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The Women Digesting Snake Club

by Dr. Troy

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© Copyright 2012 - Dr. Troy - Used by permission

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The Discovery

Mandy was a 19 year old beautiful young student who had started her first semester in biology. Since she was a small child she had always been interested in biology and animals especially amphibians like slugs and reptiles. Snakes always fascinated her and she always found them very erotic, as they reminded her of a huge slimy cock. Her opinion of snakes was that they where the perfect lover for a woman.

She lived with her mom who was a beautiful 37-old blonde until she got the opportunity to study in a city about 200 miles away from her hometown. She had never met her dad who was about 46 years old as he had gotten her mother pregnant when she was 18 and just disappeared as soon as he heard he would become a father. Her mother then had lots of relationships with many older men and Mandy didn’t mind. Those older men for her where like a short time father for her to replace her real dad.

She always had a crush on older men, longing for a father she never had and she lost her virginity to an old stranger who talked to her on her way back from high-school. He offered to go shopping with her and buy as her as much lingerie as she wanted.

Her mom was always wearing pantyhose and nylons and she taught her daughter to do so, too. Mandy loved to wear smooth and shiny sheer to waist pantyhose, it made her feel like a sensual woman and her mother always taught her that real women always wear nylons over her legs to attract men. She never wore panties under her hose, she loved the smooth feeling of the nylon on her shaven pussy.

Mandy was a very attractive young girl with long blond hair, beautiful d-cup breasts, with a slim sportive body. She took good care of her body, shaving all of her body hair, always putting on make up and always made certain that she was dressed sexily, mostly in short satin dresses or mini skirts with high heels and always in nylons.

She rented a little apartment that she could afford in her new town. Her first home that she could decorate to her own taste. A huge bed with satin sheets in different colors, a little extra wardrobe full of the sexy lingerie she loved to wear. But the most important item in her new apartment was her computer. She loved to chat or discover forums and sites that could satisfy her sexual fantasies.

After a few month of seriously studying, she got confused, asking herself if this is really what she wanted to do. “Do I really want to become a biologist, then marry and become a mother?”

Her sexual fantasies involved vore since she was a little child. To be a helpless slave girl dominated by a strong master and sacrifice herself to him. To get back into the safety of her mother’s womb where she would be secure and had to take no responsibility anymore. A place where she could be herself, like a child obeying a master for being protected.

She was sick of her life, she hated to make her own decisions, so she made her last decision in her life: she wanted to die, in the belly of a giant snake digested alive!!!

The Decision

She put on her favourite song in her CD player and started to search in the internet. Out of her speakers “Alphaville’s long version of “sounds like a melody” was playing. Typing words like “snakevore”, “girl willing to be devoured” or “alive digestion” in google, she could find no satisfying matches until she found a site called “the women digesting snake club”

There where many pictures of beautiful young women getting devoured alive by snakes, ending up as a big bulge in the middle of the serpents. They didn’t look like those photo manipulations she knew from other websites. These looked very realistic.

She downloaded a video where a beautiful young redhead was swallowed feet first by a huge green snake. The girl did not attempt to fight, she was doing this freely. She was squirming in a steady state of orgasm as the snake devoured her alive until she was just a bulge moving into the snakes stomach.

Then Mandy suddenly understood and her eyes opened wide in fear as her heart was beating fast. “These aren’t manipulations, these pictures and videos are real”. The snakes were real and so were the girls.

“Oh my god” she thought, “there are thousands of pictures and videos of different young women who end in a snakes stomach. Those girls were all eaten for real”.

There was even a live webcam where the visitors of the site could watch 24 hours a day how the last victim was struggling in a snake’s stomach, slowly disintegrating alive for weeks.

In the forum she read that it took about 4 weeks until a woman was totally digested in a snake’s belly. But it took about 3 weeks for the prey to die!

It also said that any woman who wanted to volunteer and nourish a snake with her body had to fill out a form where she had to type her full name, age, address, phone number and email. A volunteer also had to send at least 4 pictures of herself, 2 of them had to be nude pictures.

If she would be accepted by the club, they would get in contact with her.

Then she read in big letters: “WARNING! If the club accepts your body as snake food, there is no way to go back. If you change your mind you will forcibly be fed to your predator. As soon as the club agrees to your application, your body is nothing more then food for a giant snake. Therefore think carefully before you send your application”.

“Guess that the girls in some videos who weren’t looking so happy while their feeding time, where those who changed their mind after sending their application”, Mandy thought. They were bound, screaming and fighting on their way into their snake’s stomach.

“I wouldn’t change my mind” she thought to herself, “I’ve made my decision”.

