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Plant(ed) 5.06 – Expert Returns

by Baubleheadz

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© Copyright 2008 - Baubleheadz - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; F/m; Plant/f; insertion; outdoors; bodymod; mc; oral; cons; X

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Plant(ed) 5.06 – Expert Returns

… … Awake … Where am I … oh I’m in my bed, the alarm is going off. What is that feeling…

As I started to wake up some, though very disoriented for some reason, I reached between my legs to find out what the odd sensation in my sex was and found my vibrator still humming dully, hanging half way out of my sex. The vibrator had been held fast inside of me because it was pinched between my very sour thighs.

Looking outside I could not understand why my alarm was going off, it had been going off at the same time every morning since I was stationed here in this mostly empty house with my “husband”. This morning though it was going off at 04:00. I fixed my alarm back to its normal time then I got up went to the bathroom and took a shower, for the strangest reason though I had no desire to use soap or shampoo, I just wanted to be clean of my sweat and sticky thighs. I brushed my teeth, without toothpaste, gargled with water, and skipped my deodorant. It was not until I slipped quietly into my PJs that I realized that I was on a mission. In basic training if you are going to be close quarters to the enemy you don’t want your position revealed by your smell, and I had just skipped all the smells in my daily routine. 

This is when I remembered my Queen saying “My slave I have the first assignment for you….” I realized that I had no recollection of anything that had happened since then. How had I gotten home? How had I gotten into bed? Had I fed my “husband” dinner? Had I even gotten home on time? Why was my vibrator found dangling from my sex, buzzing feebly on an almost dead battery?

None of these questions mattered as much as what was I doing right now. Almost as if I was in the body of a robot, unable to control my movements I tried to fathom what I was doing, and what my mission might have been. I reached into my panty drawer and pulled out something bulbous. Oh my god it was a bulber! If I got caught with a bulber in my room I would be in so much trouble, they would probably just send me straight off to quarantine and turn me into one of their lab rats post haste. The bulber, slightly dried up and looking quite tired questioningly prodded my skin with its filament to see if I was a female. As it did, a voice came into my head and I remembered a little of what my Queen had told me last night.

“…thanks to the effects of the flying nettle sting, the bulbers will not be able to tell you from a rock, they will no longer be able to sense your femininity. You see the bulbers are my children just like the rest, but they were an accident. I did not mean for them to proliferate so much. They were meant as an initial distraction to the army so that I could have time to work on the rest of my creations that I would need. The bulbers are so unintelligent that I cannot control them, their numbers grow as they take over the outlands like weeds. My communication with my plants is limited mostly by distance, but the less intelligent a plant is the harder it is to communicate with them, it also does not help that the bulbers are protected from my thoughts by the dirt that covers them. My child, you will take a bulber, a “rabbit” as you call them and a nettle with you as you leave my forest, you will return home with them. Then you will….”

As the memory flooding my mind passed I realized that I could hear a faint scuttling sound coming from under one of my panties. Lifting it I found the nettle which looked angry. “QUIET, CALM” I thought to it and it suddenly froze. The Queens voice returned in my head, “My child I also gave you the gift of communication with my minions. You will be able to control them as I can, but only at a limited distance, your weak human body can only create enough energy to talk to plants within a meter or so.”

As I looked at the nettle I realized why it was so unhappy, its wings and legs had been torn off. With the bulber in one hand and the nettle in the other I turned into the room, still on some automatic mission I didn’t know any of the details of. As I approached my bedroom door, terrified that my “husband” would catch me with these illegal plants, I mentally called out “rabbit follow”. I turned my head and saw that a “rabbit” plant was trying to escape the folds of the sheets on my bed. I wondered to myself if that was why I had been so horny last night, the attention of a “rabbit” can be distracting to say the least.

Watching the “rabbit” finally spring free from my bed and come to roll on the ground next to me I looked at it lovingly and scornfully at the same time. I wondered if this was the same “rabbit” that had sealed my fate and trapped me inside of the sexually blissful grasp of the pitcher plant, and therefore turning me into merely another servant of my Queen. I was now no more than a Queen’s toy in a larger game and I loved “rabbit” for that.  As I crept down the hall towards the stairs as quietly as I could “rabbit” followed rolling along instead of bouncing so that it was completely silent.

As we approached my “husband’s” bedroom door I lowered the bulber to the floor then communicated with the bulber by mere thought “BULBER OPEN”. It was not so much the words that mattered in the communication but the image I projected to the bulber within the thought I passed to it. The bulber’s tired body opened slightly and the tendril slid slowly along the door until it was reaching under the door I could sense through its own thoughts what it was doing on the other side of the door. I could feel the bulber unlocking the dead bolt and then the slide latch quietly. Once the door was unlocked the tendril withdrew and I opened the door.

“RABBIT GAS”. As I thought this, “rabbit” rolled silently into the room and began emitting a haze of smoke-like dust from all of its grey spots. As it did this I instinctively held my breath and closed the door in front of me leaving “rabbit” in the room alone with my “husband”. While I waited I looked more closely at the bulber and nettle in my hands. It didn’t take more than a second to realize what I was about to do and the Queen’s voice returned to me again.

