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Pussy Silk 2: Out in the Park

by Robin Barnard

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© Copyright 2012 - Robin Barnard - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m+; entrap; capture; wrap; cocoon; drug; spiderwoman; web; oral; climax; bite; feed; vore; cons/nc; XX

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Part 2: Out in the Park

It had been a while since Sue had caught her prey, and although playing with him was fun, she felt that she needed something other than a toy. So after going through the nightly routine, she left her silk wrapped prey hanging from the ceiling and went out for the night!

It was a fairly busy night at the club when she pulled up and got out of the car. She handed the valet her car keys and gave him a generous tip as well as a seductive wink. She walked up to the front entrance and gave the doorman her entrance fee and walked on in.

She looked around, saw all the pretty girls dancing and spied her intended prey in the corner, 4 football players from the local college. They were rather large framed and had good build. She licked her lips and headed towards them.

“Hi guys!” she said as she walked up. “How’d y’all like to have some fun” she said with a sly grin, “I’m very horny tonight and would enjoy a good fuck from all of you!!”.

They all looked at her and although she wasn’t their type they couldn’t help but be aroused by her even though it shouldn’t have been happening. What they were unaware of was that she had started producing an aphrodesiatic hormone when she had walked up and they had no choice.

One of them bent over to kiss her and she stopped him with a gentle touch of her hands to his lips and whispered, “Not here baby, how about the park next door?” she said with a grin. They all agreed like lost puppies and followed her out the door. As she left leading them out she let out a deep throaty laugh.

The park was right across the street, it was dark and several trees, it was perfect Sue thought. She turned around when they all had gathered and said to the boys, “OK! boys we’re going to play some hide and seek but first we’re all going to get undressed”. Obediently following her lead they all undressed, she looked and sighed a little at the delicious looking cocks in front of her, she let out a deep throaty laugh, “OK! Boys hide your eyes and come and find me when I call, and no peeking!”

After leaving them in the clearing she came the first tree that she found that suited her needs, quickly and with no effort she scaled the side of it, once up at the top she rubbed her pussy against the largest branch and descended on a thread of silk. She then anchored it to the floor and then made 4 more anchor lines from the main line. She then crawled to the center of the scaffolding she’d made and started making a net of sticky silk in a spiral. When finished she crawled to the top of the tree and admired her work. Before her was a web of some 25 feet by 20 feet strung in among the trees.

Being satisfied with her work she then yelled out, “OK! Come find me my lushes little sweat meats” .

It wasn’t long before the first boy found the web almost by accident, not paying attention he ran smack into it. The feeling of the warm sticky silk felt weird on his body, disoriented at first he wondered, ‘What the Hell!!’ But soon found the answer he wished he hadn’t found, out of the corner of his eye he caught sight of some movement, but before he could react Sue was on her prey. Enveloping his head with her legs she pulled his face to her pussy, she spasmed and started the process of feeding him her juices. He screamed his muffled screams and with every struggle she pulled him in tighter. After a while the juices had the desired effect. She quickly checked see that he was sedated and secure and she started the cocooning process. Reams of silk had started to pour from her pussy as she wrapped her prey spinning him as fast as she could. After he was wrapped she carried him up to the branch that she had been waiting on and secured him to it by hanging the cocoon from his head attached to the branch.

She quickly crawled back out to the center of the web and repaired the hole made by the previous struggle and went back up and waited for the next prey to come along. While waiting the struggling cocooned football player weakly struggled and whimpered, while Sue sat watching and getting horny listening and watching him. Sure enough in came the next boy and he’d met the same fate as the first. After a couple of hours she had all of the football players cocooned swinging and struggling weakly from the poison. She went to her first victim, with a quick swipe she had his cock freed, he let out a struggling weak whimper combined with a moan, Sue just laughed her deep throaty laugh and started sucking his cock.

The first jocks friend struggled to free himself but couldn’t break the silk cocoon, he was able too see the first victim, and watched in horror, the sight he saw was terrifying and yet arousing at the same time. He looked through the silk and saw the first cocoon weakly struggling, he saw Sue’s body hanging upside down, her legs wrapped around the head of the cocoon and her lips wrapped around the cock, the weakly struggling prey letting out small muffled whimpers as she fed.

She stopped feeding for a minute and looked at her watcher. Giggling she said in a playful tone, “ Don’t worry sweet meat I’ll get to you soon enough!” and then went back to feeding on her first prey item. Sue looked over at her second victim and grinned her evil little grin and then bit down on the cock of her first victim, there was a muffled scream as he struggled to break away. Her fangs penetrated his swollen member and released the venom she was holding. Almost immediately the venom took effect and soon the muffled screams turned to muffled whimpers and then total stillness.

After what felt like hours Sue finally crawled away from the first cocoon and crawled over to the next, the football player wrapped in the second cocoon screamed and whimpered and struggled immensely, but to avail. Sue came up on him and whispered in his ear, “Your turn lucious!”

And with that she quickly enveloped his head with her legs and pulled his face into her pussy, despite the desperate struggle and muffled scream Sue continued her feast. The football player after a few minutes was lost in ecstasy, the feel of her warm wet lips wrapped around his cock milking him for all he was worth, the smell of the warm wet vagina pressed against his face. All he could do was hang there and allow her to have her way with him. When the final bite came he was to the point of total exhaustion, all he could do was let a little muffled scream and cry as the poison took its toll on him. The last thing he could remember before losing total consciousness was the deep sexually satisfied moans of pleasure emanating from Sue as she fed.

The next morning Sue sat up watching TV, totally naked from the waist down and playing with her clit cumming in the chair, and smiling as the news report came on about a giant web discovered in the park, and 4 silk wrapped cocooned football players totally drained of their fluids. Sue just grinned and thought, “Last night was a good night!!”



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