A Taste of Your Own

By Tiger81 [Email]

Author's note: If you haven't read "Tigers" and "Sheba's Return", I guess that's OK, but you may not understand some of the returning characters. If you don't care about that, read on!

The King lay still between them.

"I'm impressed..." Sheba spoke softly, hidden in the underbrush. A gulp slid down her neck as she pondered her next move. The blood-soaked tiger in front of her was battle-worn and beaten. Making as little noise as possible, she crouched, ready for the pounce, rump and tail held high.

King Leo of the lions had been defeated, and Dane won the victory for tigers everywhere. The numerous lions were no longer a threat to their forest. But something inside Dane didn't want to see the good King perish. He lay atop the unconscious Leo, and began to doze off, despite the implications of leaving him alive.

Sheba pounced out from the bushes! However, this was no longer a matter of satiating her hunger for food.

"What's wrong with you?!" Sheba's stern voice and sudden presence almost made Dane leap out of his skin!

"Whoa! Geez, you scared the daylights out of me!" Dane panted out.

"Slay him! He's nearly dead already, just finish it!" Sheba was quite insistent.

"No. I want him to live with the torture of defeat. I want him to bear the truth that the King of Lions was beaten by a mere tiger. No form of death can equal." Dane was still heaving air into his barrel chest.

"OK, OK. Look, if you want to really sock it to the lions, why don't you just gulp him down?" She almost retracted her suggestion. She wanted the massive lion for herself, but a new idea began to sink in. "Yeah, that's what you should do."

"You think I'm some savage? Tearing the king apart and feeding on him?"

"Well, not the 'tearing him apart' thing, but basically, yeah."

Something about the sheer size of Dane piqued her curiosity. Maybe she could get him to swallow the lion? But Dane's refusal was clear. That never kept this tigress from getting what she wants, however.

Dane was spinning with confusion. "That's impossible, anyway. How could I... I mean... how could he... it wouldn't work. He simply wouldn't fit! Now take your thirst for blood somewhere else!"

Sheba sighed impatiently. "Fine! You probably couldn't even get his tail in, anyway." She saw that he was sneaking a peek at her sleek body. "Nope. Couldn't do it, could you, mister Dane?" She approached him slowly, and brushed beside his huge chest. Her backside began to nestle in the pit of his groin as she pressed her rump against him.

"Ahhhhh... oh... can't do it? You'll see..." Dane licked the lion's tasselled tail, and drew it into his mouth. "Ooh... this tastes all right." He commanded his tongue to slip the tassel into his throat.

Sheba slipped away to watch the engulfing. Dane slowly craned his neck forward, sheathing the lion's tail within his throat. Leo's hindquarters posed a challenge, however. Dane yawned his jaws and sank his fangs into the two works of lionflesh that was Leo's rump.

"Just a second, Dane. You have to wait for the juices..."

Dane's warm maw began to flow with glistening saliva. He bit into more of the lion's rear as soon as the first mouthful was slick and ready to swallow. The tiger's throat prepared to inch the oncoming mass into his stomach.

His tiger-throat began to open and seize the lion's feet. Sheba watched the straining rhythm of his neck relaxing, his tongue gulping, and his throat pushing the next inch of the lion, until the laborious task concluded with the most massive girth of the lion being forced down his huge gullet.

Dane squeezed his eyes shut and prepared for the gulp that would swallow the lion up to his mane. His adam's apple slowly crept up, and his powerful tongue began to tremble. Before he could change his mind, a huge gulp flowed down his whole body! The lion's back began to glide down, and Sheba watched as his neck was swollen with meat. He tasted the loins and the chest as each vertebra rippled over the roof of his mouth.

The smooth gliding was halted by Leo's majestic mane. No, wait, it wasn't quite that...

"Uh, Dane?..." Dane wasn't free to respond, what with a lion glutting his throat.

Dane looked into the awakened eyes of the King! A tremendous, booming roar thundered into the forest! Leo was struggling to escape!

