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The South American Expedition 4

by Jack Rabbit

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© Copyright 2011 - Jack Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f; bond; naked; slave; prepared; insert; spit; roasted; eaten; buried; regrowth; bodymod; lactate; milked; ponygirl; sex; climax; cons; X

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Part Four

Phoenix endured weeks in her vertical hole with at least one person from the tribe with her at all times. She could only listen, and respond with grunts or eye motions the rare times she was awake, to the stories that the others told her, a kind of oral tradition of the long history of the tribe. She was fed through her mouth tube, and her body rebuilt itself with the special mixture of nutrients she was carefully fed. This was a special form of magic the elder village women had discovered by trial and error when they first learned of their condition brought on by the spider bite. By offering up their bodies for the ritualistic feast, they were rewarded with regrown ones that were in some cases better than the ones that were devoured by the village. The four elder women could even alter her body by varying the kind of nutrients she received at specific times.

Phoenix communicated with eye blinks when she learned this, asking for larger breasts, and the women joked that the men of the village would probably like that as well. The women added the breast enhancing nutrients, and Phoenix could eventually feel her new tits swelling under the ground, pulling her forward. The men of the village wanted her to have larger breasts as well, and not to just look at and play with, but to eventually devour as well when it was her turn to roast again. Many of them knew what to add to her feeding, that they all took responsibility for, and several did in a process that each thought was unique...

The entire village was in attendance when Phoenix was pulled from the ground in a well practiced ritual, but there was a collective gasp from the crowd when her mammoth breasts had trouble clearing the hole she was buried in. When they finally came into view it was easy to tell they were the size of watermelons, and looked all that much larger on her small frame. When she was released from the pole that had supported for weeks, she couldn't help but to fall forward on "all fours" with the pull of her massive breasts and her atrophied muscles. She was so unbalanced by them that she couldn't stand upright on her own two legs, much like the cow she now thought she resembled. Her muscles would need to be strengthened, but those in attendance doubted she would ever be able to walk upright without assistance! Poor Phoenix couldn't even see her lower body now, and looked up at the four women as if to say "what did you do to me?" Phoenix didn't notice the look of guilt on several of the men's faces, but she did see many of them ever so slightly lick their lips.

Phoenix stood there in front of the village on all four "legs", displayed like a prize heifer at some kind of farmers auction. She swayed on her weak muscles, and her massive breasts swayed with her in a very erotic manor. She was pale on her new skin, and still somewhat tan on her old skin, giving her the blotchy appearance of a Jersey cow.

The chief knelt close by her and had a very quiet discussion with her and asked what she wanted to do; did she want those who made her like she was to be punished, or did she want to serve the village again, this time in a more "primitive" way? The chief knew how she would answer, and he adored her even more because of her selfless desire to serve the village. Phoenix only had to smile for the chief, and he smiled back in a knowing way.

...Months later Phoenix could be seen hitched to the plow and pulling it through the field, with one of the men driving her along. They had made her a series of leather rings that formed into a harness, and it had the dual purpose of attaching her to the plow, and restraining her massive swinging breasts. There was also a lower harness that went between her now muscular legs, and between the two she could pull like an ox. There was also a leather bit in her mouth, playfully gagging her and making it easier to control her with a snap of the leather reins on her bare back. She was naked except for a small strip of cloth that covered her ass and sex from behind like a real cow's tail. The only reason it was there was without it she was far too distracting to her drivers from their respective positions behind. The man driving her along that day was one of the ones that helped her to get her massive breasts, and their swinging about, even harnessed as they were was driving him insane. Phoenix had leather pads on her little hands and feet, and walked on all four most of the time these days, especially when pulling a heavy load.

The man decided to take his mid morning break early, the others who took their turn driving her earlier in the week had done much the same thing. She was driven over to a shade tree and the man stepped off the plow and walked behind her, and stripped in seconds. He had himself positioned behind her and he pulled her reins to back her onto his throbbing member. Phoenix squealed in delight and he pulled her onto himself with the reins in his teeth as the tall man reached out with his large hands to mash her breasts. She had made no secret of the fact that her massive breasts needed to be roughed up to help milk them out and keep them from bloating even more than they were.

The man had good staying power, and she rocked up against him long enough to loose her focus and daydream as her first orgasm approached...

She realised she had the dual purpose of pulling the cart or plow, and providing milk for the entire village. Others took their turn milking her as she laid on her custom made bench with her breasts hanging through the two large holes purposely made for her. The only way she could sleep comfortably was on her bench, and sometimes she was milked early without even waking her. The village had made her her own barn like house, and the men, and even some of the women took turns strapping her to her bench and having their fun with the unresisting Phoenix, who was still the sweetest tasting woman in the village. She couldn't help the fact that she was perpetually horned up, and either her ass or pussy got used every day, sometimes more than once! The helplessness turned her on almost as much as the sex, and she realised she was a natural "cow girl".

...There was suddenly a shaking in the jungle, Phoenix had heard and felt it only yesterday at about the same time. The motions got more violent by the second until she couldn't ignore it no matter how hard she tried. She reared up on her hind legs with the pull of the bit in her mouth, and she was making as much noise as one can with a bit... It was over in minutes, she was down on the ground and panting, and the man behind her looked all proud that he had something to do with such a powerful orgasm. The loss of her freedom, the harness and bit, the forced nudity, and even being treated like an animal were all parts of the same puzzle, that when assembled brought on the most intense orgasms on earth. As she came back to earth she realised she eventually had a third purpose, beef cow! One day when it was her turn to roast again, the village would feast on her improved body, and maybe there would even be enough choice meat for everybody to get a first helping.

The end.



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