With that she filled out the form and attached some pictures that she felt were flattering of herself. Her hands were shivering as she was holding the computer mouse, the cursor resting on the send button. Her heart was pounding fast. “Ok, now or never” she said, swallowing down hard and clicking the left mouse button…

She went to bed, dressed in a short black satin nightdress and black pantyhose, falling quickly asleep and dreaming of getting digested alive in a snake’s tummy.


Three days later Mandy received a phone call.

A dominant female sexy voice was talking to her.

“Am I talking to Mandy?” the voice said.

“Yes” she answered, her heart was beating fast.

“You have been accepted as food for our serpents, from now on you are nothing more than snake chow”

“Oh my god” Mandy shouted out. “Thank you so much”

“Now shut up and listen to me, your new name now is snake food number 2669, is that clear?”

“Yes ma’am”

“Your feeding has been scheduled for Saturday November the 6th, so you have two weeks to wrap up all of your affairs. At 10 am on the 4th you will be picked up at your house, make sure to be dressed as instructed in the email we will send you. If you change your mind in regards to your volunteering, be aware there is no way to prevent your destiny. You can’t hide from us, we will find you and your feeding will be much more uncomfortable then you wished. Did you understand that?”

“Yes ma’am, I won’t change my mind, my decision is clear” Mandy answered shyly.

“Good girl” the woman on the phone answered, “so do as you’ve been instructed snake food number 2669”.

“I will , thank you very much”

With that she hung up the phone, knowing her fate was sealed.

Mandy was in heaven, her darkest fantasy would be fulfilled soon. The next days she took all of her money from her bank account and sent it to her mom. She wrote a letter to her best friend Julie where she explained everything and wished her the best for her future. She knew that Julie (who was more than her friend but also her part time lover) would understand, because she was the only person with whom she shared her vore fantasies.

On the evening of the 3rd, dressed in a long champagne colored satin negligee and shiny white pantyhose, she was so nervous she knew she couldn’t sleep. So she drank a bottle of wine while listening to some relaxing electronic chill out music. Setting her alarm clock to 7 am, she took a valium and went to bed, falling into a dreamless sleep.

Her alarm clock ringing she woke up. Feeling a bit dizzy from the valium she took, she had breakfast and went to the bathroom. After stripping off her nightgown, taking a long shower where she again shaved her long legs, her pussy and her armpits, she stepped to her wardrobe to get dressed as instructed.

She grabbed a black pair of shiny nude sheer to waist satin sheer pantyhose from her drawer, then she pointed the toes on her left foot and slipped the hose over her foot and, wiggling her toes she slid the pantyhose up to her knee. Then her right foot. She stood up and wiggled her hips into the sheer panty and released the waistband with a little snap. After admiring herself in the huge mirror she put on a bra and an elegant long black satin dress. Then she attached the straps of her favourite high heeled black sandals on her nylon covered feet.

She went to her bathroom again and put on her make up, then drying her long hair. She put on her favourite perfume and some jewelery.

Dressed up like this she was sitting on her bed waiting.

Suddenly her cell phone began to ring.


“Snake food number 2669?” a male voice was asking her.


“Leave your house, on the other side of the street is a black Mercedes S-type with darkened windows. Open the back door on the right side and get in”

“Yes sir” she said hanging up her phone.

She stepped outside and saw the huge black Mercedes parking on the other side of the road.

“These people have class” she thought to herself as she opened the door and stepped in.

“Welcome snake food number 2669” the very attractive black haired young girl sitting in the back smiled at her.

She was dressed in a short shiny latex dress with shiny black pantyhose and heels.

“My name is Alicia and we are very happy that such a beautiful girl like you is going to volunteer in our club” the dark haired girl said in a charming voice.

“The pleasure is on my side” Mandy answered “I am happy that you give me the opportunity to fulfil my desires”

“You’re welcome honey” she said.

“Ok Felix” Alicia said to the about 55 year old overweight driver.

“Let’s go”

“Sure” he said, “bringing you to your feeding snake food number 2669” he was grinning.

The trip took about 7 hours.

“Are you snake food, too” Mandy asked Alicia.

“Sure” Alicia said, “see my branding? You will get one of those, too before your feeding”. She showed Mandy her branding on her left butt cheek: a snake with “snake food number 2766” written underneath.

“I volunteered for the club two years ago, guess I have some months left until I will get the honor to nourish a snake with my body”.

“Oh honey, I feel so happy for you” Mandy sighed, both lowering their lips and starting to tongue each other.

“Mmmmmh” Alicia moaned both of the sexy women kissing and tonguing each other passionately.

