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The South American Expedition 3

by Jack Rabbit

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© Copyright 2011 - Jack Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f; bond; bdsm; leather; naked; whipped; slave; prepared; insert; spit; roasted; eaten; buried; cons; X

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Part Three

In the evening Dr. Stone was introduced to the whole tribe formally at a bonfire, and all of her clothes and personnel things were burned in that same fire. She was told it would be easier for her to assimilate their culture if there were no return path possible for her to the one she knew. The fire was symbolic, but she could see the logic behind it. She had no choice in the matter in any event as she was still bound, and naked, and deep into an unfamiliar jungle. The chief put a necklace around her neck made out of small bones, and fastened it in a manner that made it unlikely to ever fall off.

He gave her the new tribal name of Phoenix, the name meant little to the others, but to the chief and her she thought there could be only two possible meanings. She would either turn out to be a great tribal asset, reborn from the symbolic ashes of the bonfire of her belongings. Or turn into a tasty living sacrificial meal one year from then over the fires of their cookout!

Phoenix thought to herself that at least the chief had a sense of humor!

The others wore similar necklaces and she was told it identified her as belonging to their tribe. In this manor if she became lost and others found her, she would be returned, unharmed. Everyone there was dressed properly, except her. The women wore colorful dresses and sandals, the men some kind of pants or shorts and shirts. Before the end of the night everybody walked by and touched her in a friendly manor, some on her face, some of the bold men elsewhere as their women looked on. Phoenix would be a rare treat for the men, and even some of the women. The long life each of them shared meant they had an almost eternity to get tired of their spouses, and the entire tribe regularly swapped partners to spice things up.

Phoenix was the only western woman in the village, and quite attractive in the skin. She was told she would spend some time living with and serving each family, and she would be expected to learn what each of them did for the village to survive. So she understood her situation, she was told she would not only have to prove she could generate more food than she consumed, but that she could get along with all the others. Each family would vote at the end of her time if she were worth keeping, or roasting.

At first she only thought that was a joke, but in walking past a huge fire pit set up for a large spit, she wasn't so sure.

Phoenix pulled the plow to give the stock animals a rest, she planted crops, she cleaned animal pens, she did every menial job in the village mostly without complaint. Being kept naked made it clear to her and the others that she occupied a lower social status in the village, and the men thought she was nice to watch work that way as well.

The first time she said no to a job it was playful, but the chief heard her and was a man of his word. She was directly bound to two posts in the village square and held there until the whole village could turn out to see her whipped. The woman who was to whip her knew she was being playful, and thought the chief was over reacting, but she gave Phoenix the ten lashes with a switch she deserved, light and playfully. The men saw her reaction to her punishment, it was easy with her being naked. Her body gave off all the classical responses of arousal, and to a man they knew they wanted her in that position again.

None of the men had any sex with her yet, partially because they thought the chief would lay claim to her despite his assertion that the village would share her equally. He assured the men privately that he meant what he said, but he realized that her presence was already causing problems, and thought he knew how he would vote on her fate. One of the men asked his wife to visit the chief, and this kind of visit could take hours as the chief was a very passionate man. The chief knew that likely meant Phoenix would be entertaining her man, and he was happy the men were going to finally enjoy their gift.

The man manipulated Phoenix into saying no, and she sensed he only wanted to have her as she was the other day in the village square. He tied her between the two posts and worked his way from her neck to her breasts and on to her perfect pussy. Phoenix expected sex more often than she had it in the village, but she expected rough and quick sex as well. This man was turning out to be a skilled lover, and he was making her squeal and shake as he ate her to orgasm again and again. He was so in awe at her taste that he didn't even penetrate her that night.

The men apparently talked between themselves and Phoenix found herself bound and the recipient of oral sex several times a week. Some of the women wanted a taste as well, and before her year was up most of the village had tasted her. She had lovers who enjoyed giving her oral sex in the past, one in particular really enjoyed it, but she thought no more of it than that. Now she was starting to think she was special, and surely the village would keep her around now...

Some of the women were jealous of her, the men were in awe of her, and she was the subject of a lot of stress in the village. Some of the jealous women were finding all sorts of ways to punish her for small infractions in the village. Most of those found Phoenix in the village square and some woman with a switch in her hands. It wasn't friendly like her first punishment, and having the men witness her punishment only fueled their desire to have her some more. She didn't help matters by thrusting her chest out and acting like a lusty slut while getting punished in the village square, but she could clearly see the men enjoyed it.

Suddenly the punishment stopped, and Phoenix was asked to do little more work than the others, and she thought that was a sign that they decided to keep her. Her body had got more tan than it had ever been with her full year in the jungle without clothing, and she liked the idea of never wearing clothes again. Without the whippings she soon had not a mark on her perfect body, and she felt great.

She had no idea how the village voted on her until she was asked to help with the annual feast. She was given something special to drink, and it went through her and flushed out her body, much to her revulsion. She was to help with the vegetables, and to build the large fire that she thought some unfortunate animal would soon roast over. There were ceremonial leaves that she was to throw onto the fire, and she was left to do this on her own. The leaves pungent odor had an effect on her, and she was feeling over sexed like she had not ever felt in her life. She was helped to bathe as a preparation for the feast, and the women cooking helped her as part of the ritual, or so they said. They wanted to ensure she was clean after her flushing, and by the time they were done with her she was as clean as she could expect to be.

The women covered her body with special oils, and Phoenix thought it was odd that they didn't use some on themselves. They instructed her to put some more pungent leaves on the fire after adding some more wood so the coal bed would be perfect. She stood down wind from the fire as instructed and she couldn't help to notice that the pungent odor was drifting through the village as well. She thought if the smoke had the same effect on the others as on her, there would likely be one hell of an orgy before morning.

