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Plant(ed) 5.04 - Expert Down the “rabbit-hole”

by Baubleheadz

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© Copyright 2008 - Baubleheadz - Used by permission

Storycodes: Plant/f; mc; enveloped; outdoors; stuck; cons; X

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Plant(ed) 5.04 - Expert Down the “rabbit-hole”

Today I am going to give myself to the pitcher plant, well at least my lower body. I figure if I let it take me to the belly button should be safe. I prepared myself by taking a brisk shower and shaving my pussy. I didn’t have to shave my legs because last night all the hair that was left on my right leg had fallen out, leaving a mess in my bed, but a beautiful healthy sheen on my leg so that it matched my right leg. My arms had done the same and my breasts felt perkier and more sensitive than they had in years. I wondered if that was because of the plant’s restoration properties or because of elevated hormone levels from the sting yesterday. That being said, I wondered which hormone’s levels had been changed, and how would that affect my body and my reactions.

I wanted to give my lower body to the pitcher and I want to be as natural as possible. I planned on even taking off my watch and there was no way I was going to glue myself shut on such an important day with my new friend. I would just have to fight my way across the bulbers with my knife. Getting across the charred ground would not be bad, it’s getting that fence open and closed where I’m exposed too long to the bulbers.

As I walked through the forest I thought about strategies to defend against the bulbers. I thought about using one hand to hold my pussy while the other hand closed the fence but I realized this would be way too hard. I thought about using the same technique as yesterday and just slashing the air below me after every stitch in the fence. Today though I figured I would let the bulbers have me as much as they wanted while I was stitching the fence and only after I was done, or one pulled me away from the fence would I slash at them. Worst case I would get pulled to the ground and have to slide my knife under my ass to cut at the intruder.

As usual I stripped all of my clothes off just outside the fence and only took my knife, watch and kitchen gloves with me. Once inside the fence my struggles began. I knelt down on the ground with my legs far apart getting the best footing I could so that I could not be pulled off balance easily. As I closed the last stitch in the fence I grabbed my knife and paused, something was wrong, in a good way. There was no feeling of a full bladder. There was no feeling of getting pulled from the inside. I reached down and grabbed at the air below my pussy and I could feel no pressure on my skin. I peered between my legs and there was no sign of bulbers. As I looked behind me I could see small tendrils coming out of the ground, aware of my presence, but when they touched my feet or my legs they would just back off. I would have to subtly hint to my “husband” that maybe the hormone changes from a plant sting would have a side effect of confusing the bulbers. I hoped that this did not have the same effect on my friend the pitcher plant; I would not want to disappoint him on our big date.

Walking across the field slowly and cautiously just waiting for a sudden bulber attack that did not come I got to the other side and stowed my watch and kitchen gloves. With only my knife I stepped into pitcher plant’s small clearing. I moved towards him and started to sit down on the ground with my ankles together for once but my knees apart. I was going to make him work for it today, play a little hard to get, I wanted this to last, then I planned to finally crescendo in a huge orgasm after a long buildup. As soon as I was within range of him, not even on the ground yet he moved towards my feet. Once I was seated I lifted my legs up offering my feet to him but keeping my knees firmly apart.

As he took my feet into his “mouth” he was not really pleasuring me as much as usual, I wondered if somehow I was not as horny as usual because I know that the hornier I am the more effect the plant has on pleasure. But while I was busy wondering how horny I was; he was busy saving up for a big one. He sent the largest shock of pleasure I had ever felt in my entire life up through my legs and when the wave of sexual energy hit my sex I arched my back and moaned out loud; only a split second later I figured out his devious plan. That split second of distraction and back arching had brought my knees together and it was all he needed to get my ankles and shins into his “mouth”.

I had not planned on moving my body any closer to him for a little bit, but I realized that because of his little power play I had lost major ground and I had to scoot my butt closer to him to maintain the distance between my knees and therefore control his ascent up my body. Once I had moved my butt I reached out and petted the pitcher plant. My lover did not seem to be in a rush and he seemed content just to suck on my lower legs. Realizing that I really was not teasing him like I hoped I scooted my butt back and pulled my knees together, this allowed him to climb to just above my knees before he was at the extent of his reach. I saw the base of the flower petals start to move upward, characteristic of the pitcher plant when it’s about to drag your ass across the ground to get you closer to it. I don’t know how I knew but I could tell it was watching me to see my reaction, I could feel it looking at the knife in my hand, as the lower part of the flowers started to lift I twitched my knife hand letting him know that I was in control. This worked and he learned quickly that I would give him as much of my skin as I wanted and no more.