“We are beautiful young girls and the only reason for our existence is to nourish those wonderful snakes. This is my religion, this is what I believe in, the snakes are our gods” Alicia moaned.

“Yes they are” Mandy said, “I am a believer, too”.

The rest of the trip continued with Alicia and Mandy kissing, caressing and licking each other, all the time watched by Felix through the back mirror.

The Club

They arrived at the club at 7 pm.

It was a huge modern building with lots of big windows and a very large basement.

Alicia and Mandy stepped into the hall where there was a dinner party crowded with people. All the people were dressed very elegantly, the man wearing suits and ties and the women dressed in long silk evening-dresses or short cocktail dresses. Some of the girls were dressed in S+M outfits with tight dresses made out of rubber or PVC. Mandy also realized that every woman was wearing sheer shiny nylons, either pantyhose or stockings with a garter belt.

The people were talking and laughing while drinking champagne and eating hor deuvres. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

Then a huge woman in her forties stepped in front of Alicia and Mandy. She was dressed in a long tight black latex dress with high heeled sandals exposing her red painted toes in her black nylons. She was slightly overweight and even for her age she looked gorgeous. There was no doubt that she was very dominant.

“Oh Mistress Veronica”, Alicia said in a submissive shivering voice. It seemed that she was afraid of this woman.

“We just arrived, with Mandy snake food number 2669”

“Mmmmh” the mistress said, eyeing Mandy as if she were nothing but meat.

“You are even prettier than in the pictures you sent us. Your snake will surly enjoy you for his feeding and so will we”

“Thank you Mistress Veronica” Mandy answered, realizing this was the woman she talked to on the phone. “It is a great honor for a girl like me to give my body for nourishment to your snakes”.

“It sure is”, the mistress answered in a harsh voice. “Now come with me to the stage, I want to introduce you to our members”.

Following her to the stage, Mistress Veronica grabbed a microphone.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud to introduce to you Mandy snake food number 2669. This beautiful intelligent young girl was a student of biology until she decided to donate her gorgeous body to the sake of our serpents. Now she is nothing more than snake chow. Her feeding will be in two days.”

The crowd was cheering loud and applauding.

“Now please everyone come with us to our basement for the preparation of our new volunteers and today’s feeding”

Moving with the crowd to the basement, the men at the club were making compliments about Mandy’s beauty and telling her how much they would enjoy watching her be devoured by one of the snakes.

The women were congratulating her, commenting on how lucky she was and that they hoped their time to sacrifice themselves to one of the predators would come soon.

Mandy got so much attention, more than she ever got before and she felt like a ball queen in high school. She loved this club, the men were all older then 40 years (the type of men she liked most) and the girls were mostly no older that 26.

Down in the basement the initiation of the new volunteers began. Mandy and 2 other girls were bound over a wooden horse, unable to move. Their pantyhose were dragged down over their butts and 3 branding irons where put out of the fireplace next to them. The first man took the gleaming steel in his hand and without hesitation he pressed it against the first girl’s left ass cheek.

“HSSSSSS”, the sound of the hot iron was burning her skin, as the poor girl was screaming in agony and ecstasy.

Now came the turn for the second girl. One perhaps 18 years old with long red hair and ivory pale skin.

“Noooooo please don’t do that to me, please I beg you don’t hurt meaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…”

“Tsheeeeeeeee”, the hot iron was branding itself into her baby smooth skin.

“Now because you are my favourite piece of girlmeat, you will receive your branding from your Mistress. So be aware of this honour and act like a good girl”, Mistress Veronica announced to Mandy in a merciless voice.

Mandy was the bravest of the girls. As the hot metal was burning into her soft skin she made no attempt to cry. Suppressing the terrible pain she suddenly felt an orgasm raising up in her tummy.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmh”, she was moaning, struggling furiously in her bounds, the orgasmic pleasure overwhelming the tremendous pain in her left ass cheek.

After the initiation the 3 girls were freed from their bounds, pulling up their pantyhose again, as everybody was heading for the feeding room in the basement.

The Feeding Of the Twins

There were two beautiful twin girls waiting in the feeding area. Both looked exactly the same, about 20 years old with smooth long brown hair, huge breasts and a slim body. Both of them were only wearing hold up stockings. It was obvious that those twins were lovers as the one called Simone lay on her back. Her twin sister Isabelle crawled over her in a 69 position pushing her bald pussy into Simone’s face and started to kiss and lick her sister’s pussy deeply. Both of their faces where smeared with cum from their pussies as they were tonguing and licking each others love channels, moaning loud and crying in ecstasy.