“…child you will do what I have commanded, you will have no choice, do not worry though you will have all the tools that you need to accomplish this goal. It is of utmost importance that you succeed. The humans have been invading and stealing my plants and my prey for entirely too long, it is time to strike back. You will…”

I don’t know how long had passed but soon enough I was taking a deep breath and entering the room. When the dust that filled the air touched my eyes it made them feel tired and want to close. I could only imagine what the effect of breathing it freely would do. I approached my “husband’s” bed I saw that he had pulled back the sheets since the first time I had opened the door. Wherever the dust could touch my skin freely I felt sexy and turned on yet at the same time tired and weak, my bare feet were tingling with sexual energy and my face felt like I was being teased by a feather duster.

As I reached the bed I could tell that the dust was having the same effect on him. His skin was sweaty and his body was breathing hard. Knowing that I was holding my breath I took haste to flip his body over and I instructed the bulber through my thoughts to numb the skin on his lower back, once the tendril had made contact I pressed the nettle’s stinger into his lower spine in three places. I didn’t know why I had done it three times, maybe it was more potent that way, or maybe it worked faster, I simply didn’t know, my body was mostly running on automatic while I completed my Queen’s task.

Now that my job was done I took a look at his naked body. Years of military training and exercise had really paid off for this man. I placed my hand on his ass and I could feel his muscles tensing slightly due to the tremendous lustful power of the dust. I could feel the dusty air starting to take an effect on my body through my clothing and I could feel my nipples and the bare lips of my sex now alive with sensations. If I had not worn my PJs I realized that I probably would not have gotten more than 10 feet into the room without collapsing in a heap of orgasmic ecstasy. Even through my clothing I was having a difficult time keeping my knees from giving out from the mix of pleasure and fatigue this dust caused.

Now free of the Queen’s control, since I had finished my task I could move my body freely. Instinctively I reached into my PJs and stroked my clit. Not realizing that all I was doing was letting fresh dusty air enter my PJs. My knees let out from under me and I almost gasped. Realizing that I had almost exposed myself to the dust directly, I wondered about my breath. I must have been in the room 2-3 minutes already and my lungs were not burning for the lack of oxygen, though I was starting to feel the need to breath. I wondered if my part plant transformation had made my need for oxygen change slightly.

I didn’t want to stay in the room any longer, I wanted to get a breath of fresh air, but something else was urging me also. My sex was now on fire, I just wanted to strip naked and lie down next to this hunk of a man and let him take me. I knew that he could not move, but my body didn’t and the tremendous sensations caused by the dust had my body talking louder than my senses at the moment. Dropping the used nettle and the bulber on the bed I pulled hard and flipped my “husband” over. There in front of me was the first cock I had seen in months. I knelt down and took him into my mouth fully. His body responded by squirming against the sensations. I found my nose buried in his pubic hair and realized that I could deep throat without any gag reflex where before in my life I could not. The sensations on my tongue and throat were like that of getting fucked. I wondered if I was tasting dust on his manhood. Maybe the dust’s tiring effect was also suppressing my gag reflex. Feeling an orgasm building in my gut as though my mouth had become a second vagina I pumped my head up and down his shaft building quickly to my peak. As I came he unloaded his seed into my stomach directly. I didn’t even spill a drop thanks to the depth of his penis in my throat. Realizing now that I was fully out of air I ran from the room with the bulber and the dead body of the spent nettle while “rabbit” followed behind.

I sprinted to my room, my orgasm had been fulfilled but for some reason I still felt the need to be filled. It seemed that the vaginal-like orgasm from my mouth had not satiated the burning desire in my sex. As I scrambled out of my clothes more of the dust was rubbed onto my body turning me on more and I found myself half on the bed, face down with my legs hanging off the bed doggy style fingering myself to orgasm with the dusty cloth from my PJs.

When I woke up my alarm was going off again and I was lying on my side again drenched in sweat with my vibrator hanging half way out of my sex held in by my closed legs, a new set of batteries slowly dying within me. Lying next to my pillow were the dead carcasses of a bulber and a nettle while a purring “rabbit” was snuggled up between my beasts as best it could vibrating ever so slightly like a cat.

I instructed the “rabbit” to stay in my room and not leave for any reason. I also let it know to hide if anyone came into the room other than me, even if there was a nice pussy to bounce into. I took a shower with soap and shampoo, brushed my teeth with toothpaste and put on my deodorant. I went downstairs and made breakfast for my “husband” praying that he would not remember a thing. To my relief he seemed preoccupied with something and hurried out of the house to work. I *had* noticed though that he was covering up his lap as best he could. I secretly hoped that he had a serious erection that he could not get rid of, and that it might last until tonight. Being stuck at home I had often dreamed about his rock hard body pounding into mine, and I had wondered what he looked like naked, but I had never thought anything more than that, just curious musing.

Now that I had seen him naked though, I planned to make a “real” husband out of him and he would need to be rock hard to be able to compete with the orgasms I’ve received lately. I planned to put his military training to the test.



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