Every once in a while I would scoot forward an inch letting him taste that much more of my body and soon he had me inside of him up to my mid thighs. This is when I realized that he was getting a little shorter and when I moved forward an inch it was all he could do to move up me a quarter of an inch. (As his body expanded to get around my thighs it made his body shorter). I scooted forward a couple more inches and let him take me in up to half an inch below my pussy lips. Now I was just teasing myself.

He went for another power play, but this time I had seen it coming. As he had been taking me in deeper and deeper into his folds he had been lessening how much pleasure he was giving me very gradually, it’s lucky I even noticed it at all, but I realized that if more skin was getting covered shouldn’t I be getting more pleasure? I was not as ready for his play as I had thought he pulsed as hard as he could with pleasure. The wave was already at the base of my pussy so the pleasure was instantaneous and intense. Even though I was mostly ready for it I almost dropped the knife as the combination of being dragged across the ground closer to him and the shockwave of pleasure hit me at the same time. I raised my knife and the power play was thwarted, he had drawn me closer but had not had time to take me into him deeper. I scooted my butt back some and we were back to where we started, except now he was not holding back his pleasure since I knew the ploy.

I was so tempted to just finger myself right there, the pleasure pulsing up my legs was so nice that I almost could not help myself. I realized that the plant sting probably didn’t help either, I was probably more horny than usual and more “mentally pliable” or tipsy also. Not really caring about much other than pleasure and my safety at this point I scooted my butt almost a foot closer to him. I figured I would give him all he’s getting in one shot. As he drew in my legs deeper they were lifted up into his tube some forcing me to lie back on the ground for comfort as he ascended to my belly button.

To make the point very clear that this is as far as he was going I brandished my knife just enough to let him know I was still in control. Relaxing my body to fully enjoy the sensations of being held so lovingly and so tight by this plant while pleasure was pulsing through my body, I began to daydream. I thought of what it would be like to be bound on the bed by nylons. I closed my eyes and imagined that some lover of mine had taken a pair of pantyhose and stuffed one leg inside the other then put both legs at once over my feet and then up my body to my belly button pinning my legs inside the nylons. I imagined him pulling the outer stocking longer and longer making it tighter and tighter until he could tie the end of it to the foot of the bed. Then he used another pair of pantyhose and placed the crotch region of it behind the head of the bed pulling the feet of it around the sides of the headboard and using them to tie my wrists. Now helpless against him I could not stop him from kneeling over my head and forcing me to deep throat his huge cock.

Back to reality the pitcher plant had obviously settled into enjoying what he had and not trying to get any further up my body. As the waves of pleasure became too great for me to focus on any kind of daydreaming I decided instead to focus on the feelings at hand and take in my surroundings. As I looked down my body I could see the lightly-smoky glass colored petals sucking and massaging my lower body. I also found it tremendously sexy that I could see myself right through the skin of the plant. I could see my legs pulled tight together lifted off the ground slightly, I could see the shadow where my legs came together and wished there where someone in there fucking me right now. I could even faintly see my belly button. The look of it all was just amazing, like a moving piece of artwork that you just would not be able to resist touching. As I looked down at my body I felt my feet raise some more and saw that the pitcher plant was making for another play to get me closer, but something seemed different.

Instead of pulling me closer the pitcher plant seemed to have something else in mind, curious I held onto my knife tight but I did not move it at all. Taking this as an “OK” the plant started slowly, cautiously lifting my ass off the ground.

This plant had tremendous strength; I realized that without my knife I would be fully helpless to it, even if it only had my two feet in its “mouth”. As the plant lifted me I could see that those petals on the ground were coming in handy at the moment for balance. Soon enough I was standing straight up about two feet higher off the ground than I’m used to. The petals of the plant had spread out some allowing my feet to sink deeper into its depths but its “lips” didn’t proceed to move up my body. Experimentally I unlocked my knees trying to see if I could sit down some and found myself kneeling inside of the plant within moments. Trying to get more comfortable I took my free hand and urged the plant higher up my body until it had taken me in up to the base of my breasts.

With its new position the plant seemed more able to send pleasure through my body and it was obviously putting in the effort and the sucking and massaging on my lower body increased and the emitted pleasure waves seemed to double. I didn’t know how much more I could take so I took my free hand and stuck it down inside of the plant’s “mouth” and tried to get a finger down to my clit. As I got my hand to my belly button the plant sucked hard pinning my left arm to my chest uncomfortably, he obviously was not ready for me to get off yet. Once I stopped trying to get my hand deeper the pleasure doubled again. My head went all swimmy and it was all I could do it keep from masturbating.

