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The Women Digesting Snake Club 2: Snakegirlkat

by Dr. Troy

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© Copyright 2012 - Dr. Troy - Used by permission

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Part II: Snakegirlkat offers her body as food.


As you all know, Snakegirlkat decided to donate her gorgeous body to the “women digesting snake club”.

Kat was not unknown to the underground vore society as she was active in many different vore forums, posting stories and sharing her vore fantasies with other vore possessed people in the net.

Although Snakegirlkat was a very self confident intelligent young woman, she considered herself as nothing more than a sex slave and pretty meat for hungry serpents. Since her childhood she had fantasies about getting devoured by huge amphibians and reptilians, getting digestive alive in their stomach. Snakes where her favourite predators and after discovering the “women digesting snake club’s” homepage, she decided at the age of 27, that is was time to fulfil her purpose as a beautiful young woman.

It was the 6th of November, the day after Mandy’s feeding, as she arrived at the club accompanied by the beautiful dark haired Alicia.

Due to the club’s rules, Kat was dressed in black strap on stockings with high healed sandals, wearing nothing more than a short black satin cocktail dress. Katrina didn’t mind much about wearing stockings or pantyhose, but knowing the male and female members of the club got a severe nylon fetish, she felt very sexy in her long, nylon clad legs.

“So you are the famous Snakegirlkat, who finally decided to donate her body as foot”, Mistress Veronica announced to Kat. “I’ve read all of your posts and stories in the vore forums. You are a real veteran of our vore community. We are proud to feed a famous vore legend like you to our snakes”.

“Thank you Mistress Veronica” Katrina answered submissively, “it is time for me to offer my young body as nourishment to feed your beautiful snakes”.

“Mmmmh, I like your attitude snakefood number 2671.. Now come with me to our basement where you will receive your branding”, the mistress smiled at her. There was no doubt that Mistress Veronica was pretty much aroused by the beauty and submissive character of Katrina.

Down in the basement Snakegirkat was bent over a wooden horse, her arms and legs strapped with nylon bounds. Next to her was Patricia, a pretty young blonde who’s feeding was scheduled for today.

Mistress Veronica took one iron out of the fireplace and pressed it merciless into Patricia’s light pink flesh.

“Aaaaaaaarrrghh” Patricia screamed as the iron was burning into her left ass cheek.

“Now it’s time for our special guest to get branded”, Veronica said, pushing the burning iron deep in Snakegirlkat’s soft ass cheek. As the iron burned into Kat’s ivory, baby smooth skin, Katrina felt nothing more then an orgasm building in her crotch. The pleasure of the degradation was totally overwhelming the tremendous pain from the hot iron. Under the tremendous pleasure and pain the red head reached her first orgasm in her nylon strapped bounds.

Both girls then where freed from their wooden horses and where led to the feeding area, where Patricia was the feeding of the day.

Patricia donates her body to the nourishment of her snake

Dressed in her transparent pink bodysuit with her shiny pink stockings attached to her see through nylon bodysuit, Patricia giggled like a little schoolgirl, took off her high heels and walked in her shiny pink nylon clad feed into the feeding area. Being a very willing prey she waited for her predator to donate her pretty young body as nothing more than food for the genetic women swallowing pythons of the club.

She got on her knees, her nyloned feet where rubbing against each other under her curvy butt. Then her predator approached her. It was a huge about 40 feet long red shimmering snake. The huge serpent raised its head over Patricia’s pretty face an opened his jaws. Patricia looked into the snakes pink slimy fleshed mouth, realizing that now all of her dark sexual fetishes would come true.

“Ooooh my merciless love of my life, soon I will be one with you, my curvy young body will melt slowly in your stomach and I will nourish you with my flesh. I am Patricia your pretty meal of the month. I am your girl, your bride. My sweet young tender body will feed you for another 4 weeks. Take me, eat me, melt me in your fatal stomach, I want to die in your slime filled womb my love”, she whispered to her predator.

Then she pushed her head into the serpent’s mouth, seeing the pink mucous ring of the predator’s oesophagus. Realizing this was the fatal path she had to follow as being nothing more than a female mammal food for her snake.

