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Pussy Silk

by Robin Barnard

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© Copyright 2012 - Robin Barnard - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/mf+; entrap; capture; wrap; cocoon; drug; spiderwoman; web; oral; climax; bite; vore; cons/nc ; XX

It was a normal day, not unlike any other day, Joe had just left the local market and ran across an old friend. Sue was blonde with some graying, an older woman of about her mid to upper forties, she’d always been somewhat of an obsession of Joe’s, ever since working with her at the workshop. She smiled at him and winked as they passed each other, ”Hi stranger” she said as they passed. Surprised Joe turned around and returned the greeting. “How you been doing?” she asked.

“Just fine replied Joe”. They talked for about half an hour and then she did something that damned near floored Joe. With a more than firm grip she grabbed his hand and moved it to her breast, slipping it inside she whispered to him, ”Fondle me baby” almost taken by surprise he tried to pull away but her grip was like iron. “Don’t be nervous!” she said after feeling her breast, the soft skin and the surprisingly stiff and firm nipple he replied, “WOW!!!!!!!”

She grinned an evil little grin and said, ”Why don’t you come over tonight and I’ll give you a really nice surprise!” He agreed and they exchanged information then she left after planting the longest French kiss in history on him.

Later on that day he showed up at the address that she had given him. It was a nice little place, single front room, a small kitchen off to the right, a little bathroom off to the left. But the room that caught his attention was the door immediately left of the bathroom. He had assumed this was the bedroom. After he examined the inner workings of the house he yelled out, ”Sue you here, it’s me Joe!” From the bedroom he heard a reply “I’m here baby, It’ll be a minute so make yourself at home”.

Meanwhile in the bedroom Sue’s secret had revealed itself, she stood there naked in front of the mirror caressing her left nipple, her pussy was getting wet. After getting ready she started tugging at a silk thread that was coming from her vagina. She walked over to a wall and started climbing it. Her fingers and toes clung to the wall, as she pulled herself to the ceiling and turned upside down spread eagle she gyrated her hips while rubbing her pussy against the ceiling, and then slowly descended about one and a half feet down hanging by a thread of silk from the ceiling. She looked at the door and let out a low almost inaudible deep throaty laugh! ‘I have a surprise for you sweet meat ‘ she thought.

Meanwhile in the other room Joe had gone to the restroom. After relieving himself he noticed something weird. On the floor was a small swatch of what appeared to be the finest silk he had ever seen. Suddenly he heard her yell through the door, “I’m ready, go ahead and come into the room, but before you do please do me a favor and take off your clothes”. Joe had a weird look on his face and thought, “This is weird”, but went ahead and followed directions. As he walked into the room he heard her exclaim in a rather loud voice “Surprise” He followed the sound of her voice and caught something out of the corner of his eye.

He looked up and started to scream but was muffled when Sue had swung down, spread eagle hanging from the ceiling by her hands, wrapping her legs around his face and pulling them tight forcing his face into her wet snatch. He suddenly started to struggle to free himself but to no avail. She suddenly spasmed and came in to his mouth. At first he tried too expel it but suddenly found the taste somewhat addictive.

He heard a deep throaty laugh, “Enjoy your last meal baby”.

Five minutes later he’d stopped eating the juice and felt oddly sleepy and sluggish. The poisons in her juices had started to take the desired effect, paralyzing him, to the point that he could barely move. Suddenly she wiggled her hips as if to get them into another position and started to produce silk, similar to spider silk. After a sufficient amount had been deposited over his head she swung her body up bringing her feet in contact with the ceiling bringing her prey up and anchoring him to the ceiling. After she was sure he was secure she swung her legs back down and brought one toe up to her vagina. Pulling a thread of fresh silk from her vagina she touched it to his weakened struggling body attaching it to his head.

Hanging from the ceiling by her hands she started spinning him with her feet and laughing her deep throaty laugh, while her vagina released silk in abundance as she wrapped her victim in a silk cocoon. All Joe could feel was the wet hot sticky silk cocooning his body, after what had seemed like hours he stopped spinning. Totally cocooned in silk he heard a deep throaty laugh.

“You have a very strong life aura about you,” She said whispering in his ear. “I own you and your sperm will taste delicious. You see sweety I’m a spider and you’re my fly, because of your life force you will feed me for years to come. The pussy juice you ate will be your sustenance it will keep you alive and keep you fresh. Your basic toilet functions have been shut down but you’ll still live to serve my dietary needs.” She laughed her deep throaty laugh and said, “Mmmmmmmmm!! Yummy its time to eat”.