A loud “oooohhhhhhh” and “aaaaaaaaahhhhhh” emerged from the crowd as they saw the huge about 50 feed long golden shimmering snake approaching the girls.

The snake didn’t hesitate putting Simone’s white nylon covered feet in his mouth.

Simone felt her nyloned feet enter the snake’s slimy throat as she continued deeply tonguing her sister’s cunt. The snakes head closed over Isabelle’s head pressing her lips deep into her sister’s pussy. Hearing muffled cries from Isabelle’s head in her sister’s crotch and the snakes mouth.

As Isabelle’s head entered the snake’s throat, her face was forced even deeper in Simone’s pussy, making her moan in deep ecstasy. The snake moved further over Isabelle’s body and Simone’s well shaped breasts. Isabelle’s beautiful face was in the warm slimy gullet of the snake forcing her face deep into her sister’s love channel. Now the snake’s mouth was closing over Isabelle’s curvy ass and her sister’s head. As his throat closed over Simone’s face, her mouth was licking deep in her sister’s interiors.

The last scene the audience saw in the open mouth of the serpent was Simone’s tan nyloned feet disappearing into the slimy throat of the predator. With a loud “smack” they entered the snakes stomach full of slimy digesting liquids.

The people could watch the bulge of the two twin lovers squirming in the snakes tummy. Licking each others cunts while getting digested alive. No one knew how the snakes could keep their victims alive for so long without air, only the victims knew. But they never had the chance to tell anyone.

Mandy was deeply moved by the beautiful scene she just witnessed. The twins were born together in their mother’s womb and now they would melt together again in the snake’s stomach.

“Ok, Ladies and Gentlemen, this was tonight’s show. I hope you all enjoyed the feeding of Simone and Isabelle. Feel free to watch the complete digestion of our latest preys on our live webcam or in our voyeur room. Have a good vorish night and see you tomorrow for the next feeding”, Mistress Veronica announced.

With that the people started to leave the club, entering their luxury cars and driving home.

“We’re not finished yet” Mistress Veronica announced to Mandy, her pussy soaking wet with just what she had seen.

Grabbing Mandy by her long blond hair she pulled her to another small room in the basement.

“This is your room for tonight”, the mistress said in a cruel voice, “sleep well my love”, as she pushed Mandy into a little room and locked the door…


The room was about 10 to 10 feet small. The ground, the walls and the ceiling were covered in a black, soft PVC material like a cushion.

As she heard a soft sobbing she realized she was not alone. In a corner of the cell was a beautiful young girl silently crying, holding her face between knees. It was the redheaded girl who had received her branding together with Mandy and the other girl.

“Hey honey, what’s wrong with you?” Mandy asked stroking her hand over the girl’s beautiful red hair.

“I‘m gonna die, oh my god I will be digested alive in a snake’s stomach tomorrow. It is going to be a wedding ceremony and I will be the snake’s bride”, the girl sobbed looking into Mandy’s face.

“Shhhhhh”, Mandy said taking the girl’s head in her arms and guiding it softly to her huge breasts.

“Of course you will be the snake’s bride and this is wonderful”

“Wonderful??? What’s so wonderful about being nothing more than snake food?” The girl looking up again.

“What’s your name sweetie?” Mandy asked her in a loving voice.

“E.. Emily”, the girl sobbed.

“Emily, wasn’t it your free choice to give your beautiful body for the sake of the serpents, wasn’t it always your strongest sexual fantasy to be devoured by a huge snake? To become one with your beloved husband forever and be a good bride for him. Willing to sacrifice everything for your real love”.

“Yes of course it was and I was so sure of myself, but now as it has become reality, I am so scared” the girl answered burying her face again in Mandy’s d-cup breasts, crying.

“Now look at me Emily”, Mandy said holding the girl’s head in her hands.

“You are a very sensual beautiful girl, the only reason that nature created us is to be snake food. Be proud of your body and be honored that the snakes desire you as food. The snakes are very picky about that, they only devour very attractive girls. So be aware of this honor and don’t waste your life living in the “normal standards” like getting married and founding a family”.

“Really?” Emily sobbed, “I mean do you really think I am beautiful?”

“You are amazing my love”, Mandy sighted as Emily suddenly kissed her on her red lips, pushing her tongue deep into Mandy’s mouth.

“Please make me feel beautiful”, Emily moaned and ripped the crotch of her black pantyhose with her long pink nails. Then she took Mandy’s head in her hands and guided it between her legs. Mandy was getting terribly aroused as her lips were just in front of Emily’s shaven pink pussy.