When Phoenix walked back into the cooking hut she was asked for her hands, and conditioned as she was by a year of servitude freely gave them to the woman who asked. They were bound in front of her with the leather cuffs that had become like jewelry to her, and she was now unable to pleasure herself easily, like she desperately needed to do with the influence of the pungent smoke. Two of the women held Phoenix gently and two more took a massive staff with a hooked portion near the top and inserted it and tied it off to the leather thongs on her cuffs from behind her. The staff ran along her back and ass as the women stood it up and Phoenix was hoisted into the air by her wrists.

A cross brace was placed on the heavy staff behind her pretty neck, and in front of her biceps forcing her throat into alignment with her mouth. Her forehead was lashed to the main staff and she couldn't see anything but the roof of the hut now. The first cross brace was lashed to her arms as well as the staff, and she realized she was going to be the "unfortunate animal" roasted today. When Phoenix asked one of the women if she was going to roast, she told her "oh yes" in a way that implied she was being allowed a great honor. Phoenix was told she would roast alive, and that it was an incredible experience, and even helped to sweeten the meat! She quickly said she likely didn't need any sweetening, but that roasting alive was a tradition.

The staff was placed into a hole in the ground inside the hut and a hollow wooden tube that was rounded on the end was lubed up with the same oil that she had been rubbed down with earlier. It was large in diameter, and the smooth tube had to be worked into Phoenix's ass gently so as not to damage her roast. One woman from each side lifted and bent her hanging legs at the knees to spread her ass widely, and Phoenix surprised herself by thrusting down on the thing until it was in her ass deeply. It was attached to the staff with wood dowels and a tube would be connected to it and left to drain into a bucket. It was explained to the unresisting Phoenix that this way any waste that was left in her body would be free to flow out of her as she cooked and not spoil her meat.

A second wood tube was similarly worked into her pussy as she thrust against it, and it had many holes all over it to catch anything from there as well. Her hips were attached to the staff, and another cross brace was placed through the staff and behind her knees, and tied off to them. Her ankle cuffs were tied to the staff as well and she couldn't escape or even move very much at all. The women weren't surprised to see her rocking around in her bindings trying to get herself off, they had seen it before! It seemed unnecessary to Phoenix, but they bound her to the staff just below her tits as well for good measure. She couldn't see any of what was done to her body, but she could feel it.

The four women carried the staff out to the fire pit and gently deposited the meat on the tripods that would allow the huge spit to be rotated over the fire for hours. A third hollow tube was worked into her open mouth and sufficiently down her throat so she could be flushed out with fresh water as she cooked. Care had to be taken not to drown Phoenix and allow her to breathe, but these women had been doing this for decades and knew how to place the tube properly.

Phoenix felt the heat of the fire, but it was comforting to her, and the four women rotated her spit slowly as she cooked. One of the women put more of the special leaves on the fire and Phoenix inhaled deeply and went off the edge of lust and started humping herself back and forth on her impalements, and she orgasmed intensely without shame in front of the women. The woman who took her turn near Phoenix's head told her it was good she was enjoying herself, and for her to get all she can out of this as it will also make her meat taste even sweeter for the village. The woman poured a drink into Phoenix's mouth tube and had to be careful not to disturb her breathing as she did it. The cool drink kept her cool inside, and it flowed out of her on the other end shortly afterwards as expected.

The woman was making conversation with her and told her that they didn't fully impale her because it always damaged the internal parts of the body and could ruin the taste of the roast. Phoenix was rotated slowly during this conversation and could only follow the woman's face with her eyes as she rotated. Her long hair was tied up so it wouldn't get burned, and they kept her head cool with damp rags as well. She lost track of how long she cooked, but she never got over the eroticism of being cooked alive. Every third or fourth rotation when her tits would flop down and gravity claimed them again, she would grind herself to another orgasm on her impalements.

She found herself getting tired from the orgasms, and despite the special leaves thrown onto the coals she was sleepy. The women had reoiled her and put spices on her several times, and they were with her through it all. Finally she fell asleep for what she thought was her last time, and she was happy the village would at least enjoy her roast, and she knew she would miss them...

Phoenix was woken from her sleep by a tugging on her breast, and she opened her eyes to see it was night time and she was looking the chief right in the face. At first she assumed she had woken from some kind of nightmare, but she found she couldn't move, not even her head. She came to the conclusion that she had somehow survived her roasting, and was the center piece on the serving table. She saw the chief with what could only be a portion of her breast on his plate that she felt the tugging on moments before. She concluded the tugging was some unseen person carving her meat with great care.

She saw the entire village come up on both sides of the table she was mounted on, and she saw most of her meat go past her on their simple plates. Her breasts were apparently the choice cut as they went first, followed by her rump roasts, and finally all the rest of her. All she ever felt was a tugging as she was carved, and through it all she was aware of what was happening. She heard several comments that she was as tasty as they thought she would be, and she realized why she was cooked up now. When the village was finished eating, an orgy broke out and Phoenix got to see it all from her mounted position on the table.

While the lovers were entertaining each other Phoenix was collected by the same four women that roasted her, and she was easily carried away to a part of the village she had never visited. There was a pavilion set up and several torches burning. There was also a deep pit under the roof, and what was left of Phoenix was wrapped in a cloth, and then buried vertically in the pit while still bound to the long pole. Her untouched arms and head were all that would be left above ground and unwrapped when the women were done burying her. Phoenix couldn't tell the women that she was still alive with the tube down her throat, but the women told her not to worry as they would make sure somebody was with her at all times.



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