as to having registered hearing the sound beyond pausing for a moment, which the snake was doing regularly anyway, before beginning her next swallowing motion.

“What’s happening?” Christina wondered, blinking her eyes. Looking straight up she saw the black steel lattice work which made up the ceiling of Dahlia’s container. There was too much sensory information fighting to get her attention at once, and Christina was too confused to be able to sort it into any type of cohesive picture. She was sore. She knew that immediately. She hurt, not much worse than she normally hurt these days, but in a different way. Something heavy was lying across her boobs, which were also tender. That something moved, dragging across her always sensitive nipples and she let out a gasp of mixed pain and arousal. She tried shifting her legs, but it felt like they were bound together. They were surrounded by a very wet, soft material that was warm and, while yielding, was also tightly binding her. Were she and Daniel playing one of their bondage games? It was hard remembering. Her pain pills could do that, though. They could make everything blurry, dream-like.

“Ow, shit,” she said, a little louder and a little more alert. She had felt multiple pinpricks along her lower back and the backs of her forearms this time. Shaking her head in hopes of clearing away some of the cobwebs, her sweat dampened hair half covered her face in response. Christina tried moving to get up at that point, but found she could not do so. The heavy weight compacting her boobs she now recognized was not limited just to her chest, but was pressed all the way about her. This bulk squeezed about her suddenly, forcing a wheeze from her pained lungs. “Damn!” she thought. “What does Daniel have me in this time?”

Slowly she tried raising her head up, and this she found she could do. At the sight greeting her, her current circumstances all came rushing back and her mouth went cotton dry. Two large snake coils were still draped across her body, one above and one below her exposed tits. That might be a scary enough sight upon which to awaken, but it was what she was able to see beyond that which sent a wave of terror rippling through her nude form. She was looking into Dahlia’s expressionless eyes, and they were less than three feet away. Yet the head in which those familiar eyes were placed was misshapen, distorted, bloated by the meal that was stuffing its maw – her body!

A self-pitying mewling emerged from between Christina’s lips. She remembered it all. She remembered the cancer. She remembered her decision. She remembered her too short fight against Dahlia and abruptly embracing the forever darkness. There had been that mind-blowing orgasm and then a sense of peace. Christina thought that had been the end of it. Perhaps even hoped that to be the case. She did not truly believe, in spite of her uncertain hopes earlier, that she would actually be alive when and if Dahlia consumed her.

But God was being either very cruel or very kind, and was granting her that secret and final wish, to feel what it was like to be eaten alive by a giant snake. Yet hadn’t she heard so many times growing up to be careful what you wish for, as you just might get it? This might just be the perfect example of that.

Dahlia took that moment to release her grip and open her jaws, moving forward once more, finishing its ingestion of Christina’s bare ass and hips. Christina’s eyes widened as she beheld the pink, velvety interior of Dahlia’s mouth before it closed once more upon her, the teeth sinking back into her flesh. Christina barely noticed that pain now. Her drugs were still deep in her system and were numbing most superficial pains, and Dahlia was only inflicting the most shallow of bites at this point anyway.

In spite of her fantasies, her wishes, her rational decisions, at the actual sight of her own body becoming food for her snake, Christina lost it. She was weak, and still not far from death’s door, but this was simply too much. “Help!” she cried out, her voice a pained croak, and tried flailing about. Unfortunately for her, the time when she could pose even the beginning of a threat to Dahlia was long gone. Her arms were useless, a coil still draped around them and both her hands were nestled inside the python’s throat. Dahlia, however, was now very aware that her dinner had other plans, and the constrictor was not in a playful mood. Her teeth dug deeper into Christina’s skin just beneath her belly button, and the coils wrapped about her naked form moved forcefully, making a creaking sound as they tightened without mercy.

Christina’s skull banged against the floor as she felt another rib give way. That pain was sufficient to cut through her medicated haze. Her world began spinning and she felt like she might pass out in a moment. “NO!” her mind screamed. She must not pass out. She knew that if she went out now, she would be out for good. Christina stopped her struggling immediately and went limp, knowing that Dahlia would finish her off if she resisted any further. As if sensing her prey’s acquiescence, Dahlia loosened her grip slightly, and Christina found she could breathe, if in a shallow fashion. The snake’s coils were still tight about her and she was now nursing several broken ribs, so deep breaths were out of the question. Nevertheless, she could breathe enough to stay conscious.