"Here, I'll help you!" Sheba sprang upon Dane's back and wrapped her huge paws around his neck. "Now, gulp as hard as you can!"

Dane, afraid beyond belief, obeyed, and began to rhythmically pump the lion's mane down. Sheba aided by kneading his strong throat with her tiger-paws, keeping it loose and forcing the lion down at the same time.

"You'll never get away with this!" Leo's final words echoed as he watched the first row of teeth, then the second, and finally, Dane's giant tongue thrusting against his nose like a carmine piston cramming the King's tawny body into the depths of his captor's throat. Sheba perked at the sight of the recognizable head sliding down Dane's neck. She began to press her rump into his undersides.

"Can't you wait until I at least digest this thing a bit before you start this?" Dane was savoring the feeling of a lion thrashing around in his gut. Besides, he was nearly the size of two tigers now. His gut was alive, undulating with the flailing lion.

Inside Dane's stomach, the juices began to flow with an awful hissing sound. Leo gave a final, desperate thrashing, but failed to escape the dark cavern. He eventually fell asleep from the stale air.

Sheba was going to mate whether Dane was ready or not. She lay flat on her back, playfully exposing herself to him. She whipped her tail back and forth to get his attention. He could not ignore it.

Dane had never seen this position before, but it seemed like the most practical with four hundred pounds of lion meat digesting inside him. He straddled the tigress and looked her deep in the eyes. A secretive smile crept across Dane's face as he closed his eyes and slowly descended his mass onto her, missionary style.

He began to ease inside his tigress. Her folds were tender and worth savoring by the inch. Sheba locked him in a deep kiss, pulling him down. She longed for the virile, male flavor of the lion, but realized that Dane had already washed most of it down his throat. No matter, she pressed her muzzle hard against his and slipped her tongue into her mate's throat and began to taste. Dane reciprocated.

Dane began to drill his root deep inside her as she savored the taste of the lion, left behind from the earlier events. He thrusted harder, and Sheba, of course, was going absolutely wild, but she continued her deep kissing until both climaxed with two mighty roars!

The spent tiger rolled off and caught his breath, but he felt something warm on his tail. He looked over his stomach to find Sheba sucking on it. He allowed it, but remained cautious, for if he could swallow a lion...

He sprang to his feet and kissed her once more! Strange, she thought, that a mate would be ready that fast. They rolled to the ground, but this time she came out on top. She returned the kiss and resumed exploring the inside of his throat.

Oh, that lion flavor... she longed for it. Dane was wise to this, and opened his maw a bit more to let her slip even deeper. He pushed on her back with his paws to help her slide in. Sheba's anxiety grew with each lick as the flavor became more intense. Dane, on the other hand, was now beginning to taste her chest-- and it tasted wonderful.

Sheba was none the wiser. "I'll just pull out when I'm done," she thought. But Dane was not about to let go. Just the opposite: He gulped!

Sheba felt a huge squeeze flow past her neck and head. "What are you doing?!" She strained to pull her head out, but it was way too late.

Another gulp rolled down Dane's neck, pulling the tigress deeper. He felt her warm chest as it entered his mouth. She was much easier to swallow than the bulky lion; her sleek curves were easy on his gullet, which was ready for another meal.

Dane saw her chest fit for swallowing, and gorged his throat with its musclar volume. Sheba kicked and thrashed, but every movement she made only served to force her deeper into the tiger's gullet.

Her fur was flowing in the direction of the gulp, so an effortless shove of Dane's tongue started her graceful form gliding into his body. It would have been over were it not for Dane biting down on her firm rump, holding her in place.

"Goodbye..." he thought, as he let go, and forcefully swallowed his meal. He watched the pattern of orange and black stripes slip into his mouth and down his throat.

"For Raya and Koro, too," he said to the tigress in his belly, "peace at last..."

...pending that fact that Dane doesn't get any new ideas...

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