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Plant(ed) 5.05 – Awakening

by Baubleheadz

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© Copyright 2008 - Baubleheadz - Used by permission

Storycodes: Plant/f; mc; enveloped; insertion; outdoors; bodymod; F/f; oral; cons; X

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Plant(ed) 5.05 – Awakening

Waking up I found that I was now trapped inside of what felt like a bag of mucus. Realizing where I was I wondered for a moment how I could breath, even as I wondered my body automatically took another “breath” of the liquid and amazingly enough it seemed to be supplying me with oxygen. Every once in a while I would gag on the texture and swallow some due to the fact that I’m not used to breathing liquids, but on the whole it was not as difficult to breath as you would think.

Now that I was awake I could see that the sun was low on the horizon and I was already late coming home. I just prayed to god that they did not come looking for me here, because if they did I would simply disappear into one of the laboratories, who knows maybe my “husband” would be one of the scientists assigned to work on me. I would become nothing more than another guinea pig to them.

As the beautiful glow of the sunset filtered into the clearing and into my prison I was surrounded by crimson and purples dancing across my body as the plant slowly moved and shifted. What a wondrous sight it was too.  My eyes didn’t seem to have any problem seeing in this liquid though blinking felt weird, and everything around me looked a little cloudy, my body looked fantastically smooth, soft, wet, clean, and sexy. I reached between my legs and found the tentacle that had been giving me such thrills hanging loosely inside of me. I pulled on it lightly and it came out some, but not wanting to be rude to my friend I pushed it back in, then I pushed in a little more for good measure. Before letting it go I pulled my legs apart hard so that I could see past them and sure enough the tentacle was bright yellow and it looked like a flexible version of a flower stamen. Everything was so peaceful, quiet, and beautiful inside of this place, inside my lover, that I almost didn’t want to leave, but I knew that this would not last forever.

My stirring must have awakened the plant because I could feel the stamen moving very slowly in and out of me again. It was nice and pleasant, not at all like fucking more like, and this is hard to explain, but it was more like being petted or stroked. As I moved around in my confinement as best I could I thought that all my muscles would be cramped or at least tired from my earlier activities and prolonged confinement, but I found them to be refreshingly nimble. It was almost too comfortable inside of this plant, like I was a baby in a womb. I felt like my lover would do anything for me, to keep me safe and warm and pleasured inside of his body, but I had to remind myself that my lover was just a plant, reacting to stimuli and not at all intelligent, that is until I started to feel him talking to me.

I would love to be able to quote what he said to me here in this story but you simply can’t put that kind of communication into words directly but I’ll do my best to give you an idea. First off you need to understand that I felt him talking to me, not heard. And it was not a physical or mental sensation that let me feel his words I literally felt his words as in felt his emotions. This was not the plant talking to me through some kind of mind reading or whatever it was as if I were actually tapped into the pitcher plant’s emotions. It had taken me a while to even figure this much out, at first I was just a little emotionally disoriented, until I realized that these feelings were not mine.

Once I learned to separate my own emotions from the ones coming to me from the plant we started to talk. It was a very primal form of communication but it was clear to me that he was very proud of himself and was wondering what I thought of his skill to pleasure me. Of course I “felt” back to him that it was wonderful and thanked him for being such a great lover. I also expressed to him how impressed that he was quite clever. And he complimented my strength, something he found very sexy so to speak. It also seemed that we both found each other mutually tasty. I like his honeysuckle flavored liquid and he liked the salt and pheromones that came out in my sweat.

After we had spoken for a little while I started asking him about the function of his stamen but it was difficult to get that kind of idea across with just emotions as a base for communication. Finally getting the point he pulled out of my sex and brought the tip up to my face and the tip opened slightly. A thin white trail of something that could only be described as having the texture of semen came out. Still having a hard time asking him what it did he finally stuck the tip inside of my mouth and released some of the liquid onto my tongue. As I swallowed it, enjoying the honey like flavor I started to “hear” his emotions better. I realized that this stuff was what let me understand him, how it worked I had no idea, he must have been pumping it inside of my vagina since the first time it entered my sex. Before I insisted that he put his stamen back in my sex I gave him a bit of a blowjob and stroking to see if he liked it, and he gave me an emotional “thank you” with a little squeeze from his entire body around my body as a hug (which I had taught him).