As the thick tongue of the snake was licking over her nyloned c-cup breasts and stomach, Patricia pressed her head into the slimy, narrow sphincter. Her head got engulfed by the slimy flesh of the snake’s throat; her long blond hair was drenched in the snake’s saliva. Her shoulders slid into the narrow slimy ring of the serpent’s throat, after her pink nipple breasts where sucked into in to the tight snake’s throat. The suction of the red glimmering snake continued through her pretty ass, as only her wriggling shiny nyloned feed where struggling inside of the snake’s open mouth.

Snakegirlcat watched excited as the pink nyloned toes disappeared slowly into the snake’s throat.

While watching Patricia’s journey into the snake’s stomach, Katrina started to rub her shaven wet pussy furiously, caressing her nylon stocking covered legs.

Patricia’s body was pushed further through the snake’s oesophagus, squeezed by the python’s slimy flesh, as she reached her final destination in the snake’s stomach, where she would be abused and digested from inside and outside for 3 weeks until she would die.

Inside the snake’s stomach Patricia squirmed in the slime filled tentacles cavern of her prison. The huge tentacles started to molest her, filling her stomach, womb and ass with thick digestive slime. From the outside the members of the club witnessed her curvy body wriggling in the serpent’s skin. Patricia was in heaven, getting molested and slowly digested in her final home. A very tight slimy tentacle filled womb. The next 3 weeks Patricia would die slowly in a steady state of orgasmic pleasure as her young body turned into a nutrient slime which would be absorbed in the snake’s intestines. Her pale skin would turn slowly into a girl’s goo, just like her insides as her body was transferred into girl’s mush.

The scene was tremendously erotic and natural at the same time. Snakes where predators and beautiful young girls where their source of food. Katrina worked her hand furiously on her shaven cunt getting aroused so much, by witnessing the very beautiful Patricia’s sacrifice to her snake. She knew that Patricia would be very slowly digested alive in a state of steady orgasmic ecstasy, fulfilling her duty as a young beautiful girl.

Snakegirlkat and Mistress Veronica

After the feeding of the beautiful young Patricia, Mistress Veronica grabbed Katrina by her long red hair and dragged her to her punishment room. Her bed was 9 to 10 foot tall, the sheets where made of oiled shining rubber. Snakegirlkat was lying on her back in the mistress bed as her arms and leg where bound to the bed’s edges. The huge plump mistress at 192 cm tall and 140 kilogram curled with her nyloned legs over Snakegirlkat’s face, pushing her very huge shaven vagina into Kat’s mouth. Under the pressure of Veronica’s slimy cunt, Katrina had difficulties breathing as her whole face was covered by the Mistress’s huge wet cunt lips.

The juices out of her cunt were smearing over Snakegirlkat’s beautiful face and her long red hair. Snakegirl swallowed down eagerly her Mistress’s cum as she stuck her long tongue deep into the wide pussy, trying to drink down more of the slimy cunt nourishments. Mistress Veronica was furiously riding her chest over Katrina’s face, hearing her slave’s muffled sounds as she reached her first orgasm, she pushed her chest with all her might into Snakegirl’s pretty face. Kat struggling in her bounds was unable to breathe anymore as her face was completely covered by her torturer’s dripping vagina. Under the lack of oxygen she reached her first orgasm, furiously rubbing her pink swollen cunt lips. Just before she was drowning in her Mistress’s pussy, Veronica released her head, crawled over her and started to deep tongue Katrina.

Then she took off her bounds and grabbed 4 huge buckets each of them filled with 5 liters of a synthetic thick transparent slime.

“I want you to get used to conditions of your future home” she said as she poured all of the 4 buckets over Snakegirlkat’s gorgeous body and over herself. Then she attached her 10 inch long and 3 inch thick strap-on at her chest. She crawled over Katrina in a missionary position and started to penetrate her vagina through her tiny cervix into her womb with her latex dildo.

Katrina got fucked in every position and in all of her holes for hours by her Mistress, reaching countless orgasms. The slime covered astonishing women spend the rest of the evening and night fucking, caressing, licking out their pussies and swallowing down huge amounts of the synthetic warm slime until the both beauties felt asleep in each other’s arms, their bodies and nylons glimmering in thick slime.