Dahlia wasted no further time and widened her jaws once more, moving further up Christina’s body. There was a wet, slurpy, meaty sound as Christina slid further into the hungry constrictor. The python found it easier going now that Christina’s hips were safely in her throat. Dahlia had noted that her meal was indeed still alive, but had quickly also determined that it was in far too weak a state to make any serious attempts at escape. The giant python could have spent some time finishing her off, but it seemed like a pointless expenditure of energy at this point. There was only one place this meat was going, and it was down the narrow tube leading to her stomach.

Christina blinked back some tears, sniffling as she did so. She was not sure why she was crying. This was exactly, and she meant exactly, what she had wanted to have happen, almost to the letter. At the same time, she knew that while part of her knew her time was up, there was another part that could not accept that. Christina did all she could to stuff that part down into the darkness. Reality was reality. She wanted this. She had to die and so she had chosen her way and Dahlia had been an amazing and enthusiastic partner. Glancing up at one of the cameras mounted in the corner of Dahlia’s enclosure, Christina forced a wink and game smile. She would give them something to talk about, something to remember her by. It beat the hell out of dying in some hospital bed with an IV sticking out of her arm.

Christina felt a jerk as her head was dragged along the enclosure floor and she knew that Dahlia had just pulled more of her inside. She shivered as the coil that had been below her boobs moved up, sliding over them once more, causing them to shudder and jiggle in response. The pressure of those muscular scales sliding firmly, purposefully, across her nipples once more made her flush again and she could not repress the slightest of shudders at the sensation. Dahlia responded in kind, stopping the coil’s movement to simply tighten about her. Yet in spite of her fear, Christina reveled in the feeling of those heavy, monstrous coils compressing her boobs flat against her body. “Oh, fuck me,” she murmured at the sensation. It was like being hugged by a God.

Christina felt her pussy juices flow anew in response to the sensation and experienced a mix of satisfaction and embarrassment. Apparently, there was no situation in which she could not be turned on. Her hands, she noticed, were almost perfectly placed as well to assist with the situation. Her right middle finger began slowly sliding back and forth between her wet, and growing wetter, outer labia. Her entire body was already lubricated down there from the python’s saliva, and now Christina was adding her own seasoning to the mix. “I wonder if she can taste the difference,” Christina thought to herself, moaning quietly at the simultaneously delicate and assured touch of her fingers.

Dahlia relaxed her coils again, but they continued gliding around Christina’s throbbing nipples. It was a maddening feeling and part of her wished it would never stop. “A little harder,” she murmured, as if Dahlia could understand and respond.

Christina dared slowly raising her head again, wanting to witness what she had so long dreamed about. She gulped, as she seemed to be staring almost directly into Dahlia’s eyes at this point. The two black orbs appeared to rest just behind the coil now playing so magnificently with her breasts. That also meant that beyond that point Christina the woman had ceased to exist and only Christina the protein source remained. “Oh my…” she trailed off as she took in that thought. She was inside a snake. She really and truly was being eaten alive by a giant constrictor.

She focused on that for a minute, experiencing the sensation of being inside her hungry pet. It felt a little bit like she was stuffed inside a sopping wet sleeping bag. Her skin was completely covered in saliva to help Dahlia in the process of moving Christina further into her body. Yet when she moved ever so slightly, the comparison to a sleeping bag ended as there wasn’t the give a sleeping bag would have. There was a little elasticity as the damp, fleshy walls responded to her movement, but there was muscle and bone beyond that as well, holding her in an embrace she found disturbingly stimulating and erotic. This was kickass tight bondage. Experimentally, she tried moving her legs, tried bending her knees, in order to see if she could observe the effects of her struggles from outside of the python. Would she be able to see Dahlia’s body move and shift in response to her movements within? It was not easy to do, as it was narrow within Dahlia, and the muscles of her long esophagus worked to keep Christina still and going the right direction. However, Christina did not have those coils wrapped about her legs any longer, and some movement was possible.