“Make me feel loved again for the last time before I will give all of my love to the serpent that awaits me tomorrow”.

Mandy’s face on front of those beautiful pink pussy lips couldn’t resist any longer, breathing heavily she pushed her red painted lips on Emily’s pink vagina. Her long tongue invading the interiors of her love channel, licking up her sweet tasting love juices and swallowing down eagerly. Then Mandy ripped up the crotch of her own pantyhose with her long red nails. Crawling over Emily in 69 she pushed her shaven pussy into the little girl’s beautiful face.

Emily’s tongue started to lick out Mandy’s wet cunt, swallowing down eagerly the thick fluids dripping from Mandy’s glimmering pink love channel. Both of those beautiful maidens were lying on the floor, licking out the sweet nectar out of one another’s love holes until they both were squirming in a steady state of orgasmic ecstasy that took them for about 6 hours. Exhausted and tired they both felt into a very long sleep, their faces still buried deep in each others smooth pussies.

The Marriage of Emily

The next day the beautiful lover’s awoke. They had no sense of time. They waited excited for what would be next. Continuing licking and caressing each other.

“Today is my wedding” Emily said in a sad voice.

“Yes I know my love, today is the proudest day of your life. Be strong, I know you are”

“Will you be my witness at the marriage as I get devoured”, Emily asked.

“I will ask Mistress Veronica, if she agrees I’ll stay with you and give you strength to do it”

“Thank you my beautiful love, I wished we met before and shared many years licking out our pussies” Emily smiled at her new found lover.

“Maybe in our next life” Mandy said “but for now you know your task”.

“I won’t disappoint you my darling“, Emily sighed and pressed her pink lips against Mandy’s.

Their kissing was suddenly interrupted by Mistress Veronica opening the cell door.

“It’s 8pm, time for your to get married little Emily”, she grinned in a cruel way.

“Get out, you need to shower and get dressed in your wedding dress”.

After a long warm shower, both girls got dressed again. Mandy picked a long shimmering tan satin dress with shiny sheer to waist tan pantyhose. Emily got dressed in a shiny white sheer to waist crotchless pantyhose and was wearing a breathtaking beautiful short transparent nylon wedding dress.

“She looks gorgeous”, Mandy thought to herself , “ I wonder why her pantyhose are crotchless? Does it really matter when you are getting digested alive in a snake?”

Mistress Veronica accepted Mandy as Emily’s wedding witness at her marriage ceremony and Mandy could accompany her new lover to her wedding.

“Ladies and Gentleman” Mistress Veronica announced through the microphone.

“We are here together for beautiful 18 years old Emily’s marriage with snake number 26. She is a bit shy, so her friend Mandy whose feeding will be tomorrow will accompany her as her witness at her marriage.

With that the very beautiful bride walked into the snake’s pit, where Lady Veronica was standing behind an altar. Mandy following her in short distance while the wedding march was playing from the club’s sound system.

“Will you Emily take snake number 26 as your predator and give your healthy young body for your husband’s nourishment until he will digest you into girl slime?” Mistress Veronica asked her.

“Yes I will”, the young bride answered bravely.

“Then get ready for your ultimate sacrifice, as I declare you as predator and prey”.

Emily got on her knees, sitting on her panythosed legs which were tucked under her pretty ass, waiting for her hungry snake husband.

“Getting married is the happiest day in every girl’s live” Mandy whispered into Emily’s ear, while she was kneeling behind the beautiful snake’s bride, caressing her breasts with her hands and kissing her neck and shoulders.

“I always dreamed of getting married and to do anything to make my husband happy. I feel deeply loved now, how can a loving woman show her devotion for her husband more than to give him her ultimate sacrifice”, Emily in her sexy white wedding dress was sighing.

“You finally understood”, Mandy whispered “We were born as snake’s cattle and our only purpose of life is to satisfy our god’s pleasure”.

Suddenly Emily’s husband appeared from his pit. An about 38 feet long and 2 feet thick brown python approached his young bride. His face was waiting over his new bride’s head, as both were looking into each others eyes. The hissing sounds coming out of the maw of the serpent, sounded for Emily like “will you be my willing bride for the next 4 weeks?”

“Yes” Emily sighted in a devoted way, “from now on I am your bride and my only wish is to make you satisfied”, she whispered to the snake.

As if the cold blooded animal understood, he opened his mouth and engulfed his bride’s head. Emily looking into the pink slimy oblivion, suddenly realized this was the path she had to follow. Into her lover’s intestines, where she would be one with him. She felt totally relaxed now, all her fears where washed away, her whole aim was to satisfy her snake husband, making him happy with her beautiful young body, very slowly disintegrating in his stomach.