With my mind almost completely distracted I didn’t notice that the plant was taking more of my body in until an intense feeling of pressure and pleasure came rushing into my breasts and halted my breath. I felt as though I would orgasm just from the feeling in my breasts alone, but no such release came. The plant began to massage my legs trying to move them so I pulled my knees up within the plant’s folds so that I was now in the fetal position exposing my pussy and ass below but also preventing me from getting my hand on my clit. Now the only things remaining outside of the plant were my head, right arm and shoulder, and I was breathing hard. I tried to get my left hand down my side and under my ass so I could give my pussy some attention but I was too weak to fight back as the plant squeezed me to keep my hand from reaching.


Satisfied that it had me as best as it was going to get me the plant started to fill up with viscous clear liquid that made the inside of the plant unbelievably slippery. If I did not have one arm out of the plant and dry there would be no escaping this plant now. Being so tight inside of the plant it didn’t take long to fill up to the brim with the liquid. The “lips” of the plant now tightly sealed around my left collar bone and under my right armpit keeping in all the liquid as it swished around inside of the plant while it continued to suck on me, massage me, and pleasure me.

Tired yet comforted by the fact that I still had my knife and I could end this at any time I didn’t even flinch when something brushed my ass check and it was not the ball of my foot. I tried to look down but I could not see anything with my legs in the way, but I could feel something. I was reminded of my dream as the something probed past my pussy lips with amazing ease thanks to the lubrication filling the entire plant. Using the feeling of the thing pressing into my sex I guessed that it was about an inch and a half in diameter and had a ball at the end of it that was only slightly larger. I wondered if the thing was bright yellow like in my dream. Either way it was very dexterous like the plant itself and it quickly found its way deep into my sex and started pumping in and out of me.

With this much lubricant it didn’t bring as much pleasure as I could have hoped. The fucking went on for what seemed like 5 minutes until the pitcher plant pulled out of me then just froze, all the pleasure waves stopped abruptly and I felt that unfamiliar eerie feeling of wind blowing through my mind. Now that my mind was clearing I was starting to realize what a position I was in, with no stimulus from the plant I felt cold and lonely, I was getting so very accustomed to his touch and pleasure waves and now the fucking that without these I felt empty especially since my sex was empty of the plant’s stamen, or whatever it was, as it rested outside of my pussy ready to make its next plunge.

In the distance I could hear something bumping through the woods coming towards us, I hoped it was nothing dangerous. Soon enough “rabbit” came into the clearing and jumped at me from about 10 feet away. It seemed he was heading straight for my breasts. In the split second before “rabbit” hit me the pitcher plant shocked my entire body with a fantastic pulse of sexual energy and plunged deep into my sex with its stamen. This is when I found out that the stamen had been hiding a secret; it too could produce these sexual pulses.

As the most amazingly fulfilling orgasm struck my mind “rabbit” slammed hard into my hand causing light pain and knocked my knife from my hand. Too stimulated to even notice I just pulled my right arm inside of the plant to rub out the pain from the impact. Another pulse from the stamen directly into my sex and I was holding both of my breasts, pinching my nipples and screaming as the orgasm just continued on and on. As I screamed and came the plant started to take more of my body inside of it, problem was the only thing left was my neck and head.

When I realized what was happening I started to panic, but as soon as I started to struggle, pulse after pulse was sent into my sex by the stamen keeping me at bay. Even though I was in a panic, amazingly I was still in a state of blissful orgasm, this would have to qualify as the longest orgasm of my life, and it wasn’t looking like it would relent any time soon. The screams from my mouth were not those of terror but of release, and they were quickly silenced as my mouth passed into the slippery lips of the plant. As the plant took me in up to my nose I could taste the fluid on my tongue and it tasted just like honeysuckle, just a lot thicker and slimier.

My panic doubled as my nose was covered then my forehead and eventually even my hair was drawn inside of the plant by my own orgasmic thrashing. I was in so much in bliss that I didn’t even care to fight anymore but my need for air was starting to overpower my orgasm. As my breath ran out I saw my last breath bubble out of my mouth and pass out of the opening at the top of the plant. Frantic for air I tried to get a footing inside the plant but I could not really use my tired muscles properly, nor could I get my legs to push up from the bottom of the plant due to my position. I reached up and tried to wedge my fingers out of the “lips” of the plant but the plant had sealed the exit tightly and everything was too slippery to get any grip in it.

As my lungs started to burn I took a deep “breath” and drew in the sweet sap of the plant into my lungs as my vision went black.


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