Gasping, Christina felt a wave of awe and hormones wash over her as she did see the snake’s body shift in response to her movements. She could actually see the outline of her lower torso move and shift within the snake. It was perhaps not blatantly obvious that the shifting bulge was a woman’s legs perhaps, but it was very apparent to her. She could see the wider bulge of her hips narrowing down to the slimmer bulge of her legs. As she tried wriggling her hips and moving her legs, the lump within Dahlia mirrored those movements. This was beyond what she had fantasized, and at that moment, whatever fear had remained when she had regained consciousness evaporated. Death be damned. She was alive, she was living out one of the most bizarre and kinky fantasies she could imagine, and she was loving it. Holy fuck, she was really doing it!

The coils around her tits slid away and Christina saw her boobs were flushed red, swollen, and her nipples were dark and tender. They looked even larger than usual with the snakes head just below them. She giggled weakly. “What’s the matter, Dahlia? Too much for you? Mmm, look at those, lots of good eating there.” She gave her boobs a suggestive shimmy, the flesh quivering just before the snake’s eager mouth.

Dahlia gave no response, and Christina did not expect any, beyond the only response possible. Dahlia’s mouth widened once more and drew forward. Christina stared as if hypnotized, looking at the pink, soft, and dripping flesh that was exposed as it moved forward over her mouth. “Oh my god,” she realized. “It’s like a big pussy! That’s just what it looks like! What it feels like too!” Her body slid forward inevitably into the slippery tunnel and the python’s teeth came down right on her nipples, the weight of the closing jaw compressing her tits halfway down.

Christina hissed in reply. It hurt, but this was a hurt she was familiar with and had often sought out. It was an erotic, stimulating hurt. “It’s eating my boobies,” she thought. “Dahlia is eating my boobies. It’s eaten my pussy, and now it’s eating my boobies.”

Her pussy virtually opened in response, and she was likely wetter there than was the snake surrounding her. The first two fingers on her right hand began sliding in and out of her pussy with a slow and steady rhythm. Her left thumb and forefinger simultaneously began rolling and circling her clit in a similar rhythm. She could feel the flesh of the snake pressing all around her, and indeed it did not feel much different than the flesh encircling her thrusting fingers. Christina did not like being rushed. She knew she didn’t have a lot of time left, but she wanted to time this just right. She was determined to cum at least one last time, this she knew. However, she wanted it to be only after she was completely inside Dahlia, and that still was some minutes away.

Christina began moaning, her capacity for rational thought fading into the distance. Dahlia’s jaws opened once again, and Christina could actually smell the inside of the python’s mouth as it moved forward and in a moment Christina’s breasts were completely inside the snake. She could feel the roof of Dahlia’s mouth pressing down on her boobs, compacting them. Christina gave the slightest of shoulder wiggles back and forth, feeling the tips of her nipples sliding across the roof of Dahlia’s mouth. It felt as though an uneven and large tongue was licking at her tits. “Oooooooooooooh,” Christina cried, her voice louder now.

Her hands were slowly picking up speed as she felt her body responding to all the sensory input. She wasn’t rushing it, but she also felt like she was trying to put her back against a door that an elephant was ready to push open. She had been afraid her skin would burn within Dahlia, that the mighty snake’s digestive juices would be caustic to her bare flesh. Christina was certain that the enzymes here were mild compared to what awaited her within the reptile’s stomach. Besides, from what she knew from observing Dahlia in the past, it was often weeks before the distended shape of her last meal vanished and could no longer be detected from outside the snake. The digestive acids were obviously not THAT strong. She had no doubt that she would run out of air long before digestion was an issue.

Another gasp was forced out of her body and she slid forward more quickly. Christina blinked and could feel the python’s pebbly snout pressed under her chin. It was almost over. All of her body was now inside the giant reticulated python. Christina Snake Chow. “Recommend it to your friends,” she thought, and the idea turned her on more. “Imagine if other people see this video and are inspired to do this same thing,” she thought. “I could be the start of a whole new movement!”

A rasping sound emerged from Dahlia as she drew in air and Christina along with it. Christina turned her face sideways as the snake moved to swallow her head. Her damp hair streamed out of both sides of the predator’s mouth. Then the jaw came down about halfway over her face. It was hot and humid inside here. Christina could feel the moistness of Dahlia’s mouth on both of her cheeks. One more swallow and she would be completely within the snake. Dahlia shifted and rearranged her jaw as she prepared for the final swallow. There was another peristaltic movement and Christina slid downward, her entire head now within Dahlia’s mouth. Christina shifted her gaze and bent her head slightly to look up and behind her. She could still see light, could still make out the enclosure. Dahlia could not yet close her mouth completely with Christina’s head still in there, but she was continuing the process of realigning the bones which made up her jaw.