She pushed her head into the snake’s throat, her face engulfed in slimy warm flesh. Her snake husband continued swallowing, as her shoulders and well shaped small breasts entered the beast’s throat. Now her ass was in the snake’s maw as his 3 inch thick and very long tongue pushed into her tiny vagina.

Mandy could hear her moaning in the serpent’s throat as his tongue was fucking her deeply and bringing her to her first orgasm. The snake’s throat closed over his pretty bride’s belly and now only Emily’s nylon clad legs were wriggling inside the snake’s mouth.

Mandy started to lick the soles of Emily’s white nylon covered soles, wetting them with her saliva. She put her new lover’s nyloned feet deep in her mouth and covered them with her mucus until Emily’s feet, clad in nylon were shining brightly from Mandy’s saliva. Mandy continued licking her new lover’s hosed feet until they both disappeared, wriggling in the snake’s slimy entrance.

Mandy’s eyes flooded with tears. “Goodbye my love, I wish you a passionate digestion”

Emily was gone. Her body the ultimate sacrifice for her snake husband. Now all she had to do was enjoy her beautiful young body getting absorbed to nourish her bridegroom. The bulge of Emily was sliding forward until it reached her final destination, her lover’s stomach, where she started to get digested alive very slowly in a permanent state of orgasm.

Mandy was lying over Emily in her snake husband’s stomach, while she was caressing her beautiful squirming body through the snake’s skin. After 3 hours of kissing and caressing, Mistress Veronica grabbed Mandy by her long blond hair and threw her back into her prison.

Mandy lay in a fetal position, as she slowly rubbed herself into sleep, knowing her final day will be tomorrow…

The Feeding Of Mandy

Mandy awoke in her PVC prison, having no sense for time. A while later Mistress Veronica opened her door.

“Good morning snake food number 2669, it is November the 6th, 6pm, time for your feeding”, she grinned in an evil smile. “Are you ready to follow the path every pretty young woman has to follow at last?”

“Yes ma’am” Mandy answered, swallowing down hard.

After taking a long shower, Mandy was led to the dressing room. She picked a pair of black shiny sheer to waist pantyhose. She gathered the tights up to the toe, slipping her left foot on the tights while stretching it evenly up to her knee. Then she did the same with her right foot. She gently pulled the cool nylon up to the crotch and rolled the panty up to her waist. She loved the feeling of the smooth synthetic material engulfing her well shaped legs and waist. Then she slipped into a long black satin nightdress, the cool nylon fabric was caressing her sensitive skin.

Wearing no shoes, Mandy stepped out of the dressing room.

Mistress Veronica was already awaiting her.

“Is this the outfit you want to be devoured in”, she asked Mandy.

“Well actually I want to get devoured only in my pantyhose, I will take my dress off before the feeding”, Mandy said.

“We have to open the crotch of your pantyhose”

“But why?” Mandy asked confused.

“You will see when you are inside the snake’s stomach”, Mistress Veronica grinned, taking a scissor and cutting out the crotch of Mandy’s pantyhose.

“Now follow me snake food number 2669, it’s time for your feeding”, Mistress Veronica commanded.

The dinner party was again crowded with amazingly beautiful girls and older men, everyone dressed very stylishly.

“Ooooooh” and “Mmmmmh” came out of the mouth of the club members as they adored Mandy’s beauty in her sexy outfit.

Grabbing the microphone on the stage the mistress announced: “Dear club members, today’s snakepray is Mandy, snake food number 2669. She agreed by her own free will to give her beautiful young body to be fed to snake number 16. Our experienced woman swallowing python, older club members know her from many feedings before. Please enjoy yourself watching sweet little Mandy offering herself to the snake as food”.

The crowd was cheering and applauding enthusiastically.

Mandy stepped into the feeding area, pulled off her satin nightdress over her shoulders and got on her knees awaiting her predator. She got nervous, rubbing her nyloned feet against each other, waiting for her ultimate fantasy to become real. Then suddenly an about 42 feed long and 30 inch thick green snake came into view.

“So this is the snake that will full fill my darkest desires”, Mandy thought to herself, as her heart started to beat faster.

The huge serpent raised its head over Mandy’s face.

“I am your food for tonight, Take me in your slimy tummy and digest me alive, I am all yours”, Mandy whispered to the snake.

The green shimmering predator didn’t hesitate as he opened his maw over Mandy’s face, engulfing her head in his mouth. Her hair drenched in slime, Mandy stared at the pink narrow entrance of the snake’s throat, pushing her head into the warm sphincter. The smooth flesh covered her beautiful face, slimy flesh stretching over her head.