Katrina’s sacrifice

Snakegirlkat woke up by Veronica’s thick lips kissing her fully on her mouth and a large tongue entering the back of her throat. In her dreamy state she instinctively kissed back, their tongues curling in Kat’s mouth.

“Wake up little snake-chow, today is your day”, Mistress Veronica whispered. “Today you will be willingly feed your pretty body to one of our snakes as your flesh and soul will get absorbed in his stomach to nourish him. Always remember: you are a beautiful young woman and the only aim of existence for girls like you is to be cattle for the snakes”.

“Mmmmmhh…” Kat stretching her tired body “I know I am only snake-chow, I am ready to fulfil my duty, I won’t disappoint anyone”.

“Then go and prepare yourself for your feeding” Mistress Veronica commanded.

Still not fully awake, Katrina stumbled to the bathroom, taking a long warm shower. Stepping out of the bathtub she rubbed herself clean and went to the dressing room. First uncertain in which lingerie she wanted to get devoured in, she picked up a transparent, crotchless black catsuit with long sleeves and a turtle neck made out of a satin sheer pantyhose like nylon. She slipped her legs into the cool nylon fabric and soon her only exposed body parts where her head and her pussy.

It was already 8pm. Wearing no shoes over her nylon clad feet she stepped into the feeding area of the club. All the eyes of the club’s members where looking at her in a very sexual aroused way.

“Ladies and Gentlemen” Mistress Veronica announced through the microphone on stage. “As today we have a very special feeding to offer for your own pleasure. You all know Snakegirlkat as a very active member of our vore community as she gave us lots of sexual satisfaction by her posts and stories in several vore forums. Now she decided that it’s time for her own sacrifice, to offer her gorgeous body to one of our snakes. We will miss your posts and will always keep you in memory as our most respected snake-chow. So get ready for your ultimate sacrifice snakefood number 2671, may all your dreams come true now”.

The crowd was cheering and applauding as Katrina got on her knees in the center at the feeding area, waiting for her predator. Tears where running down her cheeks as she said goodbye to the world.

Suddenly an about 30 feet long albino tiger python moved to the centre of the feeding area and rose its head over Katrina’s face. Her heart was beating fast as she was face to face with her ultimate lover. Staring into his dark eyes Katrina nodded as she agreed to feed her body to this wonderful women eating snake.

Like the python understood he opened his mouth and engulfed her head and shoulders with his maw. Katrina was lying up to her buttocks in the huge maw of the serpent as he lifted his head, pulling her off the ground. Her nyloned legs sticking out of the snake’s mouth were wriggling in the air. The crowd got so exited by this view as most of the women started to masturbate or where giving their partners a blowjob.

Her body in the serpent’s mouth got drenched in the snake’s thick slimy saliva, his tongue was squirming over her stomach as it moved further down between her legs. Finding her spot, the huge thick tongue penetrated her pussy, moved further to her cervix and pushed itself into Snakegirlkat’s womb. Katrina was in pure ecstasy getting furiously fucked in her womb by the snake’s thick tongue, wriggling her body in the thick saliva and drinking it down as much as she could, knowing that the snake’s saliva would start to digest her slowly from her inside.

Then the serpent rose its head to a vertical position allowing Katrina to sink down into his gullet by gravity. Her face was pushed at the throat sphincter that slowly engulfed her scalp, her forehead, nose and red painted lips until it stretched over her chin. Her head was now totally engulfed in the snake’s throat. Within the lack of oxygen Katrina couldn’t hold her breath any longer and inhaled the thick slimy mucous deep into her lungs. Being full of oxygen the mucous allowed her to breath, her lungs felt heavy like she was having a huge weight in her chest..

Her body slid further into the snake’s throat. First her shoulders than her huge breasts where sucked down as the ring muscle moved over her stomach. The serpent held her in this position for another 30 minutes as he continued to molest Katrina with his thick slimy tongue. Then he made a big gulp and as Katrina’s curvy butt entered his throat he pushed out his tongue out of her womb and pussy. Lifting his head back to a horizontal position the audience could witness her nylon clad legs through the snake’s open mouth getting slurped down into his throat like spaghetti.

