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by Herbie Ham

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© Copyright 2006 - Herbie Ham - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/fff; lingerie; bond; rope; prepared; display; objectify; candles; wax; food; served; sushigirl; MF/f+; diners; chopsticks; tease; non-vore; cons; X

It’s been quite a while since Kevin had me for dinner. Things were going pretty well between us, seemed like everyday he would peel some layer off me, exposing yet another emotion, freeing another inhibition. Sometimes it was scary. Sometimes it was exhilarating. Mostly though it just felt good.

It helped of course to know that we weren’t alone in the world. Sometimes we’d sit together at the computer and surf various sites. We gathered our fair share of favourites, and sometimes we even copied what we saw.

My favourite was Muki’s kitchen.

Surfing it I sometimes regretted that Kevin hadn’t taken more photos of my adventure in the oven. (see - Woodies First Dinner) Every time I looked at them all the feelings came back, and, well even though the woman in the photos was clearly me, it wasn’t, if that makes sense. I felt disconnected from them.  Almost as if they were of someone else, and I’d never really experienced the whole deal. And of course that day was always there in the background between us. I think we felt that we’d crossed some forbidden line. But I wanted to cross it again.

One thing I had learnt from Kevin, keeping things bottled up didn’t work. So I asked him, when would I experience being a dinner again?

Imagine my disappointment when he said that the kitchen was no longer available. 

But my tummy leapt in that wonderful way when he said, “Leave it up to me, I'll organise something”


So here we are. Friday evening, and we are driving into town. And I’m in a large fluffy dressing gown, starkers under it, hands discreetly cuffed in front, and another adventure is about to occur. I’m trying to hide my excitement, but it’s useless.

I’m going to dinner again.

I’m going to be dinner again. Or something similar.

But secretly I’m also shitting myself in fear, because Kevin has already warned me, no knowing friends tonight, tonight I’m going to be exposed to strangers.

And I’m really a little bit worried about that word exposed.

But, and its an important but, I've learnt to trust Kevin.


We arrive at a back street somewhere in Surrey Hills. The sun is just setting, but it’s not dark enough to hide me. But that doesn’t stop Kevin. I know the drill now, I gave up control the moment my hands were joined together, and I just have to go along for the ride, enjoy the show. (Or enjoy being the show!)

He opens the door, undoes my seatbelt. Taking my hands he leads me to a discreet green door on a very expensive looking residence. “Bordello” flashes through my mind. Butterflies rise as I hear movement behind the door. It opens to a lovely looking girl, casually dressed. 

She Smiles, “Kevin? and guest?”

He affirms with a nod.

“OH Good!” She turns and yells into the Hall. “Amend, the other table girl is here!”

“Another?” I think.

A wonderful friendly smile, “Come on in, come on in.”

She doesn’t seem at all surprised at my handcuffs, “Kevin, they will have to come off, we’ll take her from here.”

Kevin frees me, “Have fun sweetie, I'll see you soon, remember, just go for the ride.”

And with that he disappeared, and the girl led me out to the back, and Amend. I’ve seen Amend before, or people like her, but only on the net. All leather, thigh high boots. Black makeup. “oh oh” I thought, “What has Kevin got me into now?” But when she spoke all my apprehension just melted away, under all that scary clothing was a really, really nice girl.

“OH welcome, my name is Amend, now I believe Kevin hasn’t told you what you are here for?”

“Aaah, no, but I’m thinking it might be a bit way out.”

She smiled “Nothings way out at this place.”

Then just like that she got very business like, “You understand what a safe word is?”


“Well your’s is to click your fingers 3 times, I understand you will co-operate?’

“Umm, yes” too late now to back out, but, well, you know me by now, once I've started these crazy things I’m like a freight train, unstoppable.

“Good, now please undress, I've got some new things for you to wear.”

She led me to a nice big cupboard, and began to hand me exotics. A bright red camisole. Long red stockings, red panties, elbow length red gloves. Lovely (yes red) high heels. All new, and bright and very, very, pretty. Then she led me into yet another room, where I met 2 other girls, Sam and Teresa.

We exchanged nervous smiles and hellos as Amend disappeared.

“Scared?” asked Sam.

I had to admit I was a little.

“If it’s your first time don’t be, sometimes it gets a little uncomfortable, but I think you will enjoy it”.

I couldn’t help wondering what “it” was.

Then Amend swept back in, “Time Ladies, and if you need the toilet, now is your last chance.”

It then became dream like. How do you describe the emotions of what happened next, of fantasy fulfilled?