Mandy started to panic as her face was buried in the thick mucous tunnel of the snake’s throat, unable to breathe. As she could no longer hold her breath she deeply inhaled the thick mucous in the snake’s throat. The thick slime filled her lungs completely. Convinced of her end to be drowned in the snake’s throat, she suddenly was able to breathe again.

“The snake’s mucous must be full of oxygen” Mandy thought to herself, “that’s how they can keep their victims alive for so long”, her slime filled lungs felt heavy while breathing.

The snake continued his swallowing as Mandy’s huge breasts were lying on the serpents tongue, his tight throat stretched over her shoulders as they got engulfed in the slippery warm tunnel. Another deep swallow pushed Mandy’s body deeper in the snake’s mouth. The throat sphincter was closing over her well shaped breasts, pressing them together and coating them in thick warm slime.

As her ass was lying in the snake’s mouth, her upper body up to her navel was engulfed in the snake’s slimy throat. Her arms where pinned to her sides as she feverishly started to rub her crotch.

Suddenly the serpent’s 3 inch thick tongue raised and found the entrance to Mandy’s pussy lips. Mandy moaned in ecstasy as the thick tongue entered her. Pushing deeper it rested at her tiny cervix. Then the tongue started to fuck Mandy’s little pussy like a huge prick until she reached her first climax.

“Ooooooooooooh”, Mandy moaned as the tongue went out of her pussy, her ass sliding into the snake’s throat.

Now only her nyloned legs where wiggling outside the serpent’s mouth, as they were sucked like spaghetti into the throat. The members of the club watched through the snake’s open mouth as Mandy’s slime covered wiggling nylon feet disappeared slowly in the snake’s throat.

The serpent closed his maw and Mandy was no more…


Mandy felt her feet slide into the snake’s throat as she was pushed forward deeper into the snake’s tummy by peristaltic movements. Her slimed body gliding and squeezed through the slippery warm flesh of the snake’s esophagus. As her body continued its journey through the snake’s, suddenly her face was pushed on a tight sphincter.

“This is the entrance of the stomach”, Mandy thought to herself, as her head was engulfed by the warm tight flesh.

She was pulled deeper into the tight sphincter as her shoulders, huge breasts and her ass slid slowly into the digesting chamber. Soon the sphincter closed over her slimed nylon clad feet as she was now totally engulfed in her doom.

The Inside of the serpent’s stomach was full of penis shaped tendrils. The shortest about 10 inch long and the longest about fifty inches. All the tendrils were about two, five to three inch thick and constantly erupting thick white slime from their ends.

Mandy was lying in a pool of slime and moving penis shaped tentacles, rubbing over every part of her body. She managed to get her arms in front of her face, grabbing one of the tendrils, putting it into her mouth and sucking it like a huge cock.

Suddenly the tendril she was sucking started ejaculating huge amounts of a thick white slime in her mouth and Mandy swallowed it down like she was drinking the cum from a squirting man’s cock. The slimy liquid even tasted like cum, only thicker and more arousing. It seemed that the liquid she was taking in from the snake’s glands had the effect of an aphrodisiacal, as she was reaching the most intensive orgasm she ever felt before.

From now on her orgasm didn’t stop. Mandy realized she would be in a steady state of pleasure for the next weeks until she died.

Two long tentacles wrapped over her nyloned legs, slightly pushing them apart. Another slimy tendril was at her shaven pussy lips. Pushing them apart it began to penetrate deeper in her loins. The 3 inch thick cock rested on her tiny cervix as it began to ejaculate thick amounts of digestive juices in her vagina, causing her cervix to relax, making it smoother and giving access to her tiny womb.

Mandy was feeling an immense pressure in her vagina as the tendril pushed forward through her cervix entering her tight little womb.

“Oooooooh my god” she gurgled in her pool of slime, “this is sooooo inteeeeense…”

After she swallowed the amounts of digesting slime from the snake’s stomach gland, the thick tendril pushed itself further into Mandy’s throat. Gliding deeper into her esophagus, the base of the penis like tendril reached Mandy’s stomach. Filling her insides with huge amounts of thick slimy digestive juices. Her stomach was now filled to its limits with the thick slime and Mandy felt like she had eaten too much.

At the same time another penis shaped tentacle pushed itself deep into Mandy’s ass.

“Mmmmmpfff”, Mandy moaned with the appendage in her throat, as almost 38 inches of the snake’s tentacle entered deep in her intestines. Filling her bowels with thick slimy enzymes, which began to slowly melt her intestines.