Having “talked” all night, just calmly touching each other and exploring each other’s sexuality as best two different species could, I barely noticed how much time had passed, and I really didn’t think much about trying to get home or anything like that. For now I was very content being here with my lover. As the sunlight began filtering in through the forest overgrowth the trees seemed to move out of the way and allowed a beam of light to splash down upon us. As soon as the light touched me I felt invigorated, and within moments plant and I were using our newfound knowledge of each other to mutually pleasure each other. Even though he could not impregnate me his entire enjoyment was built around spraying his seed through my cervix into my womb. I asked him if he could fit his bulbous tentacle passed my cervix and with a little push and a little pain he made it. This was too bad for me because now he could not fuck me but I wanted his pleasure as much as I wanted my own since I could feel his emotions and now he could feel mine. As soon as his stamen had passed my cervix he “climaxed” and began spraying his seed inside of me, and I felt what he felt, I felt the release, I felt the pleasure that a plant feels when achieving its climax.

Soon we were messing with each other with fervor; I was stroking the shaft of his stamen with one hand while pinching my nipples with the other. It seemed that he also liked the feelings that I transmitted to him when I played with myself. The pitcher plant, my lover pulsed his entire body, and then alternately pulsed just the stamen in my sex with pleasure pulses, teasing me with abandon. I was nearing my climax without having touched myself yet, and as I reached down towards my clit to get myself off for the mutual enjoyment of both of us we suddenly both stopped what we were doing as a “blue” wind crossed through my very mind. I realized at that moment that all the other times I had felt that wind on my mind from inside the forest it was an extremely powerful emotion that I was sensing. Now that I was attuned to the emotion better I definatly felt the need to listen and comply with whatever was said next.

“Let her go” a voice said as clearly as if it had been spoken directly into my ear.

With a sad expression in his emotions my lover loosened his grip on the opening to my prison and pulled his stamen out of my womb, then reluctantly out of my vagina as well. He knelt down and I “washed” out of him in one slippery movement. I was now on the ground again for the first time in many hours. My first breaths of real air were terrible, the air burnt at my lungs as I coughed and sputtered and vomited until I had cleared the way for my normal breathing. Once I was done having a fit on the ground and regaining my ability to breathe air the voice came again.

“Follow your friend.” This was all that was said, but I could “feel” the deeper meaning. This voice, she was specifically telling me to follow “rabbit” that hopped into view then hopped into the shadows towards the center of the forest. As I followed “rabbit” I could feel an emotional link getting stronger and stronger until finally we came to a small clearing and I beheld before me an Ent. She was so beautiful, she was sexy and sleek, made of what seemed to be wood with no bark, almost like she had been carved from a giant cherry tree and then sanded, polished, and lacquered to a shiny smooth perfection. She walked up to me and embraced me, I expected cold hard wood but instead she was supple and warm. Just the touch of her sent sexual shivers down my spine which I could tell she felt emitting from me on an emotional level.

“So, you find me attractive do you? This form is just one of my many forms. You actually chose this form when you first came into my forest; one always sees me as the pinnacle of sexual attraction. Oh, you doubt that you are attracted to the female body, then why do you shake in my arms even as we speak, I know that you want to touch me, to love me, to make love to me, and I shall let you. But just remember that you are mine now, you belong to me, like all the other plants in my kingdom.”

My Queen spoke into my mind again: “What I mean by all my other plants is that you are now one of my plants, did you not feel the raw energy of the sun on your skin as you passed through the forest, do you not hear my thoughts now, your friend pitcher plant’s seed has a special characteristic. You see if he cannot mate with something because of a species difference then his seed will start changing your DNA to be compatible with his. No my dear, don’t worry your little head, you are not going to change into a pitcher plant, but you are going to be my tool and my sex toy. This is a great honor for you and you will find pleasure in your servitude.”

“Now drink of my body and I shall grant you what you want.”

My Queen pressed down on the top of my head and I knelt before her. She pressed both of her ample breasts together offering me both nipples into my mouth at the same time and I suckled them. Whatever came into my mouth it was wonderful and I drank it greedily. Something was awakened inside of me, a suppressed bisexual desire that I always knew I had deep down but would not admit it to myself. When she stopped me from sucking on her tits she had to practically hold me down to keep me from going for more, but she soon distracted me by laying me down on the ground and straddling me 69 position as we both pleasured each other’s sex until we lay side by side on the soft moss covered ground breathing hard and moaning softly.

“My slave I have the first assignment for you….”



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