She went spread eagle and rubbed her pussy against the ceiling anchoring herself to the ceiling by a thread of silk a few inches from her prey. With a quick carefully placed swipe with a fingernail she freed his cock which was now swollen and ready to cum. She brought her legs up and surrounded his head pulling it into her pussy, wrapped her lips around his swollen member and cherished the sudden explosive release of cum. There was a weak struggle from the cocooned prey and a small whimper followed by a moan of sheer pleasure from the cocoon. Sue cocked a little smile as she devoured the manly donation!!

* * *

It had been 3 weeks since he had fallen prey to Sue. He’d gotten used to the feeling of being hung from the ceiling in a cocoon of silk. It had got to where he almost looked forward to the daily feeding sessions. Feeling Sue’s wet hot pussy covering his face and feeling her drain his cock. Sometimes she would feed and then hang from the ceiling and whisper words of comfort in his ear, often using names like sweet meat, sugar cock, and my luscious little fly. Each time he’d struggle to free himself and fail while she hung there and laughed her deep throaty laugh saying, “Keep trying my luscious little fly, you’ll never break my pussy silk cocoon. I own you and will always have you”.

Sometimes she’d purposefully play with him just to see him struggle. Morning came early the next day, the usual routine took place as she left she reached up and caressed her prey’s cocoon and then left to do her days errands. Later that day Sue had went to the market when she sensed something she hadn’t felt in a long time. With every fiber of her being on alert she looked around until she spotted the source of her distress, standing in a corner of the parking lot watching her was a woman. Red haired with a well built body, large firm tits and a very proportionate ass. She looked at her apprehensively, and then walked over to her. She knew who she was or rather what she was, Sue walked up and talked first. “How long have you been here Marsha?” she sneered.

Marsha replied, “Long enough to trace you, last time we met I almost had you” Marsha said with a grin.

Sue looked back and said, “I’m sick of this game, so what’s say we settle this once and for all”.

Marsha grinned and said, “Fine name the time and place.” So Sue gave her the info and left.

Sue came home and left the door open. Went to the corner of the front room and moved the coffee table, she pulled up a previously hidden door and went down the stairs. Leaving the door open behind her she got to the bottom and started undressing. After putting her clothes to the side Sue pulled a strand of silk from her pussy and attached it to the wall just at ankle level. She then crawled up the wall and spread her legs, rubbing her pussy on the ceiling she descended on a thread till she met the floor. She then finished the trap by connecting 2 lines coming from the center at 90 degree angles and anchored them to the wall. She then laid on her back and spread her legs waiting.

Sure enough Marsha had shown, spying the open door she followed it downstairs after removing her clothing, something moved in her swollen vagina, it was a stinger, for she was a wasp and was very hungry but still not so sure of herself. She’d reached the bottom of the steps and stopped to sniff the air. That’s when she heard Sue’s deep throaty laugh and heard her reply “Here any time you're ready bitch”.

Marsha looked over and saw her intended prey laying spread eagle on the floor. Getting excited Marsha forgot about the obvious traps and fell right into it, she stumbled as her ankle tripped on the thread laid by Sue, falling headlong her face was thrust straight into Sue’s waiting snatch. She let out a muffled scream as Sue wrapped her legs around her and pulled her deep into her pussy, spasming immediately. She started feeding her prey her pussy juice, Marsha let muffled screams as Sue held tight. Marsha went to find hand holds and found her hands stuck to the two strands of silk coming from the ceiling strand.

Sue let out a deep throaty laugh, Marsha struggled but was losing the fight from the drowsiness and paralysis from the pussy juice. After a few minutes Marsha stopped eating almost totally paralyzed, Sue wiggled her hips and started producing a sheet of silk. Totally cocooning Marsha’s head she then grabbed Marsha’s legs and secured them with her ankles pinned behind her head, she then stuck her pussy on Marsha’s face and wiggled until she had a thread attached, she then crawled up the anchor thread she had placed before and anchored her to the ceiling.

Satisfied that her prey was secure she then started wrapping her prey in a cocoon of silk by spinning her with her feet while she let loose a thick layered ream of silk. After five minutes she stopped spinning her prey. Marsha unable to move felt the wet hot sticky silk covering her body .Whimpering she moaned her protest while Sue was completing her wrapping job. After wrapping her Sue quickly pulled her prey’s face to her vagina with her legs and bit into Marsha’s clit. The explosive pain was more than Marsha could bear. She suddenly let out a muffled high pitched scream, Sue started sucking on the now swollen clit.

With every movement Marsha made by weakly struggling, Sue’s pussy got wetter, and her nipples hardened. Sue hung there feeding, getting more and more horny!!

Three hours later, a silk cocoon hung from the basement ceiling, completely drained of all its liquid insides, Sue looked and right before she left she left a mark on the cocoon. She exclaimed as she walked up the stairs, “Well its over I won, you were so delicious and fun to torture as you were wrapped up! Good bye Marsha!” she said as she walked upstairs releasing her dark throaty laugh, and caressing her nipples.



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