The tendril in her womb suddenly started to ejaculate more of the digesting slime into Mandy’s uterus. As the flesh of her tiny womb turned more and more into a kind of pudding, the tentacle in her womb started to push forward. The tendril pushed itself through her already, by the digestive juices smoothed womb into her abdomen, filling it with thick digestive slime.

Her skin bathing in the mucous became softer, as she realized she was getting digested from her inside and outside at the same time. However this was not a normal digestion like burning meat in an acid pool. The digestive juices were turning her flesh slowly into a thick mucous.

“How long has it been now since the serpent took me? Mandy’s orgasm blurred mind asked herself, “days? Weeks?” She had no sense of time anymore. She just felt wonderful in her steady state of intensive orgasm, feeling so much love for her predator. This snake was the love of her life, she was willing to do everything for her. She understood that getting digested alive in her stomach was the highest state to become one with a loving partner.

She thought of Emily, lying in her husband’s stomach, slowly getting turned into girl mush, being in a total state of ecstasy like herself.

She felt that her arms and legs were already turning into slime. Her inner organs had all been melted and her abdomen and chest was now filled with a thick mucous.

How the serpents could still keep their victims alive was their secret.

After three weeks of digestion, her mind got blurred more and more. Slowly losing consciousness in an euphoric state, she knew that she have had a fulfilled life.

“Finally I found you my real love, we will be together forever, I love you so much…”, where her last thoughts as she felt into a sleep from which she would never awake again.

It took the serpent another week to digest Mandy’s now dead body. It's belly shrinking to its normal size. Her slimy remains flowed into the snake’s bowels, her nutrients were getting absorbed, keeping the snake alive and growing bigger.

Four weeks after Mandy’s feeding, Mistress Veronica picked up a black crotchless pair of pantyhose from a pool of slime, lying on the floor of the green snake’s pit. After licking up the slime from the hose, while fucking herself with her huge 21 inch long and 3 inch thick vibrator, she took the now clean pantyhose and threw it into a big chest filled with nylons and lingerie of thousands former digested victims. She was collecting the indigestible nylon clothes of the beautiful young girls like trophies.

“My job really turns me on” she thought to herself. “I can live out my sadistic sexual nature and live a life of luxury. Our business is growing bigger and bigger as more and more pretty young girls realize that their foolish romantic dreams and sexual desires can only be fulfilled by donating their gorgeous young body’s to get absorbed in a slimy snake’s tummy. Enough of my sentimental thoughts” she said to herself, “there is more work to do. Hundreds of new beautiful young volunteers are waiting to meet their ultimate lovers”.

With that she stepped into the dining room where Alicia was awaiting her with a pale skinned gorgeous young blond, dressed in pink shiny stockings and a shiny see through tight pink nylon bodysuit.

“Mistress Veronica…” Alicia started to speak, totally ignored by the Mistress.

“What’s your name cutie?” she asked the pretty new volunteer , totally ignoring Alicia.

“Pa… Patricia”, the girl answered scared by the dominant woman.

Patricia was a very astonishing cute young girl volunteer for the serpents.

Her thin shiny pink stockings were attached to her nylon pink bodysuit by elastic straps.

“How old are you, snake food?”

“I am 20”, the pretty girl’s voice was shivering.

“And you want to donate your beautiful body as nourishment for our snakes?” Mistress Veronica asked, giving the scared girl an arrogant look.

“Yes I will ma’am, it’s my choice”.

“The women digesting snake’s club always welcomes pretty young girls such as you for food for our snakes. So welcome new member, I am sure you will be a pleasant feast for our snakes”, Veronica smiled and kissed the shy young girl fully on her pink painted lips.

“Make us proud of you”

With that Mistress Veronica stepped on stage, grabbing the microphone and started to announce the following victims of the women digesting snakes club…


It was the 7th of November when Julie received her girlfriend’s letter. Tears were running down her cheeks while she was reading Mandy’s last words, knowing she would never caress her gorgeous body again.

She went to her computer, typing the link of “the women digesting snake club” her lover gave her. She downloaded the video of Mandy’s devouring, then switched to the live cam.

She missed university for the next 4 weeks staying at home watching her lover’s digestion as the bulge in the serpents belly was getting smaller day by day. For 3 weeks she could still see Mandy’s remains struggling in the snake’s tummy.

All of this time Julie was crying and masturbating furiously. It took 3 weeks until the struggles in the snakes stomach came to an end. After another week the bulge in the stomach of the snake was no more.

The next day the cursor of her mouse was pointing to the send button of her own application.

“We will soon be together my beautiful love” she said, her finger pressing the left mouse button…

The End


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