Christina’s fingers moved with a renewed vigor within her. In seconds, Dahlia would swallow again, and Christina’s head would begin the slide down the snake’s long throat. What an amazing life she had had, and what an amazing death she was having. She could not complain. It felt like she was getting ready to surf a monster wave, and she could feel a euphoric tension building within her body. No longer caring, she struggled as much as she could. She did this in part to see what it would feel like, but also imagining how it would appear on the outside to see her body fighting and struggling inside the enormous constrictor’s body. Dahlia was big, but taking in a prey the size of Christina was stretching the snake’s form to its limits. She was convinced as well that it did not look like a pig inside Dahlia this time. The hourglass figure of a struggling woman was clearly distending the snake’s body for anyone who took a moment to look. What anyone observing her struggles on video later could not know, however, was she wasn’t fighting to escape, though it was true she was fighting for release after a fashion.

Dahlia raised her head and swallowed again. Christina cried out as she was so nearly there. Looking up she could see the jaws close for a final time and her pink tomb became very dark. The air was thick, heavy, and humid. “This is it,” she thought, and felt the warm and damp cocoon squeezing her from all sides, the muscles relaxing and then contracting as they forced her further on her journey. Her body slid downward again after a moment, as Dahlia was far from done swallowing her and was now moving her meal to where it could be digested. Her living sheath tightened, squeezed and pushed around Christina’s naked flesh in an erotic rhythm. It was almost as if a giant hand outside of her and Dahlia both was squeezing them like a tube of toothpaste, with Christina being the toothpaste.

Christina’s fingers moved in and out of her like a relentless machine, while her other fingers played her button in a persistent, desperate caress. Her body began shivering as she felt herself reaching the crest of the wave. Christina could imagine herself getting ready to peer over the precipice of this tsunami, wondering where it would take her. She shifted her body again, pressing her nipples against Dahlia’s insides, and then, BAM! Her weakened body still had enough strength to convulse in response to the intensity of the orgasm sweeping upward with a frantic heat from her core. From outside there was a very discernible movement and twisting of the mass moving down Dahlia’s body. Christina’s fingers stopped then, just allowing herself to savor this last amazing…

…and then another erotic explosion followed even bigger than the first. Christina slid a third finger inside her throbbing pussy and frantically began banging at herself again. This had never happened before! Of course, it hadn’t. It would never happen again. Her body jerked spastically as if she was having a seizure, and her throat opened to scream out in appreciative amazement. “Oh god,” she thought. “I’m cuuuuuummmmmmmiiiiing!” It felt as if every neuron in her body was firing simultaneously. Even though it was pitch black inside the giant snake, to Christina it seemed as if fireworks were sparking before her eyes. Just beyond them, she could swear she could make out Daniel. With a smile, she ran towards him.

Her final scream was so loud that the video cameras were actually able to pick up her audible cry this time, even from within the python. Dahlia’s head curled around as if surprised and needing to investigate this phenomenon. The prey in her body was thrashing about, and while it did not harm her, it was unprecedented. Both Dahlia and the cameras watched as the large, woman sized lump distorting her belly slowed, slowed, slowed its movements, and then ceased moving all together. Dahlia moved unhurriedly into her water hole, dragging her meal, which was now motionless except for its ongoing movement towards her digestive tract. The python curled about herself as much as she was able, and rested her head upon the lump of soon to be digesting meat in her belly, which had once referred to itself as Christina.

The giant python appeared to sigh contentedly. That had been a good meal. Dahlia had enjoyed the taste of this prey and would hope to find more of this kind in the future. She had definitely expanded her menu and added a new item she already knew she preferred. The giant retic would not need to eat for months after such a satisfying meal, however, and for now Dahlia was content.

Silently Daniel switched off the videotape equipment and then stood staring at Dahlia. He pressed his head against the glass pane and was silent for a moment, before closing his eyes.

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