Amend led us to this huge round table. At her urging we climbed onto it, and laid down, our feet into the middle, spread evenly about. The table was so big at least 3 feet was left between our heads and the edge. Amend climbed on as well, and arranged our feet so that they all just touched each other, leaving a circle in the middle. Like magic the girl who had met us at the door appeared, totally transformed now by the outfit she wore. (I think I started to shake at this stage)

A gigantic red candle was passed to Amend, and she carefully placed it in the circle made by our feet. Then ropes appeared as if by magic, and before you could say, oops, stuck again, we were stuck together. Amend was an expert, it all happened very quickly, before very long all three of us were bound to the table, hands above us, candle as centre piece to Amend's “display”

But she wasn’t finished yet.

More large red candles appeared, these were carefully placed between our knees, and on our stomachs. I found my bound hands holding another one. Each candle was smaller as you worked your way to the edge of the table. It was becoming very quickly apparent that we were being transformed into a centre piece table display, all red, all symmetrical, all kinky as hell, and feeling very, very exposed.

Amanda’s face appeared above mine. “Open up sweetie”

I didn’t really expect what came next, another candle in a soft plastic holder; she placed it carefully into my mouth, stretching it wide, tongue struggling to find room. It had a string through its base, and I found a hidden feature of the table, 2 small holes at my cheeks for the string. Now all I could do was look straight up, view full of candle.


But it had happened again.

I'd been turned into an object, I'd surrendered, and it felt so hot.


More people entered the room, bringing trays of cold seafood, prawns and crabs and lobsters, mountains of food. Without any preliminaries, food began to pile up around us; I heard a squeal from one of the other girls as cold seafood came to rest somewhere. More people, more food, more arranging. Decorations. Cutlery. And that wonderful, go with the flow, disconnect began to overwhelm me. The way they just ignored us, just used us as part of the decorations……..

Sushi and Sashimi came next, decorating our actual bodies, carefully displayed on my breasts and thighs and belly. It felt deliciously cold. My nipples hardened at its gentle cold touch. I tried to hold myself still, so not to ruin the display. Finally they finished, and we were left alone with Amend.

“Well done ladies “ she whispered, as the lights dimmed in the room, to a soft romantic light. “Now we have a lot of guests, a lot. Expect to remain here for at least three hours, remember the safe word, you will be perfectly safe.”

She moved out of sight, and I heard the click, click, of a gas lighter.

“You really do look beautiful Sushi girls.”

She lit the candles on her display, smiling wickedly at my face as she lit the last one somewhere above my nose. Then a brief, pregnant silence as she left the room.

Oh, the feelings then. The helplessness. The exposure. The smell of the candle, the anticipation of what would happen as the 1st runs of melting wax crawled down onto our bodies. The touch and smell of the seafood piled about us.

Soft groans, of what, desire?

I suppose so.

The sound of a growing crowd on the other side of the wall.

The wax wasn’t so bad, our feet twitch, and we would give little jumps as it splashed onto us, but the stockings protected us well. The candle in our mouths was long, the wax slowly ran down, pooled on our lips, began to build layers on layers. And then, after about 15 minutes, time enough for our bodies to respond, to glow with that lustful glow that only females can emit, dinner was announced.

Cries of delight and awe at Amanda’s display.


“Help yourself people.”

And so dinner was served.

A blur of feelings, chopsticks gently taking sushi from a breast, discreet tweaks of a nipple. Smiling faces. A Jealous look from some poor repressed wife I suppose, giggles and sligh comments, especially whenever one of us groaned or sighed in frustration. Sweet smell of musk, of heat, filled the air.

Kevin briefly appeared in my vision, eyes twinkling in delight. Raised eyebrows “happy?” Oh he knew how I felt. That slight, infuriating almost mocking look. Oh, he knew how I felt. Discreet fingers, gently rubbing exposed thigh. Driving the frustration and desire even higher. And leaving me hanging.

The dream went on, the piles of food disappeared, but the disconnect just intensified. Even as my body stiffened, ached at the strain, my mind just escaped into another world. It was just so easy to become an object, a pretty, no, beautiful decoration. Possessed, cherished, controlled.

How long?

Hours? Days?. And my body burned for him. 

Amend swept in, and the guests seemed to melt away, other “entertainments” awaited them, “other displays”. Idly I wondered if one day I would be one. After all I hadn’t melted in mortification at being under the gaze of so many, no, not at all. Gently she prised the candle from my jaws, “Well done ladies,” she whispered, “well done.”

Movement, smiles, sighs of relief as the other two girls are released. Quick kisses of thanks. Amend approaches again, now that the end is near, my arms suddenly tell me how numb they are going. I need Kevin BAD

Darkness, as soft, soft silk takes away my sight.

A final gentle whisper “reward time”.

“Hello Sushi girl, Oh, I am so hungry.”

Table creaking. Hot breath blowing gently on hotter body.

Tension against bonds, trapped desire, building , building……

Sushi girl was going to make a great dinner………




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