Now only her nylon clad feet were visible, going down. She had pointed her toes like a diver and the club members could see the pink varnish on her nails through her nylons. Her nylon covered feet twitched once each as they where sucked down slowly into the snake’s throat until they disappeared in the slimy gullet and the gentle women eating python closed its mouth.

Katrina was out of sight continuing her journey into the snake’s stomach. The audience got so aroused from the devouring of Katrina that the whole crowd ended in a gangbang sex orgy, fucking, sucking, drinking sperm and licking like they where out of their minds. Every woman in the club was longing for the day when they would become snakemeal. And the men couldn’t wait for the time to feed their girlfriends to a women digesting snake.

Katrina’s digestion in the belly of her snake

Being squeezed through the tight throat of her lover, Katrina realized that there would be no escape anymore. No one could rescue her from her fate of becoming a snack for a women digesting snake. Actually there was no escape for any girl who once subscribed herself to the club, even if they changed her mind after her application.

Snakegilkat’s whole curvy body got messaged by the warm wet flesh of the oesophagus of the snake as her pretty face was again pushed through a tight sphincter. Squeezed through the tight ring muscle she entered the snake’s stomach with a big splosh. The inside of the stomach was full of hundreds long and at least 3 inch thick penis shaped tentacles squirming in thick digestive slime.

“So this is how I’m going to end” Katrina thought to herself. “Now those tentacles will fill my insides with digestive juices and the slime will absorb me from my inside and outside at the same time. There is no way back anymore, I am so proud to fulfil my purpose, as a woman I am nothing more than cattle for those beautiful snakes. Nothing else in life would make me happier than to serve those god like snakes. To nourish them with my gorgeous body”.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaah”, Katrina’s thoughts where interrupted as three of the 3 inch thick tentacles entered her pussy/womb, ass and mouth at the same time, erupting huge amounts of thick digestive slime in her caverns. The penis shaped tentacle in her mouth started to ejaculate gallons of thick digestive slime in her mouth. As a brave girl Katrina managed to swallow down every drop of the thick mucous down her throat like a baby sucking on her mother’s breasts. The tentacle in her womb started to erupt huge amounts of digestive slime into her womb. The tentacle in her ass moved further into her colon, filling her bowels until bursting with its digestive enzymes.

Katrina’s orgasms never stopped as the molesting tentacles filled up her body with slimy goo. The tentacle in her mouth pushed itself deeper into her throat until it reached her stomach, filling it up with more of his thick slime. Her bowels started to dissolve under the force of the digestive slime and soon her whole abdomen was filled with the fatal goo. The tissue of her softened womb couldn’t resist anymore the penetration of her invader. Her womb started to melt under the digestive enzymes as the tentacle pushed itself deeper through her womb into her abdomen, filling it with thick digestive slime. Her pale skin softened and was turning slowly into a thick mucous.

Katrina in a steady state of orgasmic pleasure lost all her sense of time. Although it took a snake only 3 weeks to digest its prey alive, she felt that her digesting process would take thousands of years. Time had slowed down for her, a second in real life was like a year in her mind.

The digestive thick slime in the snake’s stomach started to transform her flesh into a thick nutricious goo. All of her inner organs where already melted into thick slime. The digestion was painless, Katrina was in a never ending state of orgasm as her beautiful body turned slowly into girl’s mush.

After 3 weeks Katrina lost consciousness in the snake’s digestive juices. The rest of her girl slime that was left got absorbed by the intestines of her predator. Although she died getting digested alive in her predator’s stomach, her soul remained, becoming a part of her snake god, longing for other beautiful young girls to devour…


Four weeks later Mistress Veronica found Katrina’s slimed nylon bodysuit in the albino python’s cage. She picked it up and after licking it clean she put in her box of trophies.

“How long will I be able to do this job”, she asked herself. The snakeclub only allowed her to stay alive for so long because they where quite satisfied with her work.

“A few more years hopefully”, at least the oldest age for a female member allowed to stay alive was 46.

“I will sure be a very nourishing meal for a snake when my time will come”. Getting excited about the thought of her own sacrifice, she prepared herself to introduce the next